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From Andrew [] on September 5, 1997:

Your gift to us all was so simple,gentle and honest, your smile.
May you find true peace

United States of America
From Betty Schneider [] on September 5, 1997:

My prayers and thoughts are with Diana, Princess of Wales and her young sons, Princes William and Harry. May they always remember their Mother as the warm, bright, thoughtful and caring person she was. May time quickly heal the ache in their hearts with the knowledge that she so loved them and wanted the very best of all worlds for them. May God and his angels watch over all of you and bless you with His graces.

From Terry Tessier [] on September 5, 1997:

You will be missed by all.
May you rest in peace.
We are praying for your sons & family.

United States of America
From Ruth Nelson [] on September 5, 1997:

To England, With Sincere condolences to your Nation I lift my prayers up the Lord Jesus to bring healing to the hearts of all who greave for the loss of Princess Diane. Her radiant smile and outstretched hand to the children of the world will be greatly missed. She was a smile from England to the rest of the world and I personally will miss that. I can't help but think of the millions of prayers being lifted up this past week FOR England.... The word says, "My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their ways, then I will HEAR from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will HEAL THEIR LAND., Now my eyes shall be open and My ears attentive to the prayer offered in this place." 2Ch 7:14/15

The Lord WILL hear the prayers for the nation of England and heal this land...

God Bless You,
With prayer, Your Sister In Christ,

Ruth Nelson

From Sybil Thorn [] on September 5, 1997:

Princes William & Harry --
I am sorry at your loss. Your mother was a warm, loving person who made a difference in this world. The world would be a far better place if those of us who remain emulated her wonderful example.
We care.
Sybil Thorn

United States
From Regina Orr Armentrout [] on September 5, 1997:

To William and Harry,
I am very sorry for you on losing your mother. I know how you feel I lost mine 3 years ago. Hang in there and things will get easier. To the Queen Mother and your grandmother. I think you are doing a excellent and dignified job. People say Diana is their princess but what they seem to forget is that she is a mother and that this should be a private time for the boys and the rest of the family. It is a hard thing to go threw both mentally and physically. I really admire your strengh and grace.
Regina Orr Armentrout

From Ashley Ford [] on September 5, 1997:

I give my deapeast condolences to Prince William and Harry.
Diana was a true princes,and diserves every bit of respect tha she is getting.

From Ulrike Zimbehl [] on September 5, 1997:

Dear Diana
I am very sad of your death. You was a beautiful woman. We hope you have find your freedom. Many people thought about you in good ways. I am too. And now I will say goodbye to the Queen of hearts.

From Marion Lessard on September 5, 1997:

You touched us all very deeply. We miss you and must take comfort in the idea that Heaven must have needed you more. We pray for you, your family and sons.
Love Marion

United States
From Jacqueline & Josephina [] on September 5, 1997:

Princess Dianna, you were the jewel in the crown and you will be missed. May your sons have the strenght to continue where you left off.

From Nancy Caraballo & The Dorta Family [] on September 5, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry

Never I have been so touched by someone that I have never met. My son, my family and I send you both our most sincere condolence on the lost of your mother. She was loved and admired by many and she will be missed. The world has lost one of it's brightest lights.

From MR RAMON TINUBU & FAMILY [] on September 5, 1997:

Thank princess for the joy and loving kindness you gave everyone during your short lifetime; the lost is ours but we shall carry your memories in our hearts forever. Rest in perfect peace in the comfort of our heavenly father who shall always watch over those you have left behind. God bless you sweet princess D.


From Michelle Garner [] on September 5, 1997:

I also lost a Mother recently and I feel the pain of Diana's sons. I pray that God will make sure that they are loved and cared for as Diana her self would have wanted. Michelle Garner Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From Terry Weaver [] on September 5, 1997:

Never have I been so touched by the passing of one whom I had never met. The whole world misses Diana and will long remember her. She was a truly unique and lovely woman. God must needed some beauty in Heaven for Him to have called her so soon.

From Richard Rodgers [] on September 5, 1997:

By far the brightest light of the British Royal family has gone out for me and many other Americans. I watched Diana's Wedding and now, too soon, her funeral. My condolences and best wishes for Will and Harry. I do deeply hope that Will can follow his mother's example, and continue to bring the Royalty out of it's gilded cage, and out into the light of day, with the people and serving the people. If he makes his own way in the world and resists the urge to fall back on tradition, then Diana's legacy will truly live on for me.

