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9/7/97 - 9/8/97
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United States
From Mark,Carol,Brandon,Austin,Courtney Clapper [] on September 8, 1997:

We were deeply affected to hear about the passing of your mother Princess Diana. She was very special to millions of people. May she have peace in heaven that was hard to find on earth. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

From Rose on September 8, 1997:

Although I had never met princess Diana I was very shocked to hear the sad news.I had dreamed of meeting her. She meant alot to me and to the rest of the people around the world. I will miss her alot and she will always be remembered. I hereby send my condolences
to all the family members of Princess Diana.

To Princes William and Harry: I am really sorry about what happened. God Bless You in whatever you are doing and He will always be with you in times of need.

Indonesia - Bali
From Enno Zainab Schulze [] on September 8, 1997:

To : the Queen of "Love".

To : The "Angele"

To : beloved mummy of Prince William and Prince Harry.

To ; The people "Princess"

To : Queen of heart's.

With all my love I say good bay......
Lay in peace
at your home in the paradise

Kelahiran,jodoh dan kematian adalah
kehendak yang kuasa.

United States of America
From Candi Lenz [] on September 8, 1997:

The loss of this compassionate lady has saddened the whole world. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

united states
From amanda marion [] on September 8, 1997:

i am so sorry to hear about the passsing of your mother, and your ex- wife. I cried when I heard about it. I am truly sorry for what happend, and she will always remain a part of my life. Please write to me and let me know how everyone is holding up.

amanda helena marion
19 dearborn rd
burlington, ma

From Nancy Herbert on September 8, 1997:

I will never forget your inner and outer beauty, you were an inspiration to all... Your love will live on through your children, and you will never be forgotton... May you rest in peace...

From Robin Gardella [] on September 8, 1997:

I am deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a mother is something no child should have to endure. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the entire family.

From Frank Wozniak [] on September 8, 1997:

To: Princes William and Harry

My deep felt sympathy at the loss of your mother. Though I did not know her
personally, the news that she generated
about her compassion and love overshadowed the negativeness of the tabloids. I admired her and wish I had
known her personally. She was an exceptional woman. May she be at peace.
The hearts of my family and I are with
you as are the hearts of millions of
other Americans.

God Bless you.

Frank Wozniak
Voorheesville, NY, USA

From Donna Pittman [] on September 8, 1997:

Diana was a person everyone could relate to in one way or another. She was a real person with real problems like everyone else but she did a lot of good in her short life. It's a pity she had to die so young! My deepest regards to William and Harry. May you find peace in knowing she is in a better place! God be with you in this difficult time.

From Helen Reader on September 8, 1997:

Thinking of you in time of your loss.

United States
From Alicia T. Pimienta [] on September 8, 1997:

I'm very sad about the tragic death of Princess Diana. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family especially to the sons Prince William and young Harry.
God Bless You and Be Encouraged.
Berlynda Clark
P.O. Box 7064
Portsmouth, VA 23707

From Johann J. Santos [] on September 8, 1997:

Heaven has another beautiful angel. Lady Diana, Queen of Hearts, may you rest and find true peace.

From Jerilyn Miller [] on September 8, 1997:

Prince William and Harry: I vowed
yesterday that someday I will lay flowers on your mothers grave. She touched me greatly. I also vow to continue what she so lovingly taught us all. Words cannot express my sorrow for you. I am just an average American that works hard everyday but I also felt like I knew your mom. I couldn't come to the streets of London on Saturday to leave my flowers. I watched everything by television, but I also lite my candle and someday, I will come to Althrop with my respects. You have my heart. Always know that your mom is there, just call her name - She's just a whisper away. Jerilyn Miller
Morgantown, WV USA

From Donna Pittman [] on September 8, 1997:

Diana was a person everyone could relate to in one way or another. She was a real person with real problems like everyone else but she did a lot of good in her short life. It's a pity she had to die so young! My deepest regards to William and Harry. I hope the world will let them lead a normal life like she would have wanted for them!

From Donna M. Dixon [] on September 8, 1997:

To: Prince William & Prince Harry
My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Your mother will be in the hearts and minds of people forever.
Love to you both!

