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Roger De Scarborough
(Died 1244)

Abbot of Whitby
Died: 1244

Roger of Scarborough was for many years the resident of a cell of Whitby, at Middlesborough. He was appointed Abbot of the mother house in 1222. A man of eminent ability, he, unfortunately, suffered a great deal of trouble in a dispute with the Bishop of Carlisle, relative to the church of Crosby Ravensworth - arising out of divers lawsuits with the Priory of Bridlington, the convent of Basedale and the Rectory of Stokesley. No Abbot of Whitby ever equalled or so much advanced the interests of the monastery. Although he was never called to Parliament as a Lord, no nobleman in England was more revered and respected. During the twenty-two years of his rule, he raised the monastery to the full zenith of its glory. Never did it make so illustrious a figure as when governed by him, nor even after his death did it gain any considerable additions, in either of riches or power. He was one of the witnesses to the signatories of Magna Carta.

Edited from Frederick Ross' "The Ruined Abbeys of Britain". logo
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