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"...a great guide to the British Isles... excellent content and solid design."
Mecklermedia's iWORLD Site of the Day (8/6)

The folks at the Internet version of Britannia warn that the site is currently similar to the print magazine format, but that live streaming video, audio and movie clips, animation, and other features will be added in the future. Still, as it stands, the site is a great guide to the British Isles featuring excellent content and solid design. From the home page, users can click on the "Contents Directory" for links to sections devoted to travel, sports, news, wonder, science, people, history, arts, church, state, and a Britannia product catalog. From the front page, users will find links that highlight current articles, interviews, and special features. Britannia also offers a cooking page, a list of must-see upcoming events, and a separate travel guide that focuses on London. A definite bookmark for the British Isles fan.      Copyright ©2000, LLC