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9/6/97 - 9/7/97
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Puerto Rico
From M. Montilla [] on September 7, 1997:

To William and Harry:
As a mother myself I know that the kind of love a mother feels for a child is the strongest kind of love any human being can feel. I am very sure that Diana loved you both with all her heart more than anything in this world and that she wanted the best for you. I hope that you grow up to be like her, loving, affetionate, caring, responsible, and most of all very human. If you do, your country will end up loving you as much as they love HER. My deepest condolences to you both.
M. Montilla

United States, Il.
From Sarah Dickson, age 12 on September 7, 1997:

I felt that I knew her. She was so special to me even though she doesn't know me. My mother loved her dearly. A part of me is missing. I feel so bad for her children. I hope she's happy in Heaven.

United States
From Lori [] on September 7, 1997:

I would like to send my sympathy to William and Harry. Being 17 years old, I can not even imagine what the loss of a parent would feel like. You are two strong and courageous human beings who have and will continue, like your mother, to set an example of what life is to all human kind. Love and respect others and never be afraid to show it.

From Kelly Smith [ ] on September 7, 1997:

I miss you already, say hi to jesus for me .
Thank you for your love, your caring and
your stringth. WE are all praying for your
boys. my love goes with you

From Camilla Pontes [] on September 7, 1997:

Eu Camilla sinto muito a falta da Princesa Diana.Sua morte foi muito dolorosa para mim, gostaria de prestar meus pesames a família da princesa e principalmente a seu filho William,o herdeiro do trono inglês.Meu nome é Camilla Magalhães Swenson Pontes,tenho 14 anos. nasci em Turim(Itália)moro no Brasil (São Paulo)à 11 anos.Conheço Londres. Gostaria de mandar cartas ao principe William, gostaria de obter o endereço para mandar asw cartas.
abraços Camilla.

United States
From Claire [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
I'm so sorry about your mother.I wish those darn reporters would just leave you alone!When I am old enough I am going to do something about them.I am 13.I know how it is to lose the people you love.All my Grand parents died exept for my one grandma who is an alcoholic.She moved without telling us.You may think that's nothing but I was very attached to them all.Can you posssibly E-mail me?We could be net Buddies!I hope you will. I promise I wouldn't tell anybody you E-mailed me.Not even my best friend.I always go on a long trail ride when I am down and it helps alot.Especialy when I'm on my favorite horse Cinnamin!He's a qaurter horse.I don't have a horse of my own but I want one.What kind of horse do you ride?Well,I better go!!E-mail me whenever you can and may God watch over you.

From Akshay kapur [] on September 7, 1997:


United States of America
From Frank J. Fielder [] on September 7, 1997:

This is a poem written by a friend of mine:
At the end of the of the twentieth century a light was shining throughout the world. The light was Princess Diana and her choice was to love and care For the ones that are all forgotten by the worlds progress and greed. She kissed the children and babies who have AIDS and cannot be cured. Her arms reached out to the homeless and she showed the starving on the news. Her smile went out to the needy and she gave them hope that someone cared. Now she's gone, but her light will shine brightly Through those who come after her and care the same way she did. And they will want to be a copy of her.
Barbara Renn

United States
From Michael and Catharine Richards [] on September 7, 1997:

To William and Harry,
As parents ourselves, we cannot help but feel our hearts go out to you young men as you face the pain that is in your hearts. Please find comfort in the worldwide outpouring of emotion surrounding your late Mother's passing. We two add to the prayers and well wishes for you boys and your entire family in the future. Never hesitate to seek out love and comfort, never hesitate to show love and affection. I have been a big brother for almost fourty years, and wish that I could do more than say, "we are so very sorry, and, we care what happens in the future." We will continue to pray for you all.

Our most heartfelt codolences,
Vaya con Dios, Diana

United States of America
From Michael Gross [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,

On behalf of the Kansas chapter of Future Business Leaders of America, an organization of future business leaders in grades seven through twelve, I would like to express my deepest condolences for your mother. She truly was the "People's Princess" in our hearts, and will remain that way forever. In memory of your mother, Diana of Wales, we dedicate our work this year to aiding the less-fortunate and seeing that your mother's life-long work is passed on in the United States.

Though I have never personally met your mother, I would like to add that she has truly touched my heart in a way that no other person has ever done before. She was as human as everyone else, but she exercised her power so lightly, and wore it like the diamond of a princess that she was.

Please accept our sympathy in this difficult time for you. Just remember to always keep faith in your loved ones and keep the love of your mother, the "Queen of Hearts," close to your hearts. God bless you Prince William and Harry, and good luck with all that you do in the future. Your mother gave you a great start!