United States
From Carrie Luecke [] on September 5, 1997:

May the memories of Princess Diana someday console the hearts of her family, her nation and in particular, her sons.

Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolute and unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just round the corner. All is well.

From Deborah Avery Guha [] on September 5, 1997:

Princess Diana, I will remember you for your brave heart,as a loving mother and inspiration to all women who have also walked your path of sadness.

From Linda J. O'Connor [] on September 5, 1997:

My heart is broken and my prayers and love go to young William and Harry. The world has been a better place for short time she was here. May God be with you all.

United States
From Michelle Schmidt Kives [] on September 5, 1997:

To the family of the Princess,

My family and I wish to convey our deepest sorrow at your great loss. There are no words that can express our sympathy to you. As one who lost a parent at a young age I say to you her sons do not be afraid to reach out to your family, anyone in your family, for help and guidance through this time. It is those who were around her during her life that will be able to help you the most. Do not place blame on your father . You will need him. Do not be afraid to love, because that was her greatest lesson.

Michelle and Bruce Kives and family

united states
From megan rastigue [] on September 5, 1997:

We are all very sad that such a beautiful woman at such a young age had to die. Diana touched everyones life. Where every she went she always left a smile on people's faces. Diana was a very loving person and never really thought of herself. She always seemed to have put people first. She was concerned about everyone and every subject of danger there was. I hope that her two sons will be as loving and caring as their mother was. We all hope that her sons will be able to cope with their mothers death. They should know that everyone's prayers are with them. The photographers had a big part in Diana's death and I hope they are punished in some way shape or form. Diana is not the only famous person who has asked to be left alone. Sometimes people need time to theirselves for special events and just because they want to. At some point in time everyone has to go but Diana was taken to soon. She had her whole life ahead of her without Charles. A life that hopefully would have been as good as the one with him. We may not have known every part of their marriage but we do know that they had some good times. We all wish the royal family well and hope that everyone in Britain will always remember Diana as the PEOPLE'S PRINCESS. Diana will forever be a princess in my heart.

United States
From Brandi M. Johnston [] on September 5, 1997:

Dear Princes' William and Harry
I send you my sincere sympathy and am praying that you will receive comfort and blessings from God. May He bless and guide you in all that you do.
Your mother was my role model and inspiration. Thank you for sharing her with me.
May God guide you in all you do.
Brandi M. Johnston

From nicole joanne beth [] on September 5, 1997:

We are deeply touched by your life and willingness to help others. Your memory will live on through us in our attempt to unselfishly help others as you have. Our deepest condolences to your sons Harry and William.

From Holly J. Schley [] on September 5, 1997:

I would like to express my deepest sympathy on the loss of a great lady. She will be sorely missed by millions of people. Her unwaivering dedication to her sons has touched many. Her work with the less fortunate has brought worldwide recognition to their causes. She has been amply named the Queen of Hearts. She has the hearts of so many, and will always be remembered in that capacity. It is a very sad time for the world.

From Ralph Bennett Crignola on September 5, 1997:

On behalf of my grandmother Grace Coke Copus, born in Swansea/Wales a long time ago, and myself, we pray for Princess Diana and give strenght to William and Henry from the southernmost country in the world.
It is clear... a new myth is born.

From Mr. and Mrs. Goddard [] on September 5, 1997:

Prince William and Harry,

It is the irony of grief that in our darkest hour, when we believe that all hope and joy has abandoned our hearts, that is only in this hour when we realise the depth and strength in our own spirits.
Remember then, that this is the purpose of grief, to show us who we are, to give us the keenest mirror into that secret place in each of ourselves where true strength and peace resides.
In years to come, you will still remember this sadness, but having survived that grief which seemed insurmountable, you will know that you have the courage to survive. Then you will know true and lasting peace.

May God watch over you,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you,

The Goddard Family

United States
From Mr. Haz's 8th period A.H. Class [] on September 5, 1997:

the world will miss the humanitarian efforts put forth by such a fine lady. Her death is the world's loss.


