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9/12/97 - 9/17/97
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United States of America
From Stephanie Ward on September 17, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,

I'm very sorry about the recent death of
your mother,only God knows the pain you
must feel. She truly was Englands rose.

United States of America
From Erin Lee Overaker on September 17, 1997:

I would like to tell you how sorry and upset I was when I heard about Princess Diana, she was a wonderful woman. My address is 3017 Pearson Rd. Hurdle Mills NC 27541. Write me back I don't have E-Mail at home I am at school right now. With Love to Prince William. Love Erin Lee Overaker, I'm 14. I would like to meet the royal family especially William, come visit me. I Love you William!!!

North America
From Mandy & Amanda [] on September 17, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
We are very sorry about your mother she was a great loss to this world. we wish you both the best in the future, and your father too.

From patrick on September 17, 1997:

we'll miss you very much

From Ryan on September 17, 1997:

we'll miss you very much

Cebu City , Philippines
From Rose Marie Durano [] on September 17, 1997:

111-A Juana Osmeña St.
Cebu City, Philippines

Princess Diana,
You were a burst of
sunshine in our lives. I will never
forget basking in your glow.

Rose Marie Durano

Cebu City , Philippines
From Emma Uy [] on September 17, 1997:

Princess Di,
Your lovely face will remain
as a "PRINCESS FOREVER" in my heart and

Emma Uy

From Lucy Willson [] on September 17, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Harry

My heart went out to you when I heard that the world had lost one of its few angels - your mum.
She was just a beautiful woman, she could relate to anyone, she was so genuine and loving.
Her goodwill and love will live on in the both of you.
She is looking over you and guiding you - wherever you are.

Love to you both
Lucy Willson

From francine lagman [] on September 16, 1997:

i am deeply affected by the death
of princess diana. prince william,
i think you are soooooooo fine!
will you marry me?? and my friend wants to go out with prince harry. write back asap, if you want to discuss the wedding plans!!!!!!

Portland, Oregon, USA
From Erin Bardsley Andersen [] on September 16, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,

I am 16 and in the past 2 years experienced 2 acidents. One near fatal and one that took the life of a very special boy. The most recent affected me so much more. In june i almost lost My grandmother, uncle, aunt and 10 year old cousin. Their accident was very similar to your mothers. I am sure that god had good reason for taking your mother at such a young age and when you need her most. You bolth have been in the thought's of my family and always will be. If either of you ever feel like you need to talk you can e-mail me. Their are no words that can express my feelings of pain and sadness for you bolth. Just remember that the star tha winks at you is you mother watching from above.


United states
From Erin Andersen [] on September 16, 1997:

We have all been gratly saddened by the loss of princess Di. I sincerley wish I could have met such a wonderful woman. I hope that future generations will look up to her and realize what a wonderful person she was is and always will be. I am truly sorry for your loss.

United States
From Donna Stafford [] on September 16, 1997:

This is such a loss to the world to lose somebody so wonderful as Princess Diana. I am sorry for your loss and hope that the boys will grow up to emulate much of their mother's ways. Donna

United States
From Diana Casella on September 16, 1997:

When I first heard of her death that Sunday morning Two weeks ago, all I could say was No way- Princess Di is invincable. All thta tourture she went through at the hands of the "royal" family, and she was still one of the most caring people that I ever heard of, and she will be greatly missed.

From paulette kingsford [] on September 16, 1997:

the royal family and sons william and henry have the deepest sympathy of our family, who truly loved and admired Diana, who we believe was one of the most unique women of our time. william and harry, you will find peace in knowing you were fortunate to have spent your years with such a tremendous human being as your mother Diana. she would want you to be strong as we know you will be,

may god bless you all,
the kingsford family

From Leonardo Pino Espinoza on September 16, 1997:

I just want to say how Charles can be so empty for leaving one exeptional woman. I would want to have a girl like here.
She was my ideal partner.

