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Posted by: joyce on July 10, 2002
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Posted by John Hughes on August 7, 2000
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> My great great grandfather, Benjamin Hughes, was born in Bryngwran in 1816. His father was Thomas Hughes, born 1786, in Bryngwran. Benjamin came to US in 1845 and settled in Columbus, Wisconsin with his wife, Margaret Evans (Roberts); his brothers, F. Thomas Hughes and Hugh Hughes; and Benjamin's 10 month old son, Thomas Evan. There were two brothers of Benjamin that stayed in Bryngwran and they were Prichard Hughes and John Hughes. I have no other information re Hughes family in Bryngwran before or after Benjamin and his father Thomas except that . There could have been a brother to Thomas who had descendants that may have included your grandfather or that descendants of Prichard or John Hughes may be connected to him. If you can give me any added details it might help in putting some facts together. > I am trying to locate any information regarding my Welsh Family History from a small town I believe was called Bryngwran Wales-North Wales I believe it was. My Grandfather was Thomas Hughes and he emmigrated from Wales-via Liverpool, England on or about July 18,1910 to the United States on a ship called the Arabic.
> > Would like to trace my ancestory and to pass this onto my grandchildren so that they could have the privilege of their Welsh Heritage for years to come and to keep this alive....Any information would be helpful..........Thank You....Linda Hughes

I too am trying to find my ancestors in Wales. Hughes. Some of the given names in your tree kind of ring a bell. Such as: Thomas, Evan, &
John. My Father: Thomas Kingston H. His Father: Evan Daniel H. His Father: John H. John m. Rachel Parry. Evan m. Ella Kingston. I have a cousin whose name is Linda H. That's why your message caught my eye. Would love to compare notes. Joyce.


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