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Top 5% of the Web Since launching Britannia in April, 1996, the site has won its share of Web awards... 70 in all, some of which are listed below. They came from directories, search engines, online organizations, newspapers and magazines in North America, England, Australia and Europe. We are most proud of awards like Lycos (POINT SURVEY) Top 5% of the Web, which we have held since September, 1996. Other awards include an Ask Jeeves Silver Platter rating and a "Les sites 5 toiles" (5 stars sites in English) - the highest rating by "Guide Internet", a Quebec-based French monthly magazine (September, 1999) and a Golden Web for design excellence.

  • "1999-2000 Golden Web Award" - For creativity and excellence in Web design.
  • Editor's Choice - "One of the Best of the Web in Category -
  • One of the 100 Best Reference sites on the Web - Britannia History
  • A Study Web Featured Site - Wales on Britannia
  • "What's On the Net" (UK), Web Essentials - Online Mags
  • "Internet Monthly" (UK), Humanities "Top 10 Web Sites" - Britannia History
  • Ask Jeeves - Silver Platter Site
  • Global Discoveries - #1 UK Travel Site
  • Links 2 Go - #1 Award for King Arthur Channel
  • Yahoo UK & Ireland - Cool Pick of the Week
  • Links 2 Go - Top 50 Award for Wales Channel
  • Top 10 Education Site - The Independent (UK)

  • Planet Rider Best Travel Site
  • Homework Central- Selected Site
  • Best of Europe Online
  • Top 25 Travel Sites -Online Traveler
  • Pick of the Week Daily Telegraph (UK)
  • - Selected Site
  • Yellow Submarine Award (IUK2)
  • BBC Online Web Guide- Wales Selected Site (UK)

  • Select Surf - Best of the Web
  • LDS Tourism Promote Award - Wales
  • The Screaming Mouse Award
  • -Editor's Choice
  • Selected Site (MSN UK)
  • NB News - Editors Choice Award
  • Cool Banana's Site of the Day
  • Editor's Choice by UK PLUS
  • Culture Choice Web site
  • Spotlighted by WebTV
  • A Webcrawler Selection

  • A Yahoo "Cool Site of the Year"
  • Starting Point "Hot Site"
  • PuRe accreditation by NET.CUT
  • Featured Site - The Net
  • Excite "Web Watch Reviews"
  • Net Guide Live "Best of the Web"
  • WWW Associates "Top 10 of the Web" (Australia)
  • Top 5% of the Web ( Point Survey-Lycos)
  • Ashgate Arachnid Gold Medal (UK)
  • AAA Cool Site of the Year (Australia)
  • Ziff-Davis' "Internet Underground"
  • Site of the Day (Internet World)
  • Selected Site, The Scout Report
  • USA TODAY Online Hot Site
  • Mecklermedia's iWORLD Site of the Day
  • Magellan Four Star Site
  • Top 10 Business Sites on the Web (eLand Marketing)
  • Featured by "Connected"
  • Yahoo "Cool Site of the Week"
  • Electronic Telegraph "Pick of the Week" (UK)
  • Internet Magazine "Top 10 Website"
  • Yahoo "Cool Site of the Day"

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