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Christian Shrines of Britain
Little evidence remains of the many great Holy Shrines of Britain. In the middle ages, however, pilgrims could be seen visiting saintly relics in most of the Abbeys, Priories and Cathedrals around the Country.

Aberdour Church St. Drostan
Abingdon Abbey St. Vincent & St. Elstan
Amesbury Abbey St. Maelor
Athelney Abbey St. Ethelwin
Aylesbury Church St. Edith (of Aylesbury)
Bamburgh Castle Chapel St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (arms, one to Nostell & one to Peterborough)
Bampton Church St. Bernwald
Bangor Cathedral St. Deiniol
Bardney Abbey St. Ethelred, St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (to Gloucester) & St. Osthryth
Bardsey Abbey St. Cadfan (to Llandaff), St. Dyfrig (to Llandaff) & 20,000 saints
Barking Abbey St. Ethelburga, St. Hilelith & St. Wulfhilda
Bawburgh Church St. Walstan
Bedford Church St. Ethelberht
Beverley Minster St. John (of Beverley) & St. Bercthun
Bicester Priory St. Edburga (of Bicester)
Bodmin Priory St. Petroc
Branscombe Church St. Branwaladr
Braunton Church St. Brannoc
Bridlington Priory St. John (of Bridlington)
Buckingham Church St. Rumbold
Burton-on-Trent Church St. Moduenna
Bury St. Edmunds Abbey St. Edmund (the Martyr), St. Botolph & St. Jurmin
Caerwent Church St. Tathyw
Canterbury Cathedral St. Dunstan, St. Thomas (of Canterbury), St. Alphege, St. Anselm, St. Wendreda (from Ely), St. Ethelhard, St. Ouen, St. Oda, St. Ethelbert, St. Wilfred II (of York), St. Furseus (head), St. Austroberta (head), St. Swithun (head), St. Blaise (head & arm), St. Simeon (arm), St. Bartholomew (arm), St. George (arm), St. Wulfstan (arm), St. Richard (of Chichester) (arm), St. Romanus (arm), St. Gregory (the Great) (arm), St. Hugh (arm), St. Mildred (arm) & St. Edburga (of Minster) (arm).
Cerne Abbey St. Edwold
Chalbury Church St. Diuma
Chertsey Abbey St. Beocca & St. Ethor
Chester Cathedral St. Werburga
Chichester Cathedral St. Richard (of Chichester)
Chittlehampton Church St. Urith (of Chittlehampton)
Clynnog Fawr Church St. Beuno
Coldingham Priory St. Ebbe (of Coldingham)
Congresbury Church St. Congar
Coventry Cathedral (Old) St. Osburga
Cropredy Church St. Freomund (disputed)
Cross Kirk (Peebles) True Cross (fragment of)
Crowland Abbey St. Guthlac
Croyland Abbey St. Thurketyl
Dorchester Abbey St. Birinus
Dornoch Cathedral St. Gilbert (of Caithness)
Dover Priory St. Thomas (of Hales)
Dunfermline Abbey St. David (of Scotland) & St. Margaret (of Scotland)
Dunkeld Cathedral St. Columba (from Iona)
Dunstable Priory St. Fremund
Durham Cathedral St. Cuthbert, St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (head), St. Bede (from Jarrow), St. Bartholomew (of Farne), St. Baldred (from Tyningham), St. Bilfrith, St. Boisil (from Melrose), St. Ceolwulf (head) (from Lindisfarne), St. Edbert (from Lindisfarne), St. Edfrith (from Lindisfarne), St. Ethilwald (of Lindisfarne) (from Lindisfarne) & St. Ethilwald (of Farne) (from Lindisfarne)
Eltesley Church St. Pandonia
Ely Cathdral St. Etheldreda, St. Sexburga, St. Botolph (head), St. Ermegild, St. Withburga, St. Wendreda (to Canterbury) St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (arm) (from Bamburgh)
