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Candace RobbCandace Robb was born in Taylorsville, North Carolina and was educated in Cincinnati, Ohio where she undertook a graduate study in Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature at the local university. Candace approached her first course in Chaucer with great trepidation, but was inspired by her professor's shining enthusiasm for the subject. Though she never finished the course, Candace's mind had been filled with a perfusion of fascinating information that she was eager to share. Candace worked as a research editor in the Applied Physics Laboratory of the University of Washington, editing technical publications dealing with oceanography and polar science; but, the year after leaving grad school, she began work on the first of her now renowned Owen Archer mystery novels. A short story became the "Apothecary Rose" and was published in 1993. Candace lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Charlie, and her three cats. However, she also spends much time researching in the City of York where her works are set. She is quite a celebrity there.

 Candace Robb Novels

 Owen Archer Mysteries
  • The Apothecary Rose
  • The Lady Chapel
  • The Nun's Tale
  • The King's Bishop
  • The Riddle of St. Leonard's
  • A Gift of Sanctuary
  • A Spy for the Redeemer


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  • The Candace Robb Official Website
  • Candace Robb Interview


     Candace Robb News

    Edinburgh in the early 14th century will be the location of Candace's second series of novels. Her female sleuth will become embroiled in Scotland's Wars of Independence. Her tales are scheduled to premier in the year 2000 from Mysterious Press in the US and William Heinemann in the UK.
  •  Featured Book
    A Spy for the RedeemerA Spy for the Redeemer
    Late spring 1370. Owen Archer, ex-soldier and spy prepares to depart Wales after completing political duties for John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. But his attempts to arrange safe passage home to York are thwarted when a stonemason in his employ is found hanged. In York Lucie Wilton waits, disheartened by her husband's long absence and troubled by accusations against her apothecary. When Owen's erstwhile traveling companion Brother Michaelo arrives with bad news, she must journey without delay to her father's manor outside York. A concerned neighbour insists that his new steward, Harold Galfrey escort her, an act which proves invaluable when they face danger. Angered by Owen's prolonged absence, aware of rumours that the spy has abandoned his family, John Thoresby, Archbishop of York, dispatches a messenger to order Owen's return. But Owen is caught up in a country at war. His return to the land of his birth has engendered divided loyalties, and he feels a powerful tug from the rebel cause. Those who serve rebel leader Owain Lawgoch would have Owen sign up to fight and never return home..
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