My thoughts go to the Royal Family and especially to the Princess's sons. As time passes Princess Diana's memory in the public will fade to a blur, but the young princes will think about their mother every day for the rest of their lives. I believe that the press should avoid trying to lay blame on some sort of "Evil" and instead focus on preserving the spirit of Diana's life. Her spirit lives on eternally, nothing we can say or do will change what happened in Paris. God Bless the Royal Family and the memory of Princess Diana.

From Matthew Cavill [] on September 5, 1997:

You are with us Eternally, our Queen of Hearts.

United States
From Mr. Hazelton's 7th period class [] on September 5, 1997:

our american history class sends condolences to the royal family in England and her subjects. Diana was truly a great humanitarian, and will be greatly missed.

From nick hoag on September 5, 1997:

We'll miss you diana

From Michael G. Chapman on September 5, 1997:

My sympathies go out to her sons, Willam and Harry, who have lost their mother;
to the Spencer family and the Royal Family;
and to all kith and kin.
We will truly miss the goodness
that Diana endeavored to bring to us all.

From Mike and Laurie Leahy [] on September 5, 1997:

We were very sorry to hear about Princess Diana. It is hard to think of things to say at a time like this, but I would like you to know that you have our heart felt sympathy. Diana was a great person and humanitarian. She will be sorely missed.

From Kawarjit Bedi [] on September 5, 1997:

Her respect for people, not only the
rich, but downtrodden, poor and sick
people moves peoples's hearts. A genuine
loving person, the world will miss her

United States
From Kelly Anne Jeffers [] on September 5, 1997:

Young William and Harry...
While noone can truly grasp the tremendous loss you feel, know that as you mourn, the world mourns with you...
Your mother touched the lives of many...of those driectly around her, as well as of those she never even met...
Her elegance and grace were unparalleled, as were her virtue, compassion, charity and warmth...
She was a symbol of peace and hope in an often cruel and unjust world...
In life she touched the hearts and minds of peoples of all nations, and in death, her imprint on the earth will not soon be forgotten...
An angel on earth, so too is she an angel in the afterlife, watching down over the two of you, and over all of the children of the world...

United States
From Patricia & Eric on September 5, 1997:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the sons of Diana, Princess of Wales. May we always remember her love, her grace, and her overwhelming sense of fun. She will truly be missed by all the world's people.

United States of America
From Patrick McBroom [] on September 5, 1997:

The world has lost a great humanitarian. There is no one that could measure up to Princess Diana. My deepest condolences goes out to Prince William and Prince Harry and all the Royal family. This was a tragedy that shouldn't have happened. She will be missed deeply by everyone and will live on in all our hearts.

United States of America
From The Sargent Family [] on September 5, 1997:

To the Princes, William and Harry,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this tragic time in your lives. She was The Princess, a remarkable woman, but foremost she was your mother. Noone can take away your memories of the precious time you had together. We wish you courage,strength and the reassurance that she and God will watch over you.
Joseph and Susan Sargent and family

United States
From Patrick Clay Ramsey [ICULUNGMAN@AOL.COM] on September 5, 1997:

My heart Breaks with every news cast of your lose, I didn't know you but somehow I feel you were one of my best of friends. I hope that we will learn from our mistakes and come together as a planet to bring about a better future from what you have left us.

From Martha Paquette [] on September 5, 1997:

words aren't enough to express the heartfelt sympathy i feel. i also feel that she was an angel who walked among us and some how touched our hearts whether we knew her or not. her boys will be fine because she is in their hearts.she will always guide them. we are not to ask the whys of our lord we can only pray that he in his wisdom knows what he is doing and gives strength to those left behind.

From Kelly Ennen [Kelly.Ennen@Owens-Corning. com] on September 5, 1997:

My deepest sympathy goes out to all of the Princess' family, especially to Prince William and Prince Harry. The world will miss this truly exceptional human being.

United States of Amereica
From Sarah Jones [] on September 5, 1997:

She was very sweet woman, who cared about the world more than she cared about herself. It was a shame the little privacy she had was always invaded. We will miss he very much. She was a beauty not just in England but all over the world! Diana thank you for being a true Princess to the world. My deepest wishes and prayers for Prince William and Harry.
With Love,

Sarah Jones
Age: 17
Pittsburgh, Pa

United States
From Carl S. Cansino, Esq. [] on September 5, 1997:

You were a inspiration to the entire world. I pray for your family and hope they have the strength to cope with such a great loss. Farewell Diana.