Evesham Abbey St. Egwin, St. Odulf & St. Wistan (from Repton)
Exeter Cathedral St. Sidwell
Eynesbury Church St. Arnulf
Finchale Priory St. Godric
Folkstone Priory St. Eanswyth
Glamis Church St. Fergus
Glasgow Cathedral St. Kentigern
Glastonbury Abbey St. Gildas (disputed), St. Begninus, St. Patrick (disputed), St. Indracht, St. Joseph (of Arimathea), St. Ceolfrith (from Wearmouth), St. Esterwin (from Wearmouth), St. Sigfrid (from Wearmouth), St. Hwaetbert (from Wearmouth), St. Hebba (from Wearmouth), St. Benedict Biscop (from Wearmouth) (disputed), St. Boisil (from Melrose) (disputed), St. Aidan (half) (from Lindisfarne), St. Paulinus (of York) (disputed), St. David (from St. Davids) (disputed), St. Illtud (from Llantwit Major) (disputed), St. Hilda (from Whitby), St. Aristobulus, St. Bertwald (of Ramsbury), St. Edgar (the Peaceable), St. Dunstan (disputed), St. Bede (the Venerable) (disputed), St. Guthlac (of Glastonbury) & St. Guthlac (of Crowland) (mistakenly)
Glenochart Church St. Fillan
Gloucester Cathedral St. Arild & St. Hilda (disputed)
Govan Church St. Constantine (of Govan)
Great Malvern Priory St. Werstan
Hackness Priory St. Begu (to Whitby)
Hailes Abbey The Holy Blood
Halkirke Church St. Adam
Hartland Abbey St. Nectan
Haselbury Church St. Wulfric (of Haselbury)
Hereford Cathedral St. Thomas (of Hereford) & St. Ethelbert
Hexham Abbey St. Eata, St. Acca, St. Alcmund (of Hexham) & St. Frithebert
Hibaldstow Church St. Hybald
Howden Church St. Osana
Hyde Abbey (Winchester) St. Judoc & St. Grimbald
Ilam Church St. Bertram
Inch Cailleach Church St. Kentigerna
Inchinnan Church St. Conval
Iona Abbey St. Columba (to Dunkeld) & St. Aidan (half)
Isle of May Priory St. Ethernan
Kirkwall Cathedral St. Magnus & St. Rognvald
Knaresborough Hermitage St. Robert (of Knaresborough)
Leominster Priory St. Ethelred & St. Cuthflaeda
Lichfield Cathedral St. Chad, St. Cedd & St. Owin
Lincoln Cathedral St. Hugh, Little St. Hugh & St. John (of Dalderby)
Lindisfarne Abbey St. Aidan (to Iona & Glastonbury), St. Cuthbert (to Durham) & St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (head & disputed arm) (to Durham)
Llancarfon Church St. Cadoc
Llandaff Cathedral St. Dyfrig (from Bardsey), St. Teilo, St. Cadfan (from Bardsey) & St. Oudoceus
Llantwit Major Church St. Illtud
Malmesbury Abbey St. Aldhelm, St. Maildulf & St. John (the Sage)
Melrose Abbey St. Boisil (to Durham), St. Adam & St. Waldef
Merthir Clitauc Church St. Clydog
Middleham Church St. Alkelda
Milton Abbey St. Branwaladr (head) & St. Samson (arm)
Minster Abbey St. Mildred (to St. Gregory's) & St. Edburga (of Minster) (to St. Gregory's)
Newminster Abbey St. Robert (of Newminster)
Newport Cathedral St. Gwynllyw
Norham Church St. Celowulf (from Lindisfarne)
Norwich Cathedral St. William (of Norwich)
Nostell Priory St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (arm) (from Bamburgh)
Oundle Church St. Cett
Oxford Cathedral St. Frideswide
Paisley Abbey St. Miren
Pennant Melangell Church St. Melangell
Pershore Abbey St. Edburga (of Winchester) (parts)
Peterborough Cathedral St. Hedda (of Peterborough), St. Cyniburg (of Castor), St. Cyneswith, St. Tibba, St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (arm) (from Bamburgh) & St. Swithun (arm)
