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Here we present a pretty comprehensive listing of Historical Mystery Novels. Since Ellis Peters first brought the insightful Brother Cadfael to life in 1977, authors on both sides of the Atlantic have been writing of murder and mystery in centuries past. The books catalogued below range in time from the Saxon period to the 17th century and are set in various locations all across Britain. We plan eventually to give full details of all authors and their sleuthing creations, and of course you can check out our History or Travel Departments for details of many of the literary locations. Please email us if we have overlooked anyone or if you have any comments to share with us about particular books.

 Simon Beaufort

 Sir Geoffrey de Mappestone Series
  • Murder in the Holy City
  • A Head for Poisoning

     Molly Brown

     Aphra Benn Series
  • Invitation to a Funeral

     Fiona Buckley

     Ursula Blanchard Series
  • To Shield the Queen alias The Robsart Mystery
  • The Doublet Affair
  • Queen's Ransom

     PF Chisholm

     Sir Robert Carey Series
  • A Famine of Horses
  • A Season of Knives
  • A Surfeit of Guns
  • A Plague of Angels

     Alys Clare

     Josse D'Acquin Series
  • Fortune like the Moon

     Anthony Clarke

     Brother Edwin Series
  • Ordeal at Lichfield

     Michael Clynes

     Sir Roger Shallot Series
  • The White Rose Murders
  • The Poisoned Chalice
  • The Grail Murders
  • A Brood of Vipers
  • The Gallows Murders
  • The Relic Murders

     Judith Cook

     Dr Simon Forman Series
  • Death of a Lady's Maid
  • Murder at the Rose
  • Blood on tyhe Borders
  • Kill the Witch

     Christopher Marlowe Series
  • The Slicing Edge of Death

     PC Doherty
  • See Paul Doherty

     Paul Doherty

     Hugh Corbett Series
  • Satan in St. Mary's
  • Crown in Darkness
  • Spy in Chancery
  • The Angel of Death
  • The Prince of Darkness
  • Murder wears a Cowl
  • The Assassin in the Greenwood
  • The Song of a Dark Angel
  • Satan's Fire
  • The Devil's Hunt
  • The Demon Archer
  • To Kill the King

     Canterbury Pilgrims Series
  • An Ancient Evil
  • A Tapestry of Murders
  • A Tournament of Murders
  • Ghostly Murders
  • The Hangman's Hymn

     Edmund Beche Series
  • The Death of a King

     Brother Athelstan Series
  • The Nightingale Gallery
  • The House of the Red Slayer
  • Murder Most Holy
  • The Anger of God
  • By Murder's Bright Light
  • The House of Crows
  • The Assassin's Riddle
  • The Devil's Domain
  • The Field of Blood

     Kathy Lynn Emerson

     Susanna, Lady Appleton Series
  • Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie
  • Face Down upon an Herbal
  • Face Down among the Winchester Geese

     Patricia Finney

     Becket & Ames Series
  • Firedrake's Eye
  • Unicorn's Blood

     Margaret Frazer

     Sister Frevisse Series
  • The Novice's Tale
  • The Bishop's Tale
  • The Outlaw's Tale
  • The Boy's Tale
  • The Murderer's Tale
  • The Servant's Tale
  • The Prioress' Tale
  • The Maiden's Tale
  • The Reeve's Tale

     Roberta Gellis

     Sir Bellamy of Itchen Series
  • A Mortal Bane
  • A Personal Devil

     CL Grace

     Kathryn Swinbrooke Series
  • A Shrine of Murders
  • The Eye of God
  • The Merchant of Death
  • The Book of Shadows

     Susanna Gregory

     Matthew Bartholomew Series
  • A Plague on both Your Houses
  • An Unholy Alliance
  • A Bone of Contention
  • A Deadly Brew
  • A Wicked Deed
  • A Masterly Murder

     Paul Harding
  • See Paul Doherty

     Karen Harper

     Princess Elizabeth Series
  • The Poyson Garden
  • Tidal Poole

     Domini Highsmith

     Father Simeon Series
  • Guardian at the Gate
  • The Keeper at the Shrine
  • Master of the Keys