From marilyn terbush [] on September 16, 1997:

Just a little something I wrote in memory of our Queen of Hearts...........----Diana died last seems so weird that everybody is so into it's like the whole world has suddenly flocked to herside...all of a sudden everybody understands what her life was like and what it was all about when before she was dead we just sort of said to ourselves, rather smuggley I might add, "Oh poor little rich girl....get a grip already, how bad can royal life be?? Everything's at your disposal..." Well, now we've been shoved into this arena of enlightenment with the whole entire world at once..and I mean immediately.....It was like everyone on the planet took a collective gasp at the realization that she was gone..forever....and what a terrible loss it will be...Especially for her boys who she tried to protect (and did protect in a lot of ways) from all the royal hub-bub that leaves a life void of any real understanding of true compassion or a true sense of family and taking time to enjoy life's little things.... We all know those boys would've never even walked thru the gates of an amusement park let alone ride on any rides or roller coaster if it wasn't for their ever present Mother who had the sense to see what is real and important in this life..but there they were all over T.V. sitting in that log..coming down a water slide, getting all wet and laughing their little heads off the whole way...Thank God for that woman....Those boys would've had such a crappy childhood if it wasn't for her strength to tell those stuffy royals that she WOULD be a parent to the children in her own way..the way all parents should be to their children..having fun, not responsibility at such young ages..that can come later when they can reach back into their childhood for strength when they need escape all the pressures and commitments that the Royal life will have on them....Having that base will do them wonders..just watch and see ....see them smile, like no other royals in history ever have before.....and it will be Diana. The royals probably think she is now gone..finally out of their hair...but she is here now more than she ever was......looking thru the eyes of all those who look into the eyes of the royal family..and she will be watching...watching her boys.

From James Buchanan Stewart [] on September 16, 1997:

I heard of the tragic accident about 4:00AM that morning (local time.) I came fully awake with a great sense of dread and loss. Unable to sleep, I got up and did the first thing that occurred to me - I went downstairs, took the American flag, which always flys, illuminated, from our front porch, and, not having a Union Jack, raised the flag of Wales, which we had gotten on a recent trip to the U.K., and flew it at half-staff until after the funeral.
Wales, as well as England, Scotland, and, in a large sense, people of the world, had lost their Princess. I am still saddened, and shall be for a long time to come. I send my heartfelt sympathy to William and Harry and hope they can surmount their loss and, with the memory of their mother's love to guide them, can go on to become the men their mother wished them to be.

From Roberta Rood [] on September 16, 1997:

William and Harry,
You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. I hope the vast love that the world has shown her, plus the same vast love we all feel towrds both of you, will be of solace to you in the years to come.
My very best wishes to both of you.

Roberta T. Rood

From Jaime Uribe [] on September 16, 1997:

I was on my way to get closer, when you left. You were the last hope, but I am glad because you won the prize to become, once again, part of the divine. May God allow me one day to brush myself as a soul with yours.

Blessed be!

United States
From Melissa L. Dixon [] on September 16, 1997:

Dearest Prince William and Haryy,

My deepest consolences to you and your family. My mother is my best friend and I rely on her for everything. I can not say that I know what you must be going through but I will say that I would be devastated if I lost my mother at my age of 20.
I hope that you two will grow up in as normal of way that it is possible for your circumstances. My best wishes for your future and a successful career in whatever you may choose.


Melissa L. Dixon

United States of America
From Marilyn Montgomery [] on September 15, 1997:

I will remember your beauty and warmth and pray for your sons as they grow.

Orange county
From Megan Smith&Ashley Sexton [] on September 15, 1997:

Prince William and Harry:
I am very sorry about your loss. It must be really hard for you all right now.I know that you can get throught this becuase you have the support of me and most of the world.

Megan Smith and Ashley Sexton

From Joseph smitz on September 15, 1997:

I feel sorry. AS you may have heard that deaths come in threes. Mother Teresa, Princess Di.

From Rich Kempson [] on September 15, 1997:

Di was England, England was Di. God bless.

From Denis v. Upadyshev [] on September 15, 1997:

What can I say about Diana?
She was liked by me, because she was a good
beautiful woman, which personified all United Kingdom for me.

From Denis v. Upadyshev on September 15, 1997:

What can I say about Diana?
She was liked by me, because she was a good
beautiful woman, which personified all United Kingdom for me.

From Tasanawan Ronaritivichai on September 15, 1997:

Where's the Queen of heart.
Why was she passed away so soon?
May be she's standing at the Milkyway...
May be she's in the paradise.
Raise your head and look upon the sky.
Could you see her warming smile and charming visage.
She has a kind and immaculate heart.
Though we have great grief due to her deceased.
But all of people know...
Wherever she is,she's always impressed on our mind

..Who's separated our gentle Princess.