Polesworth Abbey St. Edith (of Polesworth)
Ramsey Abbey St. Ethelred (of Kent), St. Ethelbricht & St. Felix (of Dunwich)
Reading Abbey St. James (hand) & St. Philip (head)
Repton Church St. Wistan (to Evesham)
Restalrig Chapel St. Triduana
Rievaulx Abbey St. William (of Rievaulx) & St. Ailred
Ripon Cathedral St. Ecgberht, St. Wilfred (of Ripon & Selsey) & St. Wihtberht
Rochester Cathedral St. Paulinus & St. William (of Perth)
Romsey Abbey St. Ethelfleda, St. Merewenna & St. Balthilda
St. Albans Abbey St. Alban & St. Amphibalus
St. Alcmund's Church (Derby) St. Alcmund (of Lilleshall)
St. Andrews Cathedral St. Andrew & St. Rule
St. Andrew's Church (Lewes) St. Lewinna
St. Asaphs Cathedral St. Asaph
St. Augustine's Abbey (Canterbury) St. Augustine (of Canterbury), St. Mellitus, St. Laurence (of Canterbury), St. Justus, St. Honorius, St. Deusdedit, St. Theodore (of Canterbury), St. Mildred (from Minster) (disputed), St. Adrian (of Canterbury), St. Nothelm, St. Bertwald, St. Lambert & St. Tatwin.
St. Bees Priory St. Bega
St. Benet Hulme Priory St. Margaret (of Hulme)
St. Cyniburg's Hospital Chapel (Gloucester) St. Cyniburg (of Gloucester)
St. Davids Cathedral St. David, St. Justinian & St. Caradoc
St. George's Chapel (Windsor) St. George (heart, arm & part of head)
St. Gregory's Priory (Canterbury) St. Mildred (from Minster) & St. Edburga (of Minster) (from Minster)
St. Mary's Abbey (& Nunnaminster) (Winchester) St. Edburga (of Winchester)
St. Neots Church St. Neot
St. Oswald's Priory (Gloucester) St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (from Bardney)
St. Osyth's Priory St. Osyth
St. Paul's Cathedral (London) St. Erkenwald, St. Sebbi, St. Osyth (arm), St. Mellitus (arm) & St. Oswald (of Northumbria) (disputed arm)
St. Peter's Church (Northampton) St. Ragener
Salisbury Cathedral St. Osmund
Scone Abbey St. Fergus (head)
Sempringham Priory St. Gilbert (of Sempringham)
Shaftesbury Abbey St. Edward (the Martyr) & St. Elfgifu
Sherborne Abbey St. Juthwara & St. Wulsin
Shrewsbury Abbey St. Winifred
Southwell Minster St. Edburga (of Repton)
Steyning Church St. Cuthman
Tavistick Abbey St. Rumon
Tayne Church St. Duthac
Thorney Abbey St. Botolph, St. Adulph, St. Huna, St. Herefrith & St. Benedict Biscop (from Wearmouth)
Tynemouth Priory St. Oswin & St. Henry (of Coquet)
Tyningham Church St. Baldred (to Durham)
Walsingham Priory St. Mary (the Virgin) (statue only, no relics)
Wearmouth Priory St. Ceolfrith, St. Esterwin, St. Hwaetbert, St. Hebba, St. Sigfrid & St. Benedict Biscop (to Thorney)
Wenlock Priory St. Mildurg
Westminster Abbey St. Edward (the Confessor)
Whitby Abbey St. Hilda (to Glastonbury), St. Enflaed (to Glastonbury), St. Elflaed, St. Trumwin, St. Edwin, St. Caedmon & St. Begu (from Hackness)
Whitchurch Canonicorum Church St. Candida
Whithorn Abbey St. Ninian
Wilton Abbey St. Edith (of Wilton) & St. Iwi
Wimborne Minster St. Cuthberga & St. Quenburga
Winchcombe Abbey St. Kenelm
Winchester Cathedral St. Swithun, St. Athelwold, St. Birinus (disputed), St. Hedda (of Winchester) & St. Philip (foot)
Worcester Cathedral St. Oswald (of Worcester), St. Wulfstan & St. Wilfred II (of York) (disputed)
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