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"...Editor's Choice sites like yours are effectively the Top 0.225% of the Web"
Editor, UK PLUS (1/10/97)

"Take a magical history tour of the British Isles and read about English monarchs from Egbert to Elizabeth II. And there's music, humour, theatre, museums, books, sport, science ... if it's happening in Britain, it's probably here."

This new award has been created to recognise those sites on our directory that best fulfil our criteria: being of genuine and lasting interest to UK surfers, with content or presentation setting them apart from the great majority of websites. UK Plus has reviewed over 80,000 websites for inclusion in the UK's leading directory of the best of the Web. The rejection rate, based on those strict criteria, approaches 80%. To place this award in context, Editor's Choice sites like yours are effectively the 'Top 0.225% of the Web'."
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