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Brecon Beacons National Park

The Brecon Beacons are full of interesting Neolithic remains, not the least are the many standing stone circles of which Nant Tarw (Nant Taroo) provides a good example. In the circles, 15 stones survive of the original 20. They are found alongside the stream of the same name, one of the headwaters of the River Usk. Outside the western circle there is a massive outlying stone and two small uprights.

The whole group is located three miles south of Mynydd Bach Trecastell (Munith bach traycasteth) on the A40 between Llandovery (Thlan Doveree) and Trecastle (Tray Castle).

Cerrig Duon (Kerrig Dee-on) is a rather rare oval circle of 22 low standing stones in a fairly regular circle with about eight stones now missing (only about 10 of its kind exist in Britain). You can find the circle on a hillside in the high, empty moorlands on the mountain road that joins up with the A4067 from Trecastle to Craig y Nos (Krige uh Noce) in the Black Mountains. In association with the circle is the high single stone Maen Mawr (Mine Mowr) to the north. On the east of the road you will find another standing stone.

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