With love and sympathy,

Michael Gross
Kansas FBLA Executive Vice President

United States
From Jerry Kinnick [] on September 7, 1997:

With the utmost respect and sympathy, I praise Princess Diana for triumphing in the trials and tribulations for which we loved her; for standing as a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world lost in despair; for remaining human and real. We should not mourn for the loss of Princess Diana, for she accomplished many great feats, but rather for a world who will never experience her compassion, love and dedication. If ever their was a prayer, it was to have known her the way her children knew her and feel her love for them. HRH Princes William & Henry, please do the world a favor and continue to share with us the woman only known to you. You are magnificent men in waiting.

From Judy Djelaj [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
You are in our hearts and prayers during this traumatic time. We will never forget the love your mother had for you and which showed in her face whenever she was with you. Hold onto that love and the joy she imparted to you . Judy, Marko, karin, Paul and Jennifer Djelaj

From Brian and Grace [] on September 7, 1997:

To William and Harry:

We are deeply sorry for your loss. We have felt great sorrow for losing an amazing person as your mother. The pain in our heart is great and there will never be another that will fill that void. Just know that throughout the world there are many who will remember all that she has done for the world with great respect and admiration.

Princess Diana is a genuine treasure that can never be replaced and will always be remembered.

With all our love,
Brian and Grace

United States
From Veronica Meyer [QSERRY@AOL.COM] on September 7, 1997:

To William and Harry:

I know how hard this must be on you both to lose such a wonderful mother. You have my blessings. Diana, Princess of Wales will never be forgotten.

With Love, Veronica Meyer

United States
From M.O.C. on September 7, 1997:

Prince William-
I didn't know all that much about your mother, but when I heard of her accident, it brought tears to my eyes. I now know how special she was to me, and I am so sad that she has passed away. My mother and I wish that we could go to England to visit and bring flowers, but it is to expensive I guess. I will have a place in my heart for Diana always. I wish that I could give my condolence to you and your brother personally, but of course, I know I can't.Your mum was truly a great woman. I hope that you follow her sweetness and care for the homeless and the sick as she did. I'm sure she would want that. You are sweet and charming, stay that way forever! All my love.

From SHERRIE A. BLAKEMAN [] on September 7, 1997:

A mother's love is the greatest gift of God, cherish it always.

Great Britain
From Glenda and Maurice Krexa [] on September 7, 1997:

Good bye, Englands rose!

May our loving father have mercy on your soul and may you rest in peace until He returns to bring us home, where we shall meet again.

You brought alot of joy to our hearts and we shall surely miss you.

Good bye, Englands rose!

From Laura S. [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William & Harry,

I have written to you before, but i felt as if I did not say all I needed to say. I am 14 and I have many friends that have lost parents so I see how hard it is to get through such a thing. I felt like I really knew you mother and I never even met her. She was beautiful both on the inside and out. She was and will always be an English rose and the Queen of hearts to me. You should be very proud of her. You two have been so very brave, and I really respect you for that. You need to let you feeling out. I really hope the press stops hounding you and gives you space so you can have a good cry.
I pray for you to get over this well and for you to find true love and happiness like you mother finally did.

All my love and prayers,
Laura Sproat
I hope you have a Happy Birthday Harry!

Canada, La Baie, Chicoutimi
From Louis Pouliot on September 7, 1997:

Mes plus profondes condoleances a une jolie princesse.

From MARIA RANDISI ERNANDEZ [] on September 7, 1997:


Bulacan 1630 Philippines
From Josefina M. Aguilar on September 7, 1997:

I Or WE Family send our most deepest Sympathy . Your be always in our hearts. in tagalog Pinaaabot ang taos pusong pakikiramay namin.

Czech Republic
From Robert Celina [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Diana,
I believe that you are in the Kingdom of Happiness now. And I would like to express the sorrow in my heart. Your acts that expressed your human love will never be forgotten.

From Holly on September 7, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry,

I never truly knew your mother, but somehow in my heart I felt I did. Your mother was a sweet and caring person, she wasn't afraid to reach out to those who were sick and homeless. I'm sure that she would have liked to see you do the same. Our world has suffered a great loss, but you must be suffering the most. My deepest sympathies go out to you both.
Love always, Holly*

United States of America
From BRETT and LISA MASTERS [] on September 7, 1997:

WE are deeply sorry for the world has lost such a wonderful woman, of whom we are proud to call Princess of the World. My family wishes to send condolences to all her family, we share in your sorrow.WE planted a beautiful dogwood tree in our yard to dedicate it in her memory,it's our way of giving something back to the earth, something so beautiful as she was. When we look upon this, we hope to always remember what it represents-beauty,love,kindness,hope,warmth,and most of all we hope everyone who looks upon this tree can see a Princess within as we do.Heaven truly has a Queen God bless you all during this and always.

