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Budic I, King of Brittany
(born c.420)

(Welsh-Budig, Latin-Budicius, English-Budick)

Budic I was the heir of King Aldrien. He may have ruled jointly with a brother, Maxent, at the beginning of his reign. After the murder of his uncle, Constantine, the Emperor of Britain, Budic gave sanctuary to his two young cousins, Ambrosius Aurelianus and Uthyr Pendragon. As heirs to the High-British throne they were in severe danger from the usurper Vortigern's assassins. However, they grew up in complete safety at Budic's court, eventually reaching an age when they were able to return home and fight for their inheritance. Upon his death, Budic was suceeded by his son, Maeliaw

Possibly historical.


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