From Jay Weiner [] on September 15, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry,

I first lost my grandfather on September 15, 1975 when I was 16, and it was a loss I still have a hard time accepting. I know you miss your mom very much. My grandfather was very special to me, and I remember him always. Be strong in your remembrance of your mother. It will guide you always. Be good to each other as well. Your friendship and respect for each other will be very important in the years ahead.

Dear Earl Spencer,

Please don’t be mad at everyone. I truly regret your loss and hope that in time your wounds heal. The world has shown deep concern for the loss of your sister, and I hope that in time you come to realize that her spirit was recognized by many as special, even without the presence of the tabloid press.

Sincerely (and with much respect),

Jay Weiner

From Teresa McConville [] on September 15, 1997:

To William and Harry,

I know your mother is still watching
over you, she is still with you. Be
however you need to be, don't worry
about anything now, just be.

Be happy in your life, that is all your
mother wanted for you, to be happy.
She loves you very much, still. Don't
think for one minute she went away,
she is with you.

God Bless You Both.

Love to you.

From Cristian Jurau [] on September 15, 1997:

I express my deepest sorrow at the loss of a truly royal character and most compassionate human being.
May God rest her soul in the peace she
couldn't find here!

From Tina [] on September 14, 1997:

How can I express my sadness?
words are not enough...
We've just lost a great lady of our time.

From Gwynne Iverson [] on September 14, 1997:

The world has lost someone who is simply irreplacable. She touched people around the world with her kindness and humanity. Even though she was a princess, we could identify with her and the problems she went through and overcame.

From Cindy Johnson [] on September 14, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,

Words cannot express my sadness over the
loss of your mother. What a beautiful,
compassionate, and loving woman she was. She touched many lives in her short life. She will be missed by us all. I will always remember her, and the love that she was always unafraid to show her children. She has been a role model to many people -- and I pray that her works will continue. Diana was definitely England's Rose. I pray for you daily and hope that you have the support you need while dealing with this tremendous loss. Remember all that your mother taught you -- that will be her greatest legacy.

From Donna Barnette [] on September 14, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry,

I am so very sorry for your loss. The whole world mourns the passing of your mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Her life touched people around the world and her legacy of kindness, compassion and love will live on forever. God bless you.

New Zealand
From Bruce W. Graham [] on September 14, 1997:

With regret

From Marsha [] on September 14, 1997:

My deepest heartfelt sympathies to Prince William, Prince Harry, and the entire Spencer Family. Your mother was a gifted beautiful person who gave so much of herself to benefit others.

It is very sad that she was exploited by the media, and those who had nothing better to do than to criticize her every move or what she was doing or wearing.

One can only hope that the boys will be able to live somewhat normal lives, under the circumstances.

May you all find the inner strength to carry you through this extremely dark and difficult time.

I was fascinated by her, although I wasn't aware how much until after she was gone. I will truly miss her, and I will never forget her.

She will live on through her sons forever.

From Mary Gorenflo [] on September 14, 1997:

Diana will be missed by people around the world. She was a symbol of kindness for us all. I will never forget her.

From John Case [] on September 14, 1997:

Dear Prince Harry,
I am 8 years old and in the third grade in California, USA. In class we are reading the book, Freckle Juice. We had to do a report on someone famous who has freckles and red hair. I hope you don't mind. I picked you. Reading is hard for me. I have some learning problems too. School is hard for me.
I feel very sorry about Princess Diana, your mom. I hope this helps you feel a little better.
John Case
5543 Ostin Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

From J. Morrissey [] on September 14, 1997:

My condolences to Princes William and Harold on your mother's death. She was first a mother, woman and then a pricess. You are fortunate to have been loved so well if only for so short a time. Remember her with love always.
As your grief eases, remember her with
laughter as well. Sincerely, a Mother.

From Donna C. Hillier [] on September 14, 1997:

I was never a "royal watcher" but from the time Diana entered the royal family, she displayed qualities of a person one felt compelled to emulate. She touched the lives of people around the world whether they realized it or not. I am deeply and profoundly saddened by Diana's death. I feel a sort of gladness, though, for having lived in her time. One good thought I have is that she will always be young, she will always be beautiful, she will always be "Her Royal Highness, Diana, Princess of Wales". I pray that she will find the happiness and peace in death that she so longed for in life. My sincere condolences to Diana's family, especially Princes William and Harry. I hope, through some measure, you find comfort in these words and are able to know just how much your Mum touched the lives of others. Be happy in life.