From Claire Rose Martemucci Homewood [] on September 7, 1997:

Princess Diana, over the years I have enjoyed knowing you. It is my opinion that you are the Ambassador of Humanity as you went above and beyond to do all that you could. Your example to the British Monarchy, your devotion to the people less fortunate set you higher and more respected than the other royal subjects of England, making you far superior than any of the other royals, and it is true you didn't need a title. Your brother said it all in his speach on Saturday as he addressed the nation during our final moments with you in the Abbey. I stood sobbing before my television as I am sure millions of others joined me, and too was eaten up inside over such a tragic unexpected loss. The fact that September sixth is also my birthday made yet another facet in my despair. I am sure that your brother and other family members will do everything in their power to live the promise he pledged in his speach and the boys will grow to know a life of what you had planned for them. Prince William will one day rein as a King. I am confident that he will do wonderful things for the Monarchy and for the nation in honor of the wonderful teachings that he learned from your example and he will break the some what stiff style of the ones before him. Though I live in the United States, I am an english lady through my father's heritage. My fellow lady, I pledge to do all that I can for others less fortunate in honor of you. May you rest in peace now that you are... Lady of the Lake.

From Kristi Gallant [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,

Hi. My name is Kristi, I'm almost 15 and from Pennsylvania. I just wanted to let you both know that I know how you both must feel. My best friend's mother died last year. I was very close to her. I would love to talk to you. If you want you can e- mail me, but I'll understand if you don't. I want you to know that your mom was deeply loved and respected over here in the states.

Love Always,

P.S. William, I know this probably isn't the right time to tell you this, but I just wanted to tell you that I think your very cool and very hot. :) xoxoxo

Jamaica, W.I.
From Sarah McDonald [] on September 7, 1997:

Farewell to our Queen of Hearts, and special love and prayers to our princes, William and Harry.

From Jean Fawley [] on September 7, 1997:

My prayers will be with you both and I know that althought your mother was not one of my fellow Americans we in America all looked upon her as a great lady. One of beauty and one who did so much for so many needy people of the entire world.

From Rika Elisabeth Takahashi [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Princess Diana:

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, especially your two sons.
May god give them the courage and strength to overcome the sorrow.

We will never forget you.
May your days be happy and peaceful indeed in heaven.

From Patricia Brewster age 16 [] on September 7, 1997:

a poem by Kahlil Gibran
I would not exchange the sorrows of my heart for the joys of the multitude. And I would not have the tears that sadness makes to flow from my every part turn into laughter. I would that my life remain a tear and a smile.
A tear to purify my heart and give me understanding of life's secrets and hidden things.A smile to draw me nigh to the sons of my kind and to be a symbol of my glorification of the gods.
A tear to unite me with those of broken heart;a smile to be a sign of my joy in existence.
I would rather that i died yearning and longing than that I lived weary and desparing.
I want the hunger for love and beauty to be in the depths of my spirit,for i have seen those who are satisfied the most wretched of people.
I have heard the sigh of those in yearning and longing and it is sweeter than the sweetest melody.
With evenings coming the flower folds her petals and sleeps,embracing her longing. At morning's approach she opens her lips to meet the suns kiss.
The life of a flower is longing and fulfillment. A tear and a smile.
The waters of the sea become vapor and rise and come together and are a cloud.
And the cloud floats above the hills and the valleys until it meets with the gentle breeze, then falls weeping to the fields that joins with the brooks and rivers to return to the sea, its home.
The life of clouds is a parting and a meeting.A tear and a smile.
And so does the spirit become seperated from the greater spirit to move in the world of matter and pass as a cloud over the mountain of sorrow and the plains of joy to meet the breeze of death and return whence it came.
To the ocean of Love and Beauty- to God

my mother read this to me when my grandpa died maybe it would help.
LOVE Patricia Brewster

United States
From Sharon Roth [] on September 7, 1997:

May she find the peace in death that she sought so desperately in life.

She will always be remembered for her kindness, her generosity, and her ability to touch the lives of those most in need.

A great woman need not be a perfect human being, she need only be human.

She will be missed.

From Nick Goerger [] on September 7, 1997:

May you rest in peace. Our prayers our with your family and especially your two sons William & Henry.