United States
From Michael Smith [] on September 8, 1997:

In deepest sorrow, I have watched the past week unfold in Great Britain. I hope and pray that the work of this couragous and fine person will not be forgotten. May the memories of a fine Princess never receed from our minds and our hearts.

From xavier [] on September 8, 1997:


Siempre te recordare, como una mujer valiente de la cual siempre estare orgulloso.

I love you

From Bert Lamberts [] on September 8, 1997:

Words can not describe the beauty of a person the likes of Diana. We can thank God that she blessed our lives, even though for such a short time. She has laid the groundwork. Now it is up to us all to remember her legacy and carry her
work towards fruition.
My condolences go out to her sons at this time of sorrow. I hope they can find comfort in knowing that their mother was not just a Princess, but a Princess of a person. She will live in our memory the rest of our lives. Keep her candle burning.

From Debbie Rambo [drambo@VISUS.JNJ.COM] on September 8, 1997:

William and Harry:
I have had the love and companionship of my mother for 42 years and could not imagine a day without her. The grief I feel for you is overwhelming. My heart and my prayers go out to you. Although you feel lost and alone, remember that God, your country and many, many others have you wrapped in their arms. Keep the many memories you have of your Mom safe and precious. And, remember, she continues to live long in your hearts and life.

Royal Family:
My prayers go out to your the support you have given these young men. May you be commended as grandparents, aunts, uncles and Dad.

Spencer Family:
The honor you have given your sister is the highest, and I salute you. My prayers go to you in your grief. My own brother and sister are my best friends.

United States
From Jamie Suzanne Greene on September 8, 1997:

We will miss your beautiful smile, your kindness you shared with millions, and the way you touched upon us all. A World lucky enough to have had you in it at all will miss you deeply. Until we meet again, England's Rose...

United States
From Mickie Hall [] on September 8, 1997:

Diana - May you find peace in heaven--peace that so often eluded you on earth. You will be missed.
William and Harry - My heartfelt condolences to you on the loss of your mother. She was a truly beautiful person, both inside and out. May her love and compassion live on in your hearts forever.

From claudia villaverde [] on September 8, 1997:

I'm really sorry about the loss of your mom. I really admired her. I stayed up all night and have been following the coverage of this tragedy. I'm really sad. Until now I can't believe that she's gone. I'm sorry and send my condolences. If you need a friend just e-mail me.


United States of America
From Deborah Senior on September 8, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,

May God's love console you in your hour of sorrow.

United States of America
From Livia Giorgi [] on September 8, 1997:

May God's love comfort you the way your mother's love comforted so many others. My prayers are with you.

Colombia. ARAUCA-ARAUCA. Sur America.
From Adriana Catalina Rincon on September 8, 1997:

Quiero decirles a todas la personas que observen mis condolencias que La Princesa Diana fué una persona que siempre estuvo al tanto de las situaciones de los enfermos y refugiados.

Fué una persona a la cual admiré y aun admiro por sus grandes obras y su excelente forma de ser, a pesar de haber tenido una vida muy triste en algunos momento en la realeza, siempre conservó su carisma y su aura dorada que la hacían relucir ante todo el mundo.

siempre estarás en nuestros corazones y en especial el mío.

Colombia. ARAUCA-ARAUCA. Sur America.
From Abac HOLMAN EDUARDO FUENTES on September 8, 1997:


The Princess Diana was a women that have an excelent love and carisma for we.

Yes, have write, my address is:

School General Santander Bachillerato
Arauca- Arauca
Sur America

Colombia. Arauca-Arauca. Sur America
From Holly Yeinny Mejía Diaz on September 8, 1997:

I love principe Guillermo.

A pesar de que en la vida tenemos malos y buenos momentos, la trágica muerte de la Princesa Diana ha sido uno de los peores sucesos antes vistos en la historia humana.

Ante todo quiero expresar mi dolor por aquella mujer que con sus dulces gestos solidaridad y su carisma supo conquistar el aprecio y cariño de muchas personas inclyendome a mi.