From the brady family [] on September 14, 1997:

Princess Diana was an inspiration to our family even though we were worlds apart. We will always cherish the memories of her kindness. She and her family will remain in our prayers. God Bless.

From Brittany Tackett on September 14, 1997:

To William and Harry:

I am sorry to hear of your mother's death, I am 8 years old and think it would be horrible to not have my mom.
I am praying for you.

From Lois Chang [] on September 14, 1997:

It is a big loss to the entire world because a young princess who brought warmth to all of us left us so suddenly. The way she devoted herself to the sick and poor touched my heart deeply. May she rest peacefully forever.

United States
From Kristin Tackett on September 14, 1997:

Hi I am sorry about your mother.I live in Dayton,Ohio.And I am 9 years old.Iam praying for you.

From Diala & Zeina Sobh [] on September 14, 1997:

We were deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of a special and lovely person such as Princess Diana. May God bless her two sons Princes William and Harry and give them strength to overcome the terrible loss of a wonderful mother.
May you finally rest in peace Diana... We miss you..

From clare [] on September 14, 1997:

you will never be forgot you will always be in our hearts and at this moment we all will be thinking of harry and willam.R.I.P DIANA

United States
From Janice Campbell [] on September 14, 1997:

May God be with you always. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sincerely, Janice Campbell

From David Hedley on September 14, 1997:

Dear Royal familly,

My wife and I and our daughters would like to send our condolences. It was a great loss not only for you but the whole world. She will greatly missed. She was a wonderful and beautiful woman. Your Mother will certainly be missed. Don"t despair life get easier.

From Bjørn Forsell [] on September 14, 1997:

Thank you for being a real princess
for all of the world`s people, not only..............

United States.
From Margaret Taylor Goff [] on September 13, 1997:

Princess Diana, our beautiful English Rose, may you rest in peace, and to your two lovely sons, William and Harry, whom I may add carry the same names as my Father and one of my brothers, God be with you, please accept my deepest sympathy at the loss of your beautiful beloved Mother.I am a British Citizen from Ipswich , and I am in awe of our people, and those of the world, your mother was so loved by so many for all that she did and tried to do, God rest her soul.

From Paul Paleczny [] on September 13, 1997:

Dear William and Harry, I am so sorry for you at the loss of your Mother. I lost my Father to cancer when I was 13. You both have to go on and grow in the spirit of your Mother. It will never be the same, but you will grow, learn, be hurt sometimes, and thrive. Paul

From Sylvie Chiasson [] on September 13, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,

I am truly sorry about your mother, Princess Diana. I so very much loved her. She was a wonnderful and a very sweet woman. I too have lost my mother at a young age. Don't depair time heals the pain that you and all this country feel. Take care Boys.

From Mitchem Family [] on September 13, 1997:

She was a golden princess,
we watched her come to be,
we watched her blossom into a world
of harsh reality.
Her gentle ways, her loving care
and smile that lifted gloom
is now a photo hanging here
in my tiny room.
May she have peace in her new life
among the angels above
and may her children be comforted
with her neverending love.

How we all will miss her!

United States
From frank worster [] on September 13, 1997:

you will be missed so much it could have been prevented like alot of other accid ents i watched the funeral on television it was so sad to watch,but the outpouring of gifts,flowers,and charities was sensational,which helped myself and probibly alot of the worlds grief.princess diana was a great person to the world,and was idolized by alot of people throughout the world, especially children which kept this a much better world to live in.there is so much pubicity on the television and in newspapers,magazines,books about diana,they do not know when to stop,but it goes to show you how much she was loved and will be sadly missed.

From Davina Harrison and Marion Halloway [] on September 13, 1997:

The Angels who guided loving Princess Diana with her good work on Earth received her in the spiritual sphere,where she continues her caring work.With our loving thoughts.
Davina Harrison,
Bill Veitch,
Jamie Veitch,Marion Halloway


My condolence to Pinces William and Henry. I feel very sorry.