From Paula Mickle [] on September 7, 1997:

Princess Diana was the greatest person in the world.When I watched and heard about her tragedy I cried.She was the best and she helped many people.She was given a gift.A gift of love and the hearts of many people.We all love her and care about her very much.I was hoping one day to have met her.But now she will be kept in my heart forever. I just want her family to know she will be watching over yau'll and she will always be with you.And I'm sorry about what happened to your mom.She will always be remembered.
My name is Paula Mickle,I'm 18 and I live in Lebanon TN.(USA)
My ph# 1-(615)443-7088
I go to Lebanon High School,and My 3rd period teacher looks just like Pricess Diana,Everyone in the school says the same thing..Her name is Mary Ashby.
Thank you,
Paula A. Mickle

From Diana Frajda [] on September 7, 1997:

Prince Willam, and Prince Harry,
God bless you both, Your mother was a very wonderful, kind and most loved threw world . She will be missed . Its hard to put this in words, I will miss The Queen of Hearts very much .All I can think is that God must of needed her for something more special in heaven. She is on a new jorney now. She will be watching you grow and will only be a prayer away. Sorry for your loss.
Diana frajda

United States
From Kris and Dave Burkhartsmeier [] on September 7, 1997:

God Bless you! You had a very caring heart. We'll miss you.
We know you're in a good place. You were a great example of how a woman should be.

With love,

Kris and Dave Burkhartsmeier

United States of America
From Lisa Baker [] on September 7, 1997:

To William and Harry:

The world mourns with you. Your mother will watch over you as you grow to manhood and she will be proud of her two sons. Feel her love, because it has not diminished. Best Wishes.

From George R. Riley [] on September 7, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,
The loss of your sweet, kind, gentle and caring mother will be felt by many for their lifetimes. Her memory will be alive in her charitable deeds far into the future. Your sorrow is shared by millions.

From Juliet, Norman, Shereen & Shaheem [] on September 7, 1997:

To: William and Harry

I am so sorry for the lost of your mother. She will be surely missed.

From Connie [] on September 7, 1997:

Princes William and Harry:
My heart goes out to you both in your time of grief. I fell confident your mother will continue to give you both strength and wisdom today and always. Best wishes to you both.

From nancy farnsworth morin [] on September 7, 1997:

We will always remember you.

United States
From Judy McCartney [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William and Harry, All of us in America send you ourlove and affection. The loss of your dear Mother is felt deepest by you, her sons. Please carry on the traditions of your Mother..her love, her caring, her honest emotions. I look forward to the day when you are the first generation of the new Monarchy who will relate to the everyday human. God Bless you and your family.

From Megan Little [] on September 7, 1997:

William and Harry,
I am sorry for the loss of your mother. She was a beautiful lady. Also condolences to your father, Prince Charles. I think he is a misunderstood person.
Megan Little

From sonya,regx2,joy,mike,chris,lynn,ashley,brittany,reggie, [] on September 7, 1997:

We send our sincere regrets at the death of Diana. She was an exceptional human being and a dedicated and down to earth mother who tried to prevent Royalty from destroying the quality and character of her children.

From Andrea Scott [] on September 7, 1997:

My condolences go out to Princes William and Harry and the Spencer family upon the loss of Princess Diana. It is hard to explain precisely why her death has deeply touched the millions who never met her. Maybe it is because a fairy-tale princess was very human, very honest and very caring. Maybe my country felt a connection with her because she struggled against out-dated dictums of the monarchy. Maybe it is because she loved her sons very much and was never shy to express it. I will not pretend to know the grief two young sons must feel upon the loss of their mother, but I know they must feel very grateful and very proud that their mother was the wonderful kind of woman who could capture the hearts of the world. May God keep Princess Diana in the palm of his hand.

Uninted States
From Beth Waldrop [] on September 7, 1997:

Her smile was once an inspiration to all who looked upon it,but now her smile has faded and none but the eyes of the Lord may look upon it.She once posessed such radiant beauty,but that was taken much before it's time.But I have no fear that her beauty will be forgotten,for some things are to good to be lost in the world of chaos in which we live.Though she's gone her smile remains in out hearts. Where all beautiful things are kept and never lost. Though she is gone her legacy lives on, lives on through our hearts, where her smile is kept and will never be forgotten. Those who new her, and those whose hearts she touched will remeber her always for the person she was and the many things she stood for.So with her legacy in my heart and a tear in my eye I bid farwell to the Princess who woll never be forgotten.

I hope you liked the poem and relize how much sypathy my family and I feel for you.

yours truly,
Beth Waldrop

From Trudy Monet [] on September 7, 1997:

We will always remember her for all of the good things that she has done in her life and all of the people that she has touched. We will always love and cherish her. I will be praying for Prince William and Prince Henry(Harry) that they will have the love, compassion, and devotion to not just the Crown but also to all the people of the United Kingdom that their mother had. She will always be loved and remembered in our minds and hearts.