From Marja-Liisa Ahonen [] on September 5, 1997:

Princess Diana,
I will cherish your memory in my heart forever. My loving thoughts follow your sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

From Anna Leena Ahonen [] on September 5, 1997:

Dear Princess Diana,
You have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Since I was a little girl I have admired your beauty, and as I grew older, I became to appreciate also your work, in which your compassion and love for other people was so clearly to be seen.
I will miss you and remember you always - the world just is not the same now that you are gone. I wish we could have kept you much longer with us, and shown you the love we truly feel for you.
To your family, especially your sons William and Harry, I send all my love and wish them strength in their great loss. My heart is with you all.
Love Always,
Anna Leena

From John and Sharon Lamb [] on September 5, 1997:

We didn't know you, but we loved you as the rest of the world did. We have truly lost the Princess to the world. Your beauty and love of people will never be forgotten. Britain, and the world, has truly lost a jewel from it's crown of life. We hope that you have found the peace that so richly deserved and sought.

John and Sharon Lamb

From David Charles Tarbutton [] on September 5, 1997:

To the British People and especially to
Diana's family and friends: For but a moment, an all too brief time you graced our presence with laughter and joy, and gave us, the common man, something to dream about. We will miss you greatly.
God Save the Queen.

From Lindsay & Rebecca Morison [] on September 5, 1997:

Our thoughts are with Prince William, Prince Harry and family at this tragic and sad time.

the Czech Republic
From Irena Mlejnková [] on September 5, 1997:

Diana gave lots of love to many people. God save her soul and especially her sons. I will never forget.
By, Diana...

From Marco Franco [] on September 5, 1997:

Profonde sentite condoglianze

From Janice Yeap [] on September 5, 1997:

Princess Diana was and will be a great woman of compassion and will be remembered forever.....
She showed us how to be human, let us continue her legacy and care for all human in the world.

From Rogers G. Mills Jr. [] on September 5, 1997:

I have felt a deep kinship to England as that is the origin of my ancestors. Of all of the thoses in present day, Diana was not afraid to show compassion as if it were a weekness but as a strength. She was the champion of unfairly maligned, the sick and dying, the maimed and forgotten. Her love and compassion has been felt by everyone but those who persued her to an untimely death. I will miss you in this life and will joyfully great you in the next. to you family and country my deepest sorrows. Rest fair Princess, and God Bless.

From Marjorie Perry Russin [] on September 5, 1997:

Don't you see. We are not mourning just for a Princess, but for a Saint. Somehow, we perceive Princess Daina,consciously or unconsiously, as a woman of heroic virtue. She was unfairly rejected by the monarchy, lost the title that was rightfully hers. She suffered from depression and bulemia. A Prince married her without love and was untrue to her. She shook hands with lepers like Father Damien. She shook hands with Aids victims like Mother Teresa.She hugged children with horrible diseases like Our Lord. She tried to rid the whole world of land mines. She loved every humble person, homeless or not, and the populace of the earth sensed that and responded with love and now with palpable grief. Something similar happened after Princess Grace died. People visiting her tomb experienced miracles and camt to believe she is a Saint. My heart goes out to the two young princes who have lost such a wonderful mother and even to Prince PHILLIP who does not know what he missed until now. May the Queen restore her rightful title before the funeral. It does not look right for the mother of a future king not to be a Princess. May the young prince be the new King.

From Michael & Kathleen Morgan [] on September 5, 1997:

My wife and I join the world in sympathy over the death of Princess Diana. She was truly an English Rose in a world filled with thorns. Our hearts go out to both her family as well as the millions of lives in whom she touched. Princess Diana will be forever missed.

From Carole McIntosh [] on September 5, 1997:

The death of the Princess was shocking to all. What a warm, caring and lovely yound woman. Let all Photographers and newspeople know that there are times to go after stories and time for privacy. Don't let this tragedy happen to anyone else.

To the family of all killed or injured in this most horrific accident I send my love.

