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Sharon Penman Sharon Penman, from New Jersey, began work on her life of King Richard III of England while still a student. When her studies were over, she became a tax lawyer, but continued for many years to steadily pen this, her first novel. Disaster struck, however, when the only copy of her finished manuscript was stolen from her car in a busy car park. Amazingly, she rewrote the entire novel from scratch and it was finally published in 1982. "The Sunne in Splendour" was immediately heralded as a great work of historical fiction. Quitting her job to write full-time, Sharon has since produced some five highly acclaimed historical novels and has now moved into the world of historical mysteries. The first novel in this series following the exploits of one Juistin de Quincy became a finalist for an Edgar Award for Best First Mystery from the Mystery Writers of America.

 Sharon Penman Novels

 Justin de Quincy Mysteries
  • The Queen's Man
  • Cruel as the Grave

     Historical Novels
  • The Sunne in Splendour
  • Here be Dragons
  • Falls the Shadow
  • The Reckoning
  • When Christ and his Saints Slept


     Sharon Penman Links
  • The Sharon Kay Penman Official Website

  •  Featured Book
    Cruel as the GraveCruel as the Grave
    She was young-barely fifteen. A poor peddler's daughter newly arrived in London, she was loved as much for her good heart as for her good looks. Someone had taken advantage of that sweet nature, leaving her dead in a churchyard, a ripped bodice testimony to her struggle, a bloodstained cross the solitary witness to her end. England, 1193: A land awash in intrigue. While Eleanor of Aquitaine searches vainly for her eldest son, imprisoned by his enemies, her youngest plots to capture the crown. In her service: young Justin de Quincy, the Queen's Man. What has he to do with common murder, with the death of a poor man's child? Despite himself, Justin becomes ensnared in the case, seeking to unmask a killer. But can he also bring that killer to justice?
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