My heart and love goes out to all of you. God Bless you all.

United States
From Kelly Thornton [] on September 7, 1997:

Diana was a truely beautiful woman both inside and out. Even though most people had never met her, she touched us in someway. She will be deeply missed and admired always. I am 15 and I can't imagine losing my mother, so it has to be extremely hard for Prince William and Prince Harry. We know that she will live on in our memories as well as in her boys.

From James Simons [] on September 7, 1997:

I am truly sorry for the loss of Princess Diana.

From Tony Mansour [] on September 7, 1997:

We will miss you greatly. We hope the best for your sons william and Harry.
May you rset in peace.

From Elizabeth Marlin [] on September 7, 1997:

The world has lost one of the best.

Yorktown, Virginia (U.S.A.)
From Melinda on September 7, 1997:

I, like the rest of the world, am diminished by Diana's death.

My thoughts are with Wills and Harry at this terrible time.

She's was a good person.

From Encarnita Morillas Ramirez [] on September 7, 1997:

Me uno al dolor de vuestras altezas , sintiendo la perdida de vuestra querida madre la princesa Diana.

From Dr. William Torres [] on September 7, 1997:

We would like to express our deepest sympathy for the tragic untimely death of one so blessed and who chose to share her blessings with the rest of humanity!!
Our heartfelt condolences to the grieving family especially to Prince William, Henry & HRH Prince Charles.

United States of America
From David F. Putnam [] on September 7, 1997:

To Prince Charles and his sons:

I am very sorry for your great loss. I hope that you will find salvation from God and hopefully have enough strength and courage to help each other in this time of need. I did not know Princess Diana personally,but I felt I knew her from all the times I saw her on the television. If it is any help,I also lost a very loved one at an early age. I know its not the as losing your wife or your mother but I lost my grandfather at the age of nine. So all my prayers are with >you three men and hopefully you will continue being the strong willed men that I know you are.

From The Pulley family [] on September 7, 1997:

We will miss the way a young mother was trying to raise two boys in today's world.
The world is poorer for this loss.

From Doug Allard [] on September 7, 1997:

my most gracious condolences go to both of you. I know how it feels to lose a loving parent, and the only thing that could be worse, is losing a child. Once the tears are done, please take the good qualities you observed in your mother and place them deep in your hearts and make them your own. Then when faced with a task, or difficulty, try to remember to ask yourself how she would do it. Then love that she has shown you will guide you to the answers you will seek. And the entire world will see that you have learned, from her, the ability to love.
That love is the gift SHE alone could teach you.
Hang tough...Dougy

From Daniela Schüller on September 7, 1997:

Auch in Deutschland ist die Trauer
und das Entsetzen sehr groß.
Herzliche Anteilnahme
Fam. Schüller
Unt.Neubergweg 15
D-97074 Würzburg

From Jim Dickson [] on September 7, 1997:

Peace at Last!

Your beacon of life and vitality has been a source of strength to many people. But now you are at peace with the world.

We will miss you but never forget you.

Go with God.

From Labrini [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear William and Harry

I am 16 years old and I feel very sorry for you.It must be hard to lose a member of the family.You should be proud of your mother,Ithink that she was a wonderful person.

From Errol & Lexly Ardron [] on September 7, 1997:

To prince William and Prince Harry.
We offer our very deep and sincere sympathy for the untimely passing of your Beautiful and beloved Mother.
We know you will both continue to make her Proud!
Our prayers & thoughts are with you both at this very sad & difficult time.
Very sincerely yours,
Errol & Lexly Ardron.

From Sharan Vasandani [] on September 7, 1997:

Dearest William, Harry, Spencer family and Charles,

Diana was a magnificent lady. Though she is gone, she will always be in our hearts. She will be sadly missed in your world, and all the people she touched with her goodness, I hope that her legend and goodness lives on for many many years to come.

United States
From Douglas Matlock [] on September 7, 1997:

HRH Prince William And HRH Prince Harry. Diana will be missed by me and all Americans.She really was a English Rose of the highest order.The world is now a sadder place.All of our prayers go to her family. God save the Royals!

Your unmet friend Douglas Matlock

Great Britain
From Carole and Daniel Banks [] on September 7, 1997:

Diana will be sadly missed by all especially by you both, William and Harry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

From fred [] on September 7, 1997:

Our hearts go out to you William & Harry your mother was a caring and wonderful person to you and the world. God bless you both

From Liz [] on September 7, 1997:

Hey man ....
Prince William and Prince Henry,
How're you guys feeling? Good, I hope.... The death of Princess Di isn't just a great loss in England, but definitely throughout the whole world. I love her, she's cool. .... It must be pretty hard to lose someone who is part of your soul. I've never lost anyone, but I can feel the pain and grief when the world is sad. I guess that's life: There will always be a "hi" then comes a "bye"... but there will never be a "bye" between two loved interactive souls.... uh, I don't know if I'm making any sense here... well, keep those smiles on your face!

