Guide to Scotland
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Scots Who Made A Difference

by Peter N. Williams, Ph.D.
© 2007

In one way or another the following Scots have made our lives different. Some of them were missionaries, some were explorers, some were geographers and map makers; others were important figures in Scottish history, making their marks in the military, in the administration of the Empire, adding to social progress, and rising to the top in political life. Others were inventors, medical men, religious reformers, philosophers, architects, and giants of industry or of importance in the exploration and settlement of North America, Africa and Australia.

Listed alphabetically, these names do not merely constitute a Who's Who of Scottish History, many of them have contributed significantly, not only to our understanding of the world we inhabit, but also have enabled us to live better, more reasoned, or more comfortable lives in that world. In brief, these are the men and women of Scotland who helped tame the wilderness, either at home in Bonnie Scotland or in the far reaches of the earth and thus helped bring order out of chaos.

By no means intended as complete biographies, the brief accounts are intended merely to whet the reader's appetite for further study of these remarkable men and women. It is to be expected that some of your favorite Scotsmen and women may be inadvertently missing from this list: If so, please notify us. If we believe they merit inclusion, we will add their names. It is to be regretted that we cannot always be accurate with birth and death dates, especially for some of the early Scots.