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Posted by: Hazel on June 28, 2004
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Posted by dave on June 28, 2004
Subject: Re: O Fryniau Caersalem
> > What is the English title of this hymn? I think it translates, literally, as "O Hills of Jerusalem". Am I right? Is it the one we call "City on a Hill"? Thank you. Hazel
> hi hazel,full title is:-
> O Fryniau Caersalem Ceir Gweled...
> From the hills of Jerusalem you can see...

Thank you, Dave. Maybe that will help me find the words. I did a Google search and found many entries but no words.

I also did a search for "City on a Hill" and found there are many songs by that title. I know only one and it is generally sung by professional choirs, not we ordinary mortals. I know it is about Jerusalem.

Shall continue my search and, again, thanks. Hazel


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