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Pelagius (fl. c. 380-420)
Teacher, theologian, native of Britain and originator of the first great heresy to influence religious thought in Britain. Pelagius believed that man was obligated to achieve personal perfection through a life of austerity and asceticsim. While developing his ideas during a period of residence in Rome, he questioned the established doctrine of Original Sin and, therefore, man's need for Salvation. These teachings became known as the Pelagian heresy, or Pelagianism.

His ideas caught on in his native land and necessitated visits on two separate occasions from St. Germanus of Auxerre to combat the effects of the heretical teaching, once in 429 and again in 446. A large portion of St. Augustine of Hippo's writings were for the purpose of combating Pelagius' poisonous teachings. logo
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