From Daphyne Sesco [] on September 8, 1997:

Princes William and Harry,

I offer my deepest heartfelt sympathy at the loss of your mother. Though she is now with God she will live on in the two of you. For always will she be in your hearts and minds.

The road ahead is long and winding but her strength, love and direction of the past years will help guide you to your destinations.

God bless you!

Daphyne Sesco
Fort Myers, FL, U.S.A.

From Sandy Hall [] on September 8, 1997:

I am truly saddened at the loss of Princess Diana. She was such a lovely, sweet person. I was impressed that she was willing to help unfortunate people and children. I know her own two boys have suffered the greatest loss since she was the one person who was warm and caring with them. She certainly has made a lasting impact on people around the world in her short life. God bless Diana! God bless those two precious boys!

South Carolina, USA
From Melissa Spencer [melissa.j.spencer@marexchange.mar.lmco .com] on September 8, 1997:

I wish to extend my support to the royal family in what is a difficult time for you as well as for the Spencers.

To the Queen Mother, I was deeply moved to see you at Diana's funeral. You have certainly seen many changes in your family's personal lives and public roles in your lifetime. My wishes for your health and serenity at this time and always.

To Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth, thank you for your message to the British people and to the rest of us. You did the right thing to protect your grandsons during the first few days of their grief, and also to reach out to the public in ours, as you did on Friday. These have surely been difficult days and even years for you personally, and many deeply respect that. I wish for you peace of mind and heart. May you be strengthened to guide your family and the monarchy, while preserving its heritage, into the new century.

To HRH Prince Philip, I was moved to see you walk with Charles and William and Harry through the streets in the funeral procession. Though no one needed to tell you to take care of your grandsons, please understand our expressions of concern and support for them as simply that and not criticism. May you guide Charles, William and Harry with love, strength and wisdom as only a father and grandfather can.

To HRH Prince Charles, may you be given the love, strength and wisdom you need to be a single father to your sons in one of the most demanding roles imaginable. Apart from the expectations of the public and the demands of royal duty, I believe you will give to them from your heart -- give them all the good that only you can give them, and see that others give them those things you do not have to give. That is no indictment of you -- none of us possesses all that our children need. You cannot be Diana to them, and you do not have to be, though you must honor their relationship to her and their memory of her. You have my support in bringing them up to be the human beings and the leaders they were born to be. And for you personally, I wish health and peace of mind.

United Kingdom
From Liana Sebastian [] on September 8, 1997:

We are greatly saddened by the princess's death, and she will be extremely missed, but we will continue to remember her in her numerous humanitarian accomplishments and contributions.

From HOLMAN FUENTES [] on September 8, 1997:

I not english. The texto in espanish.
La vida trae cosas buenas y a la vez trae desgracias que no podemos evitar, lo que sucedió el Domingo 31 de Agosto fué una de aquellas noticias mas trágicas que he recibido y saber que Diana era una de aquellas mujeres a la que admiraba y admiro tanto por sus labores realizadas y porte de elegancia.

Siento un gran dolor por su ausencia y saber que no pude estar allí, en su funeral.

Mis mas sinceras condolencias para sus dos hijos Guillermo y Harry, pues comprendo el gran dolor que deben estar sintiendo en estos momentos por su edad que es igual a la mía entiendo perfectamente que una madre es aquella persona a la que nunca podemos olvidar.

Diana siempre vivirás en mi corazon y en mi mente.

El Salvador
From C. Norma Torres [] on September 8, 1997:

Quiero expresar mis condolencias al principe William, al Principe Harry y a la familia Spencer por la muerte de la princesa Diana, tambien me uno al dolor del pueblo Britanico por la irreparable perdida de una mujer que en vida dio tanto amor y felicidad y ahora nos deja con el corazón destrozado por su partida.
Pero es que la Princesa Diana era un ser humano especial es por eso que su reinado no pertenecia a este mundo, no podia quedarse mucho tiempo en la tierra
ella pertenece al reino celestial.
La princesa con su carisma logró convertirse en la reina de corazones, el mundo entero la admiraba y amaba y será recordada no solo como la princesa de Gales sino como la princesa del mundo.
Siempre te recordaremos Princesa.