From stacey [] on September 4, 1997:

I am saddened by the passing of Princess Diana. She was great. She was beautiful, smart, caring, and most of in love, with her children. My heart goes out to Prince William and Prince Harry. I hope they will take some comfort in knowing their mother was loved, admired, and respected by millions. I send my sincerist condolences to her children and the rest of her family.

From Michel Martineau [] on September 4, 1997:

Sincčres condoléances aux enfants,ŕ la
famille royale,aux amis et aux peuples
Anglais qui ont perduent une grande dame
qui avait beaucoup de compassion pour les autres et qui était une grande ambassadrice du peuple .



From Joseph Klaff [Zagrodzka@AOL.COM] on September 4, 1997:

Frankly I was shocked by how shosked I really was by her death. Inever followed the tabloids, I never really felt any kinship until sadly, now. Now through the very thing that killed her, the press, I have come to realize what a truly noble person she was. God Bless You Di.

From Kay Keeler [ ] on September 4, 1997:

The death of Princess
Di will be a great loss to the world. Your tribute to her on your website
is touching. Just know that everyone in America is thinking of the great
loss to your country and praying that something good will come out of her passing.

From James Fuhrman [] on September 4, 1997:

We all share in the loss.

From Claire Day [ ] on September 4, 1997:

I was just surfing the web and read your beautiful tribute to
Princess Diana and wanted to let you know how much it meant to me, and, no doubt, to many others. As you can imagine, I was quite stunned to hear
the news, and having had the oportunity to curtsy to her just over ten
years ago at The Inn on the Park in London, I still feel shocked and in
disbelief. I thank you and Britannia for your kind words.

From B.J. [] on September 4, 1997:

With Respect!

I'm a 49yr old Christian Professional Black Woman whose life was impacted by
Diana! I didn't know how much until she died. This totally destroyed

I had a list of people that I wanted to write to, but I know that I've got
to be very careful what I say, and how I say it! I do believe that MORE
than the people arrested was the cause of her death - She was pushed
from EVERY SIDE - the only enjoyment was her boys.

I truly wish that the boys are not affected negativily by each and every
one that was involved in her death. I sincerely wish that ALL involved
will pay - and they will - "VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD"!

No matter what WE as out-siders may be told - it is WAY more to this
than they want to be told. But in the end, it will all come out!

I wish her boys, family and close friends GOD'S comfort, and that they all
maybe open up to ALL GOD's WISDOM in this, and all matters concerning

To the family of D. Fayed, I wish all GOD's comfort, and that the truth of this matter will come out!

I'm so sorry that this happened to all the families involved, and if in anyway I could be of service, I would!

To all involved - May GOD comfort you, your family and friends!

Please pass this on to the families!

With All My Heart!

From Alf Rogers [] on September 4, 1997:

I thank you for the dignified announcement of the fearful ending of a
life which, after much tragedy was just seeming to begin to have the
impact that it should. I join with all Australians in extending our
sympathy to the surviving members of all the bereaved families.

To an extent I believe we must all share some guilt in that it was the
avid curiosity of each of us that spurred others to hound the Princess
to her untimely death. Hopefully we will all learn some important
lessons from the manner of her passing so that the circumstances leading
up to it may never be allowed to occur again.

United States
From Cindy Holden [] on September 4, 1997:

I just wanted to let you know how so terribly sorry I am that the people of Great Britain, and the people of the world, have lost such a special woman. The world mourns for this loss. I think she will best be remembered for the incredible things she has done for the people. I cannot describe the feeling of shock I felt upon hearing of the tragically sudden death of this blessed woman.

And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.

Colossians 3:14

From [] on September 4, 1997:

To all the People in the UK our deepest sympathy to the sad and tragic Death
of Princess Diana we loved her so much. And feel for the two Lad she left behind. So Sorry.

From Jayshree& Utpal Banerjee [] on September 4, 1997:

To princes William and Henry our sincerest
sympathy on the loss of their mother.

From [] on September 4, 1997:

Well I Just want to send my love and respect I have for Princes Diana. She has made a difference in this world. I hope that the family receives this message from a normal american who was touched by Princes Diana.
I will miss the works she does for all the charties, May she rest in peace.

