English Apple Tart
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Posted by: James Zemboy on June 13, 2004
Subject: English Apple Tart
I would like to know how "apple tart" is made and how it is different from American apple pie. In America, traditional apple pie is made with fresh apple slices dusted with a fair amount of sugar, a little flour to thicken, and there is always cinnamon and usually nutmeg. There's a bottom and a top crust. It's served slightly warm or completely cooled, often with vanilla ice cream.

I have always heard about "apple tart" in England and would like to try to duplicate it at home. I seem to remember being served apple tart in England a long time ago, and that it was unsweetened, and the apples were not thickened and there was no spice added. It was just the apples and pastry, and at the table sugar and cream were offered as an accompaniment. My memory may be incorrect, however.


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