Largo,Florida, usa
From Jennifer Schirtzinger [] on September 8, 1997:

Princess Diana was a wonderful person.
i can really tell that she had a love for people. Her family especially the children are in my prayer.
God Bless Jenny

From Malin Svensson on September 8, 1997:

I have only seen Princess Diana on Tv and in magazines, yet I fell like I've lost a friend.
Rest in peace, God bless you.

South Carolina, USA
From Melissa Spencer [melissa.j.spencer@marexchange.mar.lmco .com] on September 8, 1997:

Our condolences to Earl Spencer and the Spencer family in the loss of a daughter, a sister, a family member who was always Diana to you in the unique ways that even a loving public cannot and should not intrude upon. You are surely a special family, to have given such a real and good person to our world. May you cherish your private memories of her as you go on to fulfill your pledge to immerse William and Charles in life, that they may grow to be the real people Diana hoped for them to be, above and beyond their royal roles.

United States
From Elaine Ernst [] on September 8, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry

Mere words seam not to convey the sorrow I feel in my heart. Although she lived but a short time on this earth, she touched countless hearts and therefore her spirt will live on forever.

I know that her love will carry you through this tragic loss and will make you stronger.

God bless you both

South Carolina, USA
From Melissa Spencer [melissa.j.spencer@marexchange.mar.lmco .com] on September 8, 1997:

Our heartfelt condolences to William and Harry on the loss of their mother. Know that each of you was loved by her in a unique and personal way that the world cannot understand, though we felt touched by her in our own ways. Know also that you loved her in your unique ways and in that you gave her something no one else could. Our thoughts are with you as you walk through such an indescribable loss. May you go on to honor her memory by continuing her compassionate service to others, and keep her spirit alive by experiencing all you can of life.

From Annie Harris Kirkham [] on September 8, 1997:

Heartfelt sympathy to the Royal family, the Spencers, and the people of the United Kingdom, but most especially to Prince William and Prince Harry.

united states
From robert and kristina ditzel [] on September 8, 1997:

We lost a angel last week.Princess Diana
gave herself to other people and great
causes.Me and my husband never met her
but we feel a great loss.Our prays are
with prince william and prince harry
in their great loss of their mother.
Princess Diana will always be missed!

From Jana Mountain on September 8, 1997:

Princess Diana by all means was defenatly, the "People Princess." She was loved by all and will be missed by all. In many ways, people feel for Prince William ana Prince Harry, but will never beable to grieve in the full extent that they have. Prince William and Prince Harry,we love you and are thinking about you. Hang in there and be strong. The world is on your side. Price Harry even though your mother is gone, try and have a nice thirteenth birthday. I know how hard it is to want to celebrate something for so long and then not beable to enjoy it. I feel for you in this way. I just turned 13 without a loved family member around. It's hard, but you know that somewhere they are looking down on you feeling your happiness, that you have hidden inside. And for you Prince William, the public eye will now be on you, but in many ways you are like your mother, so be strong and keep your cool.I know it's hard, but every thing will all work out. I Love you!

From Kendra Hanscom on September 8, 1997:

Prinsess Diana was loved by the people she touched personally and the ones who only knew of her actions. I know I will always miss her even though I never knew her. She will always be in our hearts forever. As for the press, they will never know what they have done to our Prinsess Diana. Prince Willam and Prince Harry, we give you all our love and I personally send you my best wishes. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. I miss my uncle . But I know I would never be able to experience the pain that you are going through. But just remember that you will never be alone. Your mother is somewhere smiling down on you. Stay cool men. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

From Mary Singleton [Mary.R.Singleton@Lahey.Hitchcock.ORG] on September 8, 1997:

Diana was the true "Queen of Hearts". Our thoughts are with William and Harry. We will never forget her...

