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Anthony Trollope (1815-82)
British novelist, and by profession, postal worker. He was known for the depth of his characterizations and the insights his novels provide into Victorian society. His first novel, "The Macdermots of Ballycloran" (1847), was written while serving in Ireland with the Postal Service. There, he met and married Rose Heseltine, and English girl, in 1844.

Trollope's first success, although it wasn't recognized as such until later, was "The Warden" (1855), the idea for which struck him while on a stroll around Salisbury Cathedral one summer day. Out of this grew the "Chronicles of Barsetshire", a six volume sequence of novels centering around the fictitious cathedral town of Barchester, in the equally fictitious county of Barsetshire. The other novels in the series, with their recurring characters presented in familiar settings, are: "Barchester Towers" (1857), "Doctor Thorne" (1858), "Framley Parsonage" (1860), "The Small House at Allington" (1862-4) and "The Last Chronicle of Barset" (1866-7).

In 1867, Trollope resigned from the Post Office, and in 1868 ran unsuccessfully for political office. He relates his political experiences in "Ralph the Heir", (1870-1). By this time, his financial success was assured and he was firmly ensconced in London literary society.

Trollope produced another series of stories, "The Palliser Novels", based on a character named Plantagenet Palliser, who was introduced in "The Small House at Allington". Taken together, this series portrays very well Parliamentary political society at the height of the Victorian period. The Palliser Novels include "Can You Forgive Her" (1864-5), "Phineas Finn" (1867-9), "The Eustace Diamonds" (1871-3), "Phineas Redux" (1873-4), "The Prime Minister" (1875-6), and "The Duke's Children" (1879-80). In all, Trollope wrote 47 novels, including "Autobiography", which was released in 1883, the year after his death.

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