From William Warren [] on September 7, 1997:

I deeply regret the passing of Diana and looked up to her as a woman who cared for the "little people". If only life could have been happier and fuller for her. Please tell her sons that I am deeply touched and my life is a little bit emptier due to her death. I am going to contribute my money and labor in Angola, as I have been doing in the past, in the erradication of land mines. God bless the Royal Family,
Wm. Warren

From Jahangir Khodadadi [] on September 7, 1997:

Dearest Prince William and Harry

We share your grief deeply at this time of sorrow and will always keep you in our prayers.May God bess you and your beloved mother's soul.

"O God! Educate these children. These children are the plants of Thine orchard, the flowers of Thy meadow, the roses of Thy garden. Let Thy rain fall upon them; let the Sun of Reality shine upon them with Thy love. Let thy breeze refresh them in order that they may be trained, grow and develop and appear in the utmost beauty. Thou art the Giver! Thou art the Compassionate!"

" O My Lord! O My Lord!
These are childs of tender years. Nourish them from the breast of Thy mercy, train them in the bosom of Thy love, educate them in the school of Thy guidance and develop them under the shadow of Thy Bounty! Deliver them from darkness, make them a brilliant light; free them from unhappiness, make them a flower of the rose-garden; suffer them to become the servant of Thy Threshold and confer upon them the disposition and nature of the righteous ones; make them a cause of bounty to the human world and crown their head with the diadem of eternal life!
Verily, Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Seer,the Hearer!"


With Love,
Khodadadi Family

From Janey Musick-Francis [] on September 7, 1997:

I have always had an enormous amount of respect and admiraton for Princess Diana; it is my heartfelt prayer that you young gentlemen will continue her legacy of compassion, honor, and courage.

the united states of america
From willie lee harris [] on September 7, 1997:

for there is a legend about a bird,
that sings more sweetly than any other
creature on the face of the earth,
from the moment it leaves the nest, it searches for a thorn tree and it does not rest untill it has found one.
while dying amounsgt the savage branches,it impales itself upon the longest sharpest spines,it out carols the lark and nightingale,one superlative song,existence the price.
for only GOD in his heaven smiles, for
the best is bought at a cost of great pain,so says the ledgend.

prolog from the book THE THORN BIRDS.

we share your grief deeply,

the harris family.

United States of America
From Meredith Rice [] on September 7, 1997:

Dearest William and Harry,
I'm so sorry for you I cannot say. The world has lost a great humanitarian, England, a princess, but you have lost a mother. What that must feel like I cannot imagine and hope I never have to. I'm seventeen and I think losing my mother right now would kill me; the two of you are even younger than that. I admire your obvious strength in this tragic time. I lost my grandfather about two weeks ago and yet I am very nearly just as sad at the death of Princess Diana. Your mother was a great and kind lady, and I aspire to have even a smidgen of her charm and elegance some day. It was obvious to the world that she loved and adored the both of you, and I know that her legacy will carry on through your lives.
The world cries with and for you tonight. And don't forget you will always be loved. At least by this seventeen-year-old girl.

Love always,
Meredith Rice

From Ron, Lorena, & Thomas Powell [] on September 7, 1997:

Diana, Princess of Wales, a true humanitarian in every sense of the word. A person who knew no hate for another in the world. But first and foremost, a Mother. To you, Prince William and Prince Harry, I wish to extend my heart-felt condolences to both of you. I do hope the two of you fine, young, gentlemen, will go on with your lives and live them the way your mother would have wanted you to. She will forever shine as a star for the world to see.
God be with you both in area step of your lives. Bless you both.

Ron, Lorena, & Thomas Powell

From Michael Brace [] on September 7, 1997:

My wife and I offer our love and prays to you both you will always be part of our lives.

From Angela Lovelady [] on September 7, 1997:

God be with you in your time of grief. I know that I didnt know her personally but it seems like she was the girl next door. You must be so proud of what your Mother was. She will be leaving foot steps behind in her two sons.

From Teresa & Brian McMillan [] on September 7, 1997:

Diana's sudden and early death is a tragic blow to everyone who admired her humanity, beliefs, and perseverance. She truly is a woman to be admired and it is a shame that she is taken while so young and with so much left to do on earth. May her children have the strength & support to follow in her footsteps.