São Paulo Brazil
From Luciana C. A. Fernandes [] on September 8, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry
My family and I are deeply sad with the tragic loss of such a soul as Diana was.
We would like to express our most sincere condolences for you and all the British people

From Sandra Calvay Medina [] on September 8, 1997:

Sinceramente siento mucho lo de la Princesa, siempre quizé conocerla, solo me queda su gran recuerdo, y esperanza de ir algún día a Inglaterra para ver su casa, como vivió etc. espero también que no haya rivalidad entre la Familia Real y los Spencer por el bien de los Principes, la vida es así, Descansa en Paz Princesa Diana, una admiradora tuya, Sandra (Soy Peruana).

Athens Greece
From Teresa Chlorakiotis on September 8, 1997:

I would like to give my most sincere condolences to the Royal family and to Prince William and Harry for the loss of their beloved mother. We will always remember her

From Jernej Dolinšek on September 8, 1997:

With deepest symphaty to a real princess.

From Johanna Pacheco [] on September 8, 1997:

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of Princess Diana, especially to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Although Princess Diana never visited the Philippines in her lifetime,I truly admire her for her compassion and dedication to giving happiness to the ordinary people. Her selflessness brought her close to the hearts of many all around the world. We will miss her dearly.

Princess Diana, may you rest peacefully in God's caring arms.

From Sandra Calvay Medina [] on September 8, 1997:

Sinceramente siento mucho lo de la Princesa, siempre quizé conocerla, solo me queda su gran recuerdo, y esperanza de ir algún día a Inglaterra para ver su casa, espero también que no haya rivalidad entre la Familia Real y los Spencer por el bien de los Principes, la vida es así, Descansa en Paz Princesa Diana, quien una damiradora tuya, Sandra.

From Jonella Pacheco [] on September 8, 1997:

Princess Diana was a very wonderful woman and she will forever stay in our hearts.

From Michelle Carere [] on September 8, 1997:

Our deepest sympathies to your family especially Princes William and Harry. "Englands Rose" your memory will stay in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace.

From Jana [] on September 8, 1997:

The world has lost one of its best and warmest hunam being. We lost a good friend of all of us, wether we actually met her or not. She has done so many wonderful things for children, people with AIDS and cancer and for the poor. She gave her love and her help and compassion to all of them.
Because of these things she had done the world became a warmer and better place. And without her it will be difficult to keep this world of humanity. She was the best ambassador the United Kingdom ever had.
We keep you in our minds!

From The Sleighter's [] on September 8, 1997:

Our hearts and sympathy go out to
the family and everyone who new the
Princess. What a tragic accident.
You will be "England's Rose"

From Fern Watt [] on September 8, 1997:

To Her Royal Highness Princess Diana
- God bless.

From D. Brett Richardson [] on September 8, 1997:

Two friends of ours soared upward
last week
As hundreds do each second on this earth
As you and I will one day too
Not so far away
Temporal and spiritual beauty
Hand in hand
Each with much of the others loveliness
Elder sister's protective wings
Round younger sister
One an Olympian of compassion
Monumental, austere, otherworldly
The sorrows of millions etched
In deep lines in her face
Pain she had taken into herself
And transformed
The other more like us
Loved as we might love
Loved the poor and the suffering
And loved the pleasures of the world too
Tried to juggle both - not easy
An archetype of beauty mingled with goodness and grace
Farewell sweet sisters!
Stay with us awhile
Though now you be so far away.



United States
From Holly Mergogey [] on September 8, 1997:

To her two sons:
May you have peace In knowing that she is with God. Always looking down on you,
Always watching over you.
Never forget this, for she is alive in you and in the hearts of all that loved
Remember nothing is forever and someday you shell be united in the house of our Lord.
God Bless you, and Keep you Safe.
All My Love,
Holly Mergogey

From Melinda on September 8, 1997:

To Princes William and Harry,

Although I never personally met your mother she filled many peoples hearts with happiness. To endure what both of you have is an extraordinary effort. It would be hard enough to endure it in private let alone in the public spotlight. Especially you William I am the same age as you and to know what lies in front of you would frighten anyone. I hope that both of you are brought up in the way which your mother wanted and that the media leaves you alone. They way which you behaved at your mothers funeral is to be commended. My thoughts are with you both and always will be.

To the Spencer Family,

To Earl Spencer I found your speech very emotional and heart warming. To stand up to the Royal Family would not be an easy task but you did it exceptionally well. I hope you are given some input into how William and Harry are brought up as I am sure you would make your sister, Diana very proud

I wish you and William and Harry well in the future and would like to say that I hope that neither of the princes are bullied into anything they do not wish to do.

Let Diana rest in peace.

From Purin Narksing [] on September 8, 1997:

The wind blow the sorrow news to everywhere.
The world don't more in the same way.
Everybody know and very shock.
It's a sadness that everybody touch.
The star don't shine forever.
Goodbye the queen of heart.
Goodbye the queen of humanities.
Goodbye the little Sinderella,Diana.

From Shah [] on September 8, 1997:

Harry and Williams
Remember all the good things your mother had done. She is an angel and world's will miss her. Be a person like her, simphaty with others, helping the people so the worlds will always remembered you. Lastly take care and god blessed you

United States
From Michael Lambrose [] on September 8, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry,

I offer you my deepest sympathy and respects. I understand your feelings. For I too lost my beloved mother, and to this day I'll forever miss her. God be with you both.

Taiwan, Rrpublic of China
From John Chung [] on September 8, 1997:

No, Diana you're not dead. The seeds you have planted with love and compassion will someday blossom to many many love flowers in the world. For love is eternal.
My prayers and blessing go out to Prince William and Harry. May strength and courage help them through this difficult time. And I share the deepest sorrow with British people.

From Deborah on September 8, 1997:

The world lost a truly extraordinary woman last Sunday. Even though I never met the princess I feel as if I knew her well. I hope now that the paparazzi are aware of how they destroy innocent people's lives. In this moment of tragedy my thoughts are with her two sons Princes William and Harry. My only hope is that they are allowed to grow up like Diana would have wanted them to. If they can be half the person their mother was the world should be truly grateful. I also wish to give my condolences to the Spencer family.

From Mao & Dorothy Cordes [] on September 8, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to you and your nation. Many share your loss and pain. Princess Diana was an extraordinary woman, not only in showing her love towards you boys, but in the causes she adopted because she cared so much about people. May her spirit and her sense of what is right live in your hearts forever. Our heartfelt condolences to you both.

From Claude Cosyn on September 8, 1997:

By this way, I would very much like to offer my sincere condolences to everyone who loved and respected Diana, Princess of Wales.

More in particularly, my thoughts linger with her two boys, William and Harry and wish them every strength and courage they will need to set forth the path their warm-hearted, deeply touching mother started on.

From Tiffany [] on September 8, 1997:

To:Her Majesty , Princess Diana ,
Seeing a person with great compassion
like you to die at such a tender age shows that life is truly unfair . i have not met you even once . when i heard that you will come to singapore in this month , Sept 23 , i was so excited . But
on August 30 , when i heard the news on tv , my heart was torn into pieces .
Diana , i swear that i will never forget you . I swear that you will be the most respected person in my life .I will try my very best to help the unfortunate . GOD BLESS , AMEN .

Blk 105 , Simei St 1 ,
#01-868 ,
Singapore ( 520105 ) .

Taiwan, ROC
From John Chung [] on September 8, 1997:

I felt one of my family has lost when I heard the death of Princess Diana, her beauty, warmth and compassion for the less fortunate people in the world is a truly the People's Princess, I will forever miss her. Let's not forget her goodness for a better world, and continue on the good causes. My prayers and blessings go out to William and Harry, wish you strong and courageous, and compassionate just like you mummy.

From Deborah Bichel [] on September 8, 1997:

Young Princes - the coming weeks will be most difficult as the lonely reality of your mother's death truly takes hold. Remember her smile, as I'm sure she still smiles on you. Your mother seemed to follow the wise words of another great Englishmen: "To thine ownself, be true." I wish the same for you both as you face the future without her physical presence. You will, however, always be surrounded by her love as we all seem to have picked up a piece of that feeling for you both. Warmest regards and future happiness.

From Tiffany [] on September 8, 1997:

you will always be the most wonderful]
princess in the whole world ,
the most wonderful princess in our hearts,
and the most wonderful angel....


kuala lumpur, malaysia
From anne d/o anantom @ amaladasan [ /] on September 8, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry.
I can't imagine the sorrow and agony both of you must be feeling at this point of life. I can truly believe that you will carry the torch your mother lit and continue her legacy with great faith, love, courage and wisdom. Cherish the memories and live life to the fullest. Walk in the footsteps of your mother's blessings.
"Yahweh, I know you are near,
Standing always at by my side;
you guard and guide me when I'm lowly,
and you lead me in ways everlasting."
Take care and God Bless.
Luv, Anne.

Texas, United States
From Sonya Callan on September 8, 1997:

Dear Sweet Innocent Prince William
and Prince Harry,
The pain of losing ones beloved mother, lessens over time. I lost my own mother 6 years ago when my two sons were 3 and 1 years old. A mothers love for her children never dies with her, it remains in their hearts to help guide them through the trials of life. Carry the torch, your mother ignited, continue in her place, to help others in need and empathize with humanity. She need not have died in vain, she knew her two handsome sons would learn the meaning of love.

From IKI PUTRA [] on September 8, 1997:

I would like to wish a very sad condolence to u ,for your mother's shocking death. She was the queen to me and my friends heart. She has done lots of wonderful and generous charity work.
She was full of warmth and kindness in her body and soul. She was full of humanitarian goodness. She was something like the modern Robin Hood. She was the most beautiful women and the most wanted in the press world especially the idiotic paparazzi. I hope u can take your mother's terrible yet shocking death.

From Donnie Barr [] on September 8, 1997:

William and Harry,
My family and myself are deeply hurt at the tradgedy that you boys are going through. It is a real loss that the world is suffering over the loss of your mother. I like most people of this time do not really know the good a person does and stands for until something like this happens. The thing I really admired her the most for, was the way she didn't let her political stature stand in the way of caring for people. She used it to help people world wide. We pray that you will help her finish her work. Again we are truly sorry for the loss of Diana. The world will miss her.

God Bless You,
Donnie Barr

From The Adams Family: Joseph, Diana, Laurie, and Lance [] on September 8, 1997:

My family and I would like to send outr deepest condolences to Princess Diana's family, especially her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Even though we never actually met your mother, we felt like we knew her. We will always remember her as the Queen of Hearts.


The Adams Family

From charles c. ward [] on September 8, 1997:

i sent a message to william and harry yesterday. i failed to mention a few thoughts that i would like to add at this time. i'm a 55 year old man who has been in a wheelchair since the age of eight due to having polio. the point i'm trying to make is that my life has not been easy, but at the same time, i feel i can identify with william and harry when it comes to the subject of losing one's mother. you see, my mother just died on august 2, 1997. i told william and harry that it doesn't get any easier. i told them to try to honor their mothers memory and be thankful they had such a wonderful and caring mother. i also said that i feel they should be thankful that their mother had such a grand funeral and that i regreted the fact that i could not give my mother such a grand funeral. in fact, i said, all mothers deserve grand funerals.
the reason i'm writing today is that i just listened to a wonderful statment on tv regarding diana. a man who met and admired her said that someday when his infant daughter grew and asked him is there was such a thing as a real princess, he would be prepared with a glorious response. he said he would tell his daughter that there is no longer such a thing as a real princess, but once. once a long time ago, there was a real princess and her name was diana. i feel this is something william and harry should consider when remembering their mother. she was that once, long ago princess that will be talked about in days not yet come to pass.



609 MORAGA ST.#2
ANAHEIM, CA. 92801
(714) 991-7156

From Jan Barton [] on September 8, 1997:

We are so sorry your loss and keep you in our prayers. I am so glad that your dear Mother was so available to so many. She touched all a hearts with her warmth and kindness. It is small wonder, that now the world reaches out to you.

United States of America
From Katherine Georgas [] on September 8, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry,
I just want to let you know that, although you may feel alone, many people through out the world, including myself, are with you in spirit. I hope that, with time, the hurt you feel will lessen. Please be comforted in the fact that your mother did so many wonderful things for so many people, her love and her presence will never die. She is a continuous legacy for all time, especially because she is a part of you both.
May God be with you, guide you, and keep you safe,
A friend,
Kathy Georgas

From Norman Nguyen [] on September 8, 1997:

I remembered waking up early to go to work that Saturday morning when I turned on the TV and heard about your death. I just couldn't believe it. Though I don't know you that well, I felt a sense of sadness and a longing to know you more. As more I watch and heard of you over the news, I found myself very sad. You were such a graceful, kind person. Your words when spoken were sincere and truthful. You have given alot to this world. Your compassion and charity for others will never be forgotten. We will all miss you dearly.


From sherri Williams [] on September 8, 1997:

Princess Diana, You have meant so much to me. you are an inspiration and a mentor. I will always love and admire you. Go now and be at peace and thank you for all the hopes and dreams you have given me.

Love: Sherri Williams

Iowa, USA
From Kara [] on September 7, 1997:

My condolences on the loss of a truly special ladies of all time. May Princess Diana finally have some peace. Prince William and Prince Harry may you be as wonderful and loving as your mother and I'm sure you will make her proud. Have fun in your lives and be all that your mother wished for!

From Matthew Boon [] on September 7, 1997:

A light has gone out on Earth, but a star shines bright above

From D. Brett Richardson [] on September 7, 1997:

Farewell, Sweet Angel!

From Carole [] on September 7, 1997:

I Feel the loss of great beauty and light as Diana leaves us for Heaven. What she did for the world especially in her love for mankind was special. How she shined as a woman was unique. She is truly one of a kind. I know the boys will remember who she was and how much she loved them.

From Tina [] on September 7, 1997:

For William and Harry. I am a single mother who's son lost his father 9 yrs. ago. My heart goes out to you. Remember this, she's always with you even when you can't see her. Keep her & all she stood for alive in your hearts and souls. GOD bless you and keep you.

from uk\in usa
From simon christopher [] on September 7, 1997:

To all the royals, my deepests condolences.

To William,
I am 16 and I live in the states, but from Rochdale. My best mate was killed in Newcastle, when I was 12, and your mother had sent a letter to the family, stating how she would feel if she had lost her son. That letter ment alot to his family aswell as myself. I know how it feels to loose someone so close to you. If you need anyone to talk with or just need a friend please do not hesitate to email me at . I hope you take my jesture to heart and decide to reach out and contact me.

May God bless your mother and the rest of your family.

Hope to hear from you,
God Bless.


From Kerry Jo Bourns [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry: I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling at this time. What I can imagine, though, is watching the two of you carrying on your mother's legacy. Your mother has, in essence, handed you two the torch to carry--the torch of love and understanding of those who are ill, less fortunate, and victims of man's ignorance. By continuing to carry this torch, the radiant light your mother displayed to the world through her elegance and empathetic ways will shine brightly, giving the world the reassurance that indeed her work was not suddenly cut off by tragic circumstances but to be carried on by her two sons in which she instilled the same compassion and love which emanated from her inner and outer beauty.

With sympathy, Kerry Jo Bourns

From Dewi Nurhayatie [] on September 7, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry ,
I know how both of you felt at the lost of your beloved and irreplacable mother, Lady Diana . I am sending my greatest sympathy and condolences to both of you and your family . May her soul rest in peace forever . She is like a sun that shines forever . We love her for her hearts of pure gold that forever shines through . To me and all of us she is indeed the people's princess and her memory remains forever in our hearts .

Florida, USA
From Robert Parker & Lisa Martin [] on September 7, 1997:

Our deepest sympathies are extended to you Prince William and Prince Harry. The world has suffered a great loss but your loss is unimaginable. Your mother Diana was a very special and wonderful person. Our thoughts are truly with you in your time of need.
Robert & Lisa

From KC on September 7, 1997:

I was deeply upset over the tragic death of Diana, my heart and prayers go out to her sons William and Harry. She will stay in our hearts forever. I'm so happy she found the true happiness she deserved. Rest in peace Diana!

From Petra Collins [] on September 7, 1997:

As a British Citizen living in America with my American Husband and my