Paprika quality
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Posted by: Anna on November 22, 2001
Subject: Paprika quality
If your idea of paprika is the almost-tasteless red powder that's
used to color deviled eggs, then you may be ready to give up on this spice.
But before you do, you should know that the origin of your paprika is essential.
Many brands are made from Californian or Spanish peppers,
which have color, but lack the robust taste of Hungarian paprika. Growing
conditions, as well as the cultivation and milling methods are what makes Hungarian
paprika the only one to use. As a rule of thumb, the redder the color, the milder
the taste. Pungency ranges from "delicacy" paprika (deep red and very mild)
to "rose" paprika (yellow to pink and fiery hot). Traditional Hungarian cuisine
favors "sweet" paprika, which is produced using a unique milling technology
developed in the country. This paprika can be used in soups and stews, with
chicken (the famous "paprikas csirke"), and other dishes where a flavourful
spice is needed.



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