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(Died AD 870)

Dean of Canterbury
Archbishop of Canterbury
Died: 4th February AD 870

The Dean of Canterbury, Ceolnoth, was consecrated to the Archbishopric on 27th July AD 833. At the Council held at Kingston, in AD 838, a perpetual alliance was concluded between the See of Canterbury and Ecgberht and Aethelwulf, the West Saxon Kings. Aethelwulf also granted a charter giving certain tithes to religious communities, who were to pray for the donors in return.

During the archiepiscopate of Ceolnoth, England was perpetually harassed by Danish raids and it is conjectured that Ceolnoth was able to secure a certain measure of peace by coining a considerable amount of money with which he bought off the Danes. He died in AD 870.

Edited from G.M. Bevan's "Portraits of the Archbishops of Canterbury" (1908). logo
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