From [] on September 4, 1997:

On behalf of
myself and my Family i want to express my sincere
condolences to the Children of Princess Diana and
her family on her untimely and tragic passing.
They are all in our prayers.

From Susan Mcgarvey [] on September 4, 1997:

she will be greatly missed.always cherished and forever respeccted as a warm and lovely human being what a wonderful asset she was to the nation and the most casring Mother God bless may she rest in peace

From Dorene Fox/Jim Sprague [] on September 4, 1997:

You were the sunshine of the United Kingdom. The shinning star that a stodgy monarchy tried to repress. But your love, compassion, and tenderness gave hope and joy to all the people of the world. You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten by any of us. May God bless you and keep you safe with Him for eternity.

From Bill Dalton [] on September 4, 1997:

Diana was and still is a great inspiration to all man kind. God truly gave her the gift of compassion for the
less fortunate of the world. May God bless her to children with the courage
and strength to overcome the loss of their mom. May we all forgive those at
fault in this incident as God has forgiven us of our sins.

From Norma & David Kessler [] on September 4, 1997:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Diana Princess of Wales. May she rest in peace.

From Brad Zavodsky [] on September 4, 1997:

The death of Princess Diana has been a tragedy which has touched us all. Her genuine love for all individuals great and small should be an inspiration for everyone. I hope that Princes William and Harry will have the strength to overcome this loss. Thank you Princess for trying to make a difference.

From darlene eliopoulos [] on September 4, 1997:

I will always remember your courage and compassion. My heart goes out to your son--may they have their mother's courage and spirit to guide them thru life.

From Anna Ferguson [Ferguson@CPEC.Ca.Gov] on September 4, 1997:

In rememberance to one Fine Lady. Your Love and Devotion to the world will never be forgotten or surpassed. May you rest in eternal happiness and peace. Your presence made the world notice that there is Love to be given even in the worst of times.

South Wales, UK
From Glenys Gest [] on September 4, 1997:

I am deeply touched with the sad passing of dear Princess Diana and the welsh people are very sad, as she was the Welsh princess. She will remain in our hearts always. Now she can rest in peace. God Bless Her.

United States
From Julie Summa [] on September 4, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
Have strength in this time of sorrow. I know the public eye is on you and probably will stay that way for most of your lives.
Remember your mothers lessons left behind, the power of a touch, the magic of a smile, the grace of royalty.
No doubt, you will follow in her footsteps and make her proud. I know you don't like the media right now, but this reporter will be watching from her newsroom desk and will be cheering you on.
Please remember that there is good and bad in everyone. Seven photographers don't represent the world.
All my hopes go to you, and all my best wishes.

United States
From Julie Summa [] on September 4, 1997:

Dearest Cousin,
Sometimes I wonder what you would think should you look down on the world and see the love there was/is for you. I wonder if you will be pleased with the way things are planned for Saturday. I wonder if you will be pleased to know that so many of the world's thoughts are with your sons.
You were a role model and fairy-tale princess personified for so many...and now you are beyond all hurt, all woe and all pain.


From Hazel A. Betts [] on September 4, 1997:

My thoughts and prayers go to Princes William and Harry - it is a hard thing to lose a parent at any age. Your mother will always be with you, because she will be in your hearts.

I will remember Princess Diana as a warm, caring, compassionate person. Rest in peace.

From Alessandra Spadaccia [] on September 4, 1997:

I'm sad

South Africa
From Renso III & Marijke [] on September 4, 1997:

Our prayers go out to William and Harry with the death of their beloved mother.

From William Dannevik Family [] on September 4, 1997:

Our family will always be grateful for the fact that she was able to turn the public's obsession for her and her family to good by turning the spotlight on issues of concern to her and elevating them to world wide issues: banning of landmines, AIDS research, and advocacy of support for nontradtional famlies.

May her example always reamin a touchstone for her sons in the years to come.

From Luther C. Duddridge [] on September 4, 1997:

May god grant you the joy and peace in the hereafter that we did not grant you here on earth.

United States Of America
From Pete C. Scibilia [] on September 4, 1997:

My heart and prayers go out to Prince William & Prince Harry. I know what it is like to lose a parent and have to deal with it but to do it in the "public eye" is totally different. Diana was and always will be an ANGEL in every sense of the word.