From Marsha Hughes-Gay [] on September 7, 1997:

Nothing I can say here hasn't already been said...God bless you Prince William and Prince Harry. Go on in this life as your mother would wish you to.

From Jeff , Carol, Ashley, & Elsiha [] on September 7, 1997:

Our family shares in your grief. The world has losr a Princess, however, you have lost your mother. We celebrated my daughters birthday that dreadful evening with joy, and awakened to the sudden and tragic news. Do not lose faith in God for he has brought your mother, Diana, home to his kingdom. God bless you both.

From Jeff Shapiro [] on September 7, 1997:

Our family shares in your grief. The world has losr a Princess, however, you have lost your mother. We celebrated my daughters birthday that dreadful evening with joy, and awakened to the sudden and tragic news. Do not lose faith in God for he has brought your mother, Diana, home to his kingdom. God bless you both.

United States of America
From Joanne Mahoney [] on September 7, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry: Your Mother, Princess Diana touched so many lives. I was only 16 when the world came to know of Diana. I was 17 when she married Prince Charles. It was an exhilirating time! She was so beautiful and so many young women looked up to her! It was the fantasy of every young girl to marry a Prince. I remember staying up all night to watch the wedding live! It was a magical time. Your mother had no idea how many young girls in America were affected so positively by her. We all looked up to her! She was a role model for all young women. I cried during the wedding and I cried during the funeral. I can only hope that the prayers and deep respect the people had for your mother will comfort you in your time of incredible grief. Although I never met you mother I felt I knew her. I hated seeing the tabloids display her pictures and articles that were so disrespectful.God bless you young men and may you find comfort in knowing that your Mother is watching you from Heaven and is so proud of you. She will be missed more than she could possibly imagine. Respectfully, Joanne Mahoney, San Jose, California, USA 9-6-97

From Lynn Smith [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,
As all of the rest of the world I am very sorry about the death of your Mother. I hope you can take some ease of your grief by the outpouring of love the world has sent to your Mother and her memory. If there was one thing certain that Diana wanted the world to know it was how very much she loved you two. I hope that is the memory that stays with you for the rest of your life.
God Bless you and guide you.
Lynn Smith
Springfield, MO

From Mark Larson [] on September 6, 1997:


I never met you. To be honest, you were always just a figure on the evening news to me. But when you died, I was shocked and extemely saddened. I felt as if I'd had the wind knocked out of me. I couldn't understand why. Then I realized that you actually were MORE to me than a face in the news to me. Without even realizing it, I had gained a tremendous amount of respect for you. Your gracefulness in the face of chaos, your determination to be the perfect mother, your constant serch for happiness, and above all the seemingly endless mission you set for yourself in wanting to help anybody, anywhere. Thank you, Diana. You have touched my life, and many, many others.

From ony Young [] on September 6, 1997:

Diana, in my humbled opinion, was a woman of extraordinary grace. She overwhelmed us with her simplicity in a a ever increasing complex world. Her simple touch, offered without reservation, gave hope to people the world over.
Princes William and Harry,
I know not your true grief, but I feel a genuine loss by the death your mother. She was a great Lady.
Pince Charles,
Sadly, I feel you knew not the true love you had within your grasp. I sincerely believe Diana would have been a continual source of support and confidance in your difficult position.
Family Spencer, I shall not attempt to comfort you in the loss of your sister. I can only thank you for the loan of her for the short time she was publicly ours. Not the public figure the english tabloids liked to portray, but the genuine person she was, walking among us "common" people, her people.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillp,
I sense you attemped to "go the extra mile" to attempt to patch up the awkward passing of Diana. She represented the Bristish Monachry well, even in her recent "unoffical" capacity.
Goodbye Diana, Princess of Wales!

From JOHN T. SUGGS on September 6, 1997:


From JB [] on September 6, 1997:

What a shining role model your mother was for all of us! I believe with all my heart that she will continue to provide guidance for you both for as long as you need, and that you will always feel her presence and her warmth. In that, you have a blessing beyond compare.

United States
From Callie Crum [] on September 6, 1997:

I have been very touched by the marvelous and model life that Princess Diana lived. My only regret is that I didn't know how wonderful she was and what a great humanitarian she was while she was alive. Unfortunately, I am a victim of the media too and never heard about the charity and service she gave to those in need. I hope Prince William and Harry will carry on in their mother's footsteps and somehow make up for this tragedy. Diana has become a princess to the entire world and I feel as though we have lost one of the neatest people in the world, bless her!
--Callie Crum, Provo, Utah

From Maria Elena and Bert Schacknies [] on September 6, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Harry: Your mother will always be in our hearts and you will, too.

