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Roberta Gellis Roberta Gellis has master's degrees in both biochemistry and in medieval literature. Married for fifty years, she lives with her family in Long Island. Roberta spent ten years as a research chemist and several more as a free-lance editor of scientific manuscripts. She has been writing now for some thirty years and has become one of the most successful writers of historical and romantic fiction in the US, winning many awards since 1964, for twenty-five meticulously researched novels. Other genre include romantic suspense (sometimes under the pseudonym of Priscilla Hamilton), science fiction (under the pseudonym of Max Daniels) and Greek and Celtic Fantasy. Roberta has recently turned to historical mysteries set in her favourite time and place: twelfth-century London.

 Roberta Gellis Novels

 Batarde & Itchen Mysteries
  • A Mortal Bane
  • A Personal Devil

     Medieval Novels
  • Bond of Blood
  • Knight's Honor
  • The Dragon and the Rose
  • The Sword and the Swan
  • The Rope Dancer
  • Masques of Gold

     The Roselynde Chronicles
  • Roselynde
  • Alinor
  • Joanna
  • Gilliane
  • Rhiannon
  • Sybelle

     Royal Dynasty Series
  • Siren Song
  • Winter Song
  • Fire Song
  • A Silver Mirror

     Tales of Jernaeve
  • Tapestry of Dreams
  • Fires of Winter

     Napoleonic Novels
  • The English Heiress
  • The Cornish Heiress
  • The Kent Heiress
  • Fortune's Bride
  • A Woman's Estate

     Romantic Suspense
  • Sing Witch, Sing Death
  • A Delicate Balance

     Greek Fantasy
  • Dazzling Brightness
  • Shimmering Splendor
  • Enchanted Fire
  • Bull God

     Collections with Wiggs, Samuel & Llywelyn

     Celtic Fantasy
  • Irish Magic
  • Irish Magic II

     Priscilla Hamilton Novels

     Costume Dramas

  • The Love Token

     Max Daniels Novels

     Science Fiction
  • The Space Guardian
  • Offworld


     Roberta Gellis Links
  • Batarde & Itchen Characters
  • Discover Southwark
  • The Roberta Gellis Official Website

  •  Featured Book
    A Mortal BaneA Mortal Bane
    Magdalene la Bātarde is the whoremistress of the Old Priory Guesthouse in Southwark - where pleasures of the flesh forbidden in London are legal. But though she and her women indulge in a number of sinful delights, they have never been accused of bloody murder ... until Baldassare, the papal messenger, dies. Then Magdalene must discover who committed the crime - or hang herself.
    Messer Baldassare is not a regular client in the Old Priory Guesthouse, but he was restoring himself there after a hard trip from Rome to England. When he is found in a pool of blood on the north porch of the church of St. Mary Overy Priory, the monks insist that it must be the corrupt whoremistress or one of her women who committed the crime.
    Sir Bellamy of Itchen is ordered by the Bishop of Winchester to investigate Baldassare's death and to watch carefully the actions of the beautiful and mysterious Magdalene. Sir Bellamy finds that order all too easy to follow. He would be delighted to follow it right into Magdalene's bed - however, duty forbids. Bell does not wish to see Magdalene hanged for murder, but it is soon apparent that she is hiding something and is involved in the messenger's death right up to her exquisite eyebrows.
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     Roberta Gellis News

    November 1999, has seen Roberta put the finishing touches to the second novel in her new historical mystery series. 1139 sees the return of Sir Bellamy of Itchen, acting on behalf of the Bishop of Winchester, and Magdalene la Batarde of the Old Priory Guesthouse as they turn detective once more in the less than salubrious streets of Southwark. "A Personal Devil" should be published in late 2000.
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