From Kelly Anne Hughes [] on September 13, 1997:

Dear Diana,
Our hearts will alway's have a place for your shining face.
Love Always
Kelly Hughes

From Charlotte & Natasha Wigley [] on September 13, 1997:

Dear Diana,
You were the star that shone so brightly
in the sky. You will be loved and missed by all.
love Charlotte and Natasha

From Carolyn Phillip on September 13, 1997:

May God bless and keep you though this time and may you never forget how much we here in America, loved your mother. Words could not express the way I feel except that it is a great, great loss to the world. We will miss her.

United States of America
From Amy Elizabeth Harrison [] on September 13, 1997:

My heart and prayers go out to both of you young men as you strive to put this immense tragedy into some kind of perspective. I, myself, am a mother and I know that your own mother loved you with all her heart and would not want you to grieve your lives away. Please comfort each other and rest knowing that you were blessed to have a beautiful, intelligent, loving mother who was clearly devoted to you. Again, please accept my and my family's condolences.

From DAN AND CATHY MITCHOFF on September 13, 1997:

It is said that only the good die young.
Never has one so good died so young.
Our deepest regrets.

From Christine Lee [] on September 13, 1997:

I am writing this letter of condolences
because I feel that William and Harry
should know that so many people here in
the U.S. feel terrible for them.2 weeks
after this horrible tragedy I still can't
get over it. Diana didn't need to die. I
Believe that we as americans should stop
buying tabloids. Buying them just incourages
the paparazzi. We don't need any mpore
people dying for no reason!
Christine Lee

From The Southern Family [] on September 13, 1997:

Diana we will deeply miss you, you were born a saint and died a saint. Are thoughts are now with your two sons William and Harry who we hope will never have to suffer as you did.

The Southern Family

From Gloria Lacy [] on September 13, 1997:

My sympathies to your loved ones. You are truly the Queen of Heart, and you will be missed.

From Carey and Barb McGrath [] on September 13, 1997:

Our deepest sympathies for your sudden tragic loss. We know the media has been hard on the royal family, but we are confident your father loves you both very much and will do all he can to comfort, reassure, and protect you now in your pain, and as you try to put your lives back on track. Your mother was a most wonderful mom. Thank you for allowing us to share in honoring her.

From Coyote Grant on September 13, 1997:

What is left to be said that hasn't been said already, except to emphasize again how much Diana will be missed. My sincerest condolences to the whole royal family and to the Spencers.

From Amit Agrawal [] on September 13, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,

It's very regretful that we lost such a nice person who did a lot about this world and its people.

In true words, she was the only right person to rule on UK as a Queen. She was a great asset to this world.

May God bless her soul.

putone bedford - (canada)
From mr&mrs s. blake [] on September 13, 1997:

Diana, you have touched the lives of so many , young and old , rich and poor. You will be greatly missed. We asked God to grant you peace as you rest until we meet on that great day of resurrection.

From Furquan Ismail [] on September 13, 1997:

you are the true queen of hearts and we sadly miss you

Cut Off, Louisiana USA
From The Adams Family: Joseph, Diana, Laurie, and Lance [] on September 13, 1997:

My family and I would like to send our deepest sympathy to Princess Diana's family, especially to you William and Harry. She was and still is a remarkable woman.

Even though we never actually knew your mother, we felt like we knew her. We will always remember her as the Queen of Hearts.

Just remember the lessons she taught you and also remember she will ALWAYS be watching over you.


The Adams Family

From Michael W. Long [] on September 13, 1997:

I lived in London from 1981 until 1985 and I know, first hand, what a wonderful influence Princess Diana was on everyone. Never forget, during any troubles, how she might have veiwed the situation. She still had a lot to teach all of us. She will be missed.

From Anita Selvi Selvaraju [] on September 13, 1997:

William & Harry, as you look up in the sky, there will be a one star gazing down upon you and you will know deep down ... She has never left the both of you.
......anita & kavita

United States
From Gina Crane [] on September 13, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,

I just wanted to express my heartfelt condolences at the passing of your mother. She was an extraordinary woman. A source of inspiration for me from the day she married your father and accepted her public role with such grace and dignity. I know that her spirit will be with you as you grow and discover the joys of life. Be strong and know that you are in the hearts of many.

United States
From The Marcotte Family [] on September 12, 1997:

To William and Harry,

Your mother was golden -- and she wove her golden thread through all of our hearts. She had a magical, gossamer feeling about her presence. I never met her, but I felt great sadness at the news of her passing.

