New The Elizabethan Church
Part of a major new content section on Queen Elizabeth I by Heather Thomas

History of the English Church
Christian Society in Early Britain - by Tim Bond
Religious Policy of King Henry VIII - by Jeff Hobbs
Churchmen/Church in Late 14th C. - by Jeff Hobbs
English Book of Common Prayer - by Jeff Hobbs
Faith in Everyday Life in Late 14th C. - by Jeff Hobbs
The Lollards - by Jeff Hobbs
Christianity in Britain - An overview
English Church Structure - Organization and offices

Churches & Cathedrals
Glastonbury Abbey - Cradle of British Christianity?
Winchester Cathedral - A step-by-step walk-through
Saxon Churches - Five churches after 1000 years
Parish Churches - Visitors' guides and in-depth studies

Saints, Pilgrims & Shrines
Saints of Great Britain - Bios of holy men & women
Christian Shrines - Medieval pilgrimage centers

Monks & Monasteries
Monasticism - Britain's major monastic orders
Legend of Waltham Abbey - Burial place of Harold II?
Monastic Yorkshire - Abbeys & priories in the north

Roman Catholic Popes - A listing
Archbishops of Canterbury - A listing
Archbishops of York - A listing
Bishops of Bath & Wells - A listing
Bishops of Exeter - A listing
Bishops of Sherborne - A listing
Bishops of Winchester - A listing
Abbots of Abingdon - A listing
Abbots of Bury St. Edmunds - A listing
Abbots of St. Augustine's, Canterbury - A listing
Abbots of Glastonbury - A listing
Abbots of Fountains - A listing
Abbots of Reading - A listing
Abbots of Rievaulx - A listing
Abbots of Whitby - A listing
Abbots of St. Mary's York - A listing
Priors of Bath - A listing
Priors of Dunster - A listing

Useful Resources
The Interleaf Bible - KJV in printable PDF form
Links - Other church-related material on the WWW

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