From Matt and Tanya [] on September 6, 1997:

We want to encourage you to maintain your faith in God in this difficult time. You will never go through more than you are able to handle. We will always remember Princess Diana as a caring and strong individual. We believe you both will carry on her legacy.

From Katie Wroge [] on September 6, 1997:

I know that what I am going to say has been said many times before, but I will say it anyway. My deepest sympathy is with Prince William and Prince Harry. They are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that they will continue to give their love the way Princess Diana did. They are truly honored and lucky to have been apart of such a wonderful womans life. They may not have their mother with them right now, but she lives in both of those boys and they will always have that. No one can ever take that away from them. Princess Diana lives on in her two wonderful children, Prince William and Prince Harry. God Bless Both of them and God be with Diana.
With Love,
Katie Wroge

From James Bryan Price, FSA Scot [] on September 6, 1997:

Diana was only one person. Yet Robt. Burns wrote: "Ask why God made the gem so small, And why so huge the granite? Because God meant mankind should set
That higher value on it."

And thus, so we do. God comfort the Spencers and Windsors in their loss.

From the miller family [] on September 6, 1997:

sweet princess

our hearts are with you
as you so loved the world
we will love you

From The Shebelske Family on September 6, 1997:

Our deepest sympathy.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
From de la Fuente family [] on September 6, 1997:

Here are just some thoughts from our family and friends:

"We are very sorry for the great loss the world has suffered. The whole planet is in grief, but our faith tell us that Diana the precious rose of Wales will always be with you Princes Harry and William.
Few people illuminate the world with light from within like the Princess of Wales did; your mother has left a great treasure of love, humbleness, and generosity and we hope you never forget this and the love she had for you.
To be a king is an honor,
To be a member of the royalty is maybe a horror
but to be the sons of Princess Diana is a blessing...

Our best wishes,
the de la Fuente's,
Cortes', Hernández's.

P.S. We wish you a Happy Birhtday, Harry.

From The Thomas Family [] on September 6, 1997:

Your spirit and love was felt by all.
Our many thanks.
To the family and many friends we wish you all our love in your sadness.
Princess Dianna will always be here.

United States
From Pam Simays [] on September 6, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to you and your family concerning this tragedy.
There are few people in this world like Princess Diana and it is sad that we have lost someone with
such a caring heart. She will certainly continue to live on in the hearts of millions of people, including
myself,and will always be a wonderful influence to the people of the world. She will always be the
people's princess. Again my sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss.

With love,
Pam Simays

From Michael Callahan [] on September 6, 1997:

Dear princes William and Harry,
I would like to extend to you my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother who in my opinion was one of the greatest human beings ever to have lived.She was so loved and respected by so many people around the world, and her personal crusade of love and charity toward others has had a positive impact on humanity.
As an American high school teacher, I have had the opportunity to see how highly Princess Diana has been revered by many American teenagers. More importantly, I have also noticed that many of these young Americans have come to realize the gifts of charity and kindness through Princess Diana's pursuits.
May your hearts be comforted by knowing that through Princess Diana's greatness, the world has become a better place for us all.

From Kara Beth Gilkey [] on September 6, 1997:

Prince William and Harry,

As an 18 year old in a small town, it is difficult to believe the impact that your mother has had on the entire world. When I heard of your mother's death, I was at a college party that quickly came to a halt when the news arrived about the accident. Everyone stood hand in hand in disbelief and concern. This only proves how much she effected young people today. It is amazing how many people's lives that she touched all around the world. My only hope now is to see you carry on her works and her love towards others.

With Love Always,
Kara B. Gilkey

United States
From Ffrank and Elizabeth Toto [] on September 6, 1997:

You meant so much to so many and left us before I am sure you were ready to. You left your mark on our lives and in our hearts and you will be missed greatly. As you touched us with your kindness and wonderful nature, I know your sons will also leave their mark as part of your legacy. Your beauty was not only skin deep, it shined the path so that others may find their way. You will be missed.

From Susan [] on September 6, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Harry,
Hold strong and follow your hearts, your dear mother has already started you on the right path. She will be missed.

United States of America
From Jenny O'Connor [] on September 6, 1997:

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. You have a tremendous legacy to follow in your Mother. I hope some day you can come to appreciate the overwhelming impact her death had on the world. She was truly admired and respected for all that she represented. People felt as thought they could find a piece of themselves in her. To leave this world with so many being affected is truly a miracle. She is your Mother and always will be. She lives on through you. Thank you for allowing the people of the world to have experienced her greatness for she was truly great.

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