I pray that you find comfort and strength in knowing that she was loved throughout the world. She will never be forgotten. God bless you and your father, Charles, and all loved ones in your families.

The Marcottes
Santa Ana

From Daniel Vistro [] on September 12, 1997:

From the bottom of my heartfelt condolences. I hope you are in our Father's house. I'll be praying for your soul. My condolence.

From Kathy Stone [] on September 12, 1997:

A woman whom all us women could
relate in one way or another.
Everyone, simply everyone will miss her. Diana had style, grace and strength. Above all she was a wonderful loving person.
I will never forget her. With any luck
I will be blessed to meet with her on the other side.
Dear Diana.......sad are all our hearts.

America (Arkansas)
From Sarah [] on September 12, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Harry,
I am not sure if this message will ever reach you but if it does I just want you to know all though I never followed your mother's life I knew she was a great person . I may be only 13 , but I still have views on the world around us . To me your mother was like a yellow rose ; different , one that stood oout from the rest . If you ever need any one to talk to around your age please e-mail me .

With love,

From Pamella Jean-Mayo Fell [] on September 12, 1997:

I feel that a friend has passed away. Diana was a wonderful representative of England and I personally am going to greatly miss her. I hope and pray that Prince William and Prince Harry remember, treasure and grow with the memories of their mother's love for them and humanity. They look like fine young men. I would also like to thank the Spencer family and the Royal family for letting the world express its pain and grieve for the loss of Princess Diana.

Thank you and God be with all of you!


Pamella Jean-Mayo Fell

United States
From M'Liss Bush [] on September 12, 1997:

The Bush Family sends our deepest sorrows to Princess Diana's sons. May God be with both of you in your time of mourning,

From patricia smedley [] on September 12, 1997:

she is gone but not forgotten. she lives on
through her children.

United States
From Stacie Curtis on September 12, 1997:

Although I admired HRH Diana, I didn't keep up with her constantly. I am a 36
year old mother of two boys ages 14 and 9 and was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. I am currently in remission but my
greatest fear is leaving my boys as did
Diana. I now feel a special bond with
her and pray for her two boys. I will
miss her greatly.
Stacie Curtis
Henrietta, Texas
United States

From Terri Bertuzzi [] on September 12, 1997:

My heartfelt sympathies to both of you. Your mother will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember, she was a great woman with a giant heart and a beautiful soul. She was very proud of you. She is now your guardian angel, she will watch over you, protecting you and guiding you in all you do. May God bless you both.

United States of America
From Julie Baccam [] on September 12, 1997:

When I first heard that Princess Diana had passed away I was so shocked, and my auntie was too.Princess Diana was the only person in the royal family I liked (except Prince William and Harry). My heart goes out to her, and her two young princes. I'm only 15 myself, and if my mother passed away I would be so heartbroken. I didn't get to see her wedding because I wasn't born then, but as I grew up all I heard was about Diana and her two princes. I'm still in denial that she is gone. My love and support goes to the two very young princes, and I hope they will stay strong.
Sincererly 4eva more,
Julie Baccam
of Chico, Ca.

From susan jolly [] on September 12, 1997:

our family sends our deepest love.
we all loved -- shining star --
princess diana.
venkataraju thimaiah,shyam,susan

The Netherlands
From Denise Scholten [] on September 12, 1997:

In this way I hope to express my deepest feelings. My heart goe out to the two princes, both William and Harry. I know you two will keep you mother in your hearts forever. I also know that, wherever she may be, she will follow you where you will go. Every day I light a candle to give you both the strenght you need. Your mother will be in my heart too. You too. I hope this message will give you the strenght and energy to get on with your lives. I know for sure that your mother wanted that. Again, my condolences.

Yours sincerely,
Denise Scholten
(the Netherlands)

From Sofia Ericson [] on September 12, 1997:

To William and Harry.

I am 15 years old, and I can only imagine how horrible it would be to lose my mother.
And being in the position You are it must be even worse.
My thoughts are with You.