From Susan G. Hairston on September 4, 1997:

I'm terribly saddened and grieved of the death of Diana and I know the world mourns for her and her family, expecially for her sons. She was the Princess of Princesses in that she was a lady of elegance, charm, and beauty like none other. She was also so loving, kind and giving of herself to the world. May her sons and family be comforted as they hear others speak of their wonderful and charming mother, daughter and sister. My heart goes out to all of you and those close to her and afar. May the peace of God be with you all.

United States
From Nellie Kimber [] on September 4, 1997:

Diana, Even though your life was short here on this earth, you left so much for us to remember you by. Thanks for the memories. My sympathy goes out to your sons, WIlliam and Harry and to all who have suffered this great loss.

From The Moock Family [] on September 4, 1997:

We send our deepest sympathy to the Royal Family and the Family of Diana, Princess of Wales and to the people of England. She will be sadly missed. Michael, Margaret, Jane, Elizabeth and Colin

From jazzbo [] on September 4, 1997:

Rest in peace little won me with your humor and your light will burn ALWAYS.

From subendran on September 4, 1997:

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want"

Dear Princess, you will ever be remembered.
God bless your soul.

United States of America
From Barbara C Perry on September 4, 1997:

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the "champion" of the people and will always be remembered with love and compassion. I pray that her sons, William and Harry, will never forget the love for life she instilled in them.

From James E. Kingman II [] on September 4, 1997:

My deepest, heart-felt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Princess Diana. Diana was an amazing human being who genuinely spread good-will and kindness to every person she met. She touched so many in such a beautiful, natural way. She will be sorely missed by millions the world over.

From Leo Gallant [] on September 4, 1997:

To William and Harry

Sorry to hear about your loss, and my prayers and thoughts are with you both.

From Nancy Woolweber [] on September 4, 1997:

I cannot express the feeling of loss for such a great person as Diana. She was one of a kind and we all loved her and her kind deeds. I pray for her boys and hope that God will guide William when he becomes King. Diana made us all proud and I'm sure her sons will also. My prayers are with you.

From Lorraine Wong [] on September 4, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry ,
Do you know that you have the most wonderful mother ? May peace be with you all .

From Lorraine Wong [ ] on September 4, 1997:

Dear Princess Diana ,
Is it too late to tell you how much you are loved ?

From Lorraine Wong [ ] on September 4, 1997:

You are like a candle in the dark , burning yourself , giving lights to
others .

From Lorraine Wong [ ] on September 4, 1997:

Dear Princess Diana ,

You have shown me what is a true lady ,
You have shown me what is a lovable woman ,
You have shown me what is a captivating being ,
You have shown me what is a charming personalitiy ,
Most important of all , you have shown me what is the highest level of
humanity .

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you brought us .
Pax vobiscum ....peace be with you .

>From me , a person who have not met you but love you .

United States
From Laura Castellano [] on September 4, 1997:

Princess Diana,

May your rest be peaceful and your heart
feel our love.

From [] on September 4, 1997:

I just wanted to let you know how so terribly sorry I am that the people of Great Britain, and the people of the world, have lost such a special woman. The world mourns for this loss. I think she will best be remembered for the incredible things she has done for the people. I cannot describe the feeling of shock I felt upon hearing of the tragically sudden death of this blessed woman.

From Jack L. Ralston [] on September 4, 1997:

This loss of a great and loving woman who incidentally was also a Princess, diminishes the life or each of us. The beauty of her countenance and her enthusiasm for life will be missed we will be the poorer for her absence. There will be others who will pick up the torch and run with it and the causes she championed will continue but the driving force will not be easy to replace. Her children will one day rule the Kingdom and they will be better rulers for have had her love and influence even for these few years.

I was offended by the advertisement for Wendy's Restaurants which played last night which portrayed "Dave" sitting beside a characteture of Queen Elizabeth II and the comment he made to her, "By the way, how are your kids?" Even if it had not been for the poor judgement in not pulling the ad, it was in very bad taste. Every Anglophile should boycott Wendy's and demand an apology from "Dave" himself.

Of course, our prayers are with Prince Charles, William, and Harry as well as for the Queen, who herself has suffered much at the hands of the press. "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted."


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