     Michael Jecks

     Furnshill & Puttock Series
  • The Last Templar
  • The Merchant's Partner
  • A Moorland Hanging
  • The Crediton Killings
  • The Abbot's Gibbet
  • The Leper's Return
  • Squire Throwleigh's Heir
  • Belladonna at Belstone

     Faye Kellerman

     William Shakespeare Series
  • The Quality of Mercy

     Bernard Knight

     Crowner John Series
  • The Sanctuary Seeker
  • The Poisoned Chalice
  • Crowner's Quest

     AE Marston
  • See Edward Marston

     Edward Marston

     Domesday Series
  • The Wolves of Savernake
  • The Ravens of Blackwater
  • The Dragons of Archenfield
  • The Lions of the North
  • The Serpents of Harbledown
  • The Stallions of Woodstock
  • The Hawks of Delamere
  • The Wild Cats of Exeter
  • The Foxes of Warwick
  • The Owls of Gloucester

     Nicholas Bracewell Series
  • The Queen's Head
  • The Merry Devils
  • The Trip to Jerusalem
  • The Nine Giants
  • The Mad Courtesan
  • The Silent Woman
  • The Roaring Boy
  • The Laughing Hangman
  • The Wanton Angel

     Christopher Redmayne Series
  • The King's Evil

     Ian Morson

     Master William Falconer Series
  • Falconer's Crusade
  • Falconer's Judgement
  • Falconer and the Face of God
  • A Psalm for Falconer
  • Falconer and the Great Beast
  • Falconer and the Moving Sands

     Iain Pears

     Restoration Oxford Series
  • An Instance of the Fingerpost

     Sharon Penman

     Justin de Quincy Series
  • The Queen's Man
  • Cruel as the Grave

     Ellis Peters

     Brother Cadfael Series
  • A Rare Benedictine
  • A Morbid Taste for Bones
  • One Corpse too many
  • Monk's Hood
  • St. Peter's Fair
  • The Leper of St. Giles
  • The Virgin in the Ice
  • The Sanctuary Sparrow
  • The Devil's Novice
  • Dead Man's Ransom
  • The Pilgrim of Hate
  • An Excellent Mystery
  • The Raven in the Foregate
  • The Rose Rent
  • The Hermit of Eyton Forest
  • The Confession of Brother Haluin
  • The Heretic's Apprentice
  • The Potter's Field
  • The Summer of the Danes
  • The Holy Thief
  • Brother Cadfael's Penance

     Candace Robb

     Owen Archer Series
  • The Apothecary Rose
  • The Lady Chapel
  • The Nun's Tale
  • The King's Bishop
  • The Riddle of St. Leonard's
  • A Gift of Sanctuary
  • A Spy for the Redeemer

     Kate Sedley

     Roger the Chapman Series
  • Death and the Chapman
  • The Plymouth Cloak
  • The Hanged Man
  • The Holy Innocents
  • The Eve of St. Hyacinth
  • The Wicked Winter
  • The Brothers of Glastonbury
  • The Weaver's Inheritance
  • The Saint John's Fern

     Leonard Tourney

     Joan & Matthew Stock Series
  • The Players' Boy is Dead
  • Low Treason
  • Familiar Spirits
  • The Bartholomew Fair Murders
  • Old Saxon Blood
  • Knaves Templar
  • Witness of Bones
  • Frobisher's Savage

  •  Featured Book
    Crowner's QuestCrowner's Quest: Bernard Knight's Third Medieval Murder Mystery
    Christmas Eve, 1194. Sir John de Wolfe gratefully escapes a party, being given by his wife Matilda, to examine the body of a canon who has been found hanged. Suicide is suspected, but it is soon apparent that there is more to this case than meets the eye. As always, John's investigations are hampered by his brother-in-law, the sheriff Sir Richard de Revelle. But when a local lord is killed, John begins to suspect that the cases are linked and Sir Richard's reasons for delaying the investigation may be more serious than the usual petty vengeance. Desperately trying to deflect Sir Richard's plots against him, John is soon at loggerheads with Matilda, and even his mistress Nesta. And as he digs deeper, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy that could cost him far more than the women in his life.
    Check price & availability

    The Death of a King by Paul Doherty The Roaring Boy by Edward Marston

    A Rare Benedictine by Ellis Peters The Brothers of Glastonbury by Kate Sedley
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