From Lisa Hadley [] on September 12, 1997:

To Princes' Wiliiam and Harry, Princess Di, your mother will always be remembered as apeople princess. She showed the caring and compassion of a great soul. Her greatest gift is the love she showed in caring for others and for you as well. Don;t let her down in remaining to stay in touch with the people and being human as well. Your uncle, Earl Spencer gave a great tribute that recognized the spirit of your mother, including showing the human nature of insecurities and love. I will remember your mother just because of her smile and her giving spirit. She showed the truth in a world that hides from it. With respect to your family and sorrowness now- don't forget! Both of you will become mature and responsible adults but with compassion given by Princess Diana. Show the world, she will not be forgotten and that her faith in you two is there.....................

From MA. DE LOURDES ESPINOSA on September 12, 1997:


United States of America
From Courtney Marie Hall [] on September 12, 1997:

Princes William and Harry I know a few words of wisdom will not help the pain you've suffered due to your mothers death. I can't even express how sorry I am. I'm also only 15, and words can't describe how much pain I would feel if I lost my mother. I will always treasure the memory of your mother's life, she was an angel put on earth to help others that were in need. I know the sorrow I feel for your mother and I have never even met her, I hope your mother's kindness lives on in you. I send you all my love.

From Jill Terlaga [] on September 12, 1997:

I am truly sorry for the loss of Diana. She was truly a remarkable person who touched many peoples lives. Her memory will live on for a very, very long time.

From TAMEKA AIMEE [] on September 12, 1997:

Diana just because you are in heaven we will love you just as much and we will never forget you . Hope you rest in peace. lots of love Tameka amiee hood mortimer.

United States of America
From Terri Doughtery on September 12, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry,

May God's love comfort you, and may He guide you through this time of sorrow.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Terri Doughtery

From Aisha Hood Mortimer [] on September 12, 1997:

You were with no doubt the peoples Princess. No matter whether you are gone or not you are still the peoples Princess . Lots of happy wishes love Aisha

From Judy Ford [] on September 12, 1997:

I have been deeply touched by the events in the last two weeks. I pray for both you young men in your time of sorrow.
God bless you both.

From Michelle Anders [] on September 12, 1997:

My sincere condolences to Diana's sons and to her family. They must know how many people admired her from a far. As a mother, I wish her children love and peace.

From Alison K. Avery [] on September 12, 1997:

This poem has meant a lot in my life
and i cannot think of a person it more appropriately frames, than the
late Princess Diana whom i admired, adored and will forever miss.

May others get out of this poem what i have:

A Death Has Occurred

A death has occured and everything is changed by this event,
We are painfully aware that life
can never be the same again,
that yesterday is over,
that relationships once rich
have ended.
But there is another way
to look upon this truth.
If life went on the same without
the presence of the one who has died,
we could only conclude
that the life we here remember
made no contributoin,
filled no space,
meant nothing;
The fact that this individual
left behind a place
that cannot be filled
is a high tribute
to this individual.
Life can be the same
after a trinket
has been lost,
but never after
the loss of a treasure.

-Paul Irion

Diana, may you rest in peace and find eternal happiness.
May the world forever be graced by your short life.

From Catherine Rocque [brocque@ gdi.nte] on September 12, 1997:

I will like to say that I am sorry for what happened to Princess Diana and her companion. It is sad to think something like this could happen to wonderful people. Princess Diana was a very strong -hearted woman. She will leave behind wonderful memories for those who had the opportunity to meet her. I am always thinking and praying for William and Harry. I hope you all can get through this and keep Princess Diana in your hearts forever. She will be missed.

United States
From Joel Howard [] on September 12, 1997:

Princess Diana was true to her heart. She stood up for what she believed in despite the unpopularity that brought her in some circles. She and her great deeds will not be forgotten. Humanity lost one of it's brightest stars...To Princes William and Harry: As you know, you are a part of your mother and within you she still lives.

From Catherine Rocque [brocque@ gdi.nte] on September 12, 1997:

I will like to say that I am sorry for what happened to Princess Diana and her companion. It is sad to think something likr this could happen to wonderful people. I am always thinking and praying for William and Harry. I hope you all can get through this and keep Princess Diana in your hearts forever. She will be missed.

United States
From Joel Howard [] on September 12, 1997:

Princess Diana was true to her heart. She stood up for what she believed in despite the unpopularity that brought her in some circles. She and her great deeds will not be forgotton. Humanity lost one of it's brightest stars...To Princes William and Harry: As you know, you are a part of your mother and within you she still lives.

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