Hundreds of Mix/ Jar Gift recipes
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Posted by: Liss on December 6, 2002
Subject: Hundreds of Mix/ Jar Gift recipes

Mix Recipes:

Beverages/Drink Mixes (51)

Condiments, Sauces, Seasoning Mixes (142)

Convenience Mixes: Brownies/ Cookies/Cakes & Shake-n-bakes More (about 100)

Diabetic Mixes (25)

Dehydrating Foods & Gift Recipes (Make your own Fruit

Kid's Easy Bake oven recipes, 35 or so

MYO (Make Your Own) items like Pesto, Coffee Creamer, cool whip, Tortillas,

Soup Mixes: 17

Jar Gift Pages with Printable Tags:

Survival Kits (Great Jar gifts)

Non-Food Jar Gift Items/Recipes:

For the Ladies (Cosmetic/ Non food Gift Items)

For Men, (Non-food Gift Mixes/ recipes)

More than 50 Pet Recipes

Kids & Babies Non-food recipes: Like bath paints, snowman repair kits (Big
Craft fair seller) etc:

That ought to keep you busy!


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