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St. Bosa
(Died AD 705)

Bishop of York
Died: 9th March AD 705

St. Bosa was a Northumbrian, educated at the great Abbey of Whitby under St. Hilda. He later joined the brethren as a monk and became a noted scholar. Bede praised his 'singular merit and holiness'.

In AD 678, when St. Wilfred was ejected from the Bishopric of York and banished from the Kingdom, Bosa was given his diocese over which to preside; though it was much-reduced, with Hexham and Lindsey being divided off. His episcopate lasted nine years, but with Wilfred back in favour in AD 687, Bosa was removed just like his predecessor; only to be returned once more in AD 691.

He died on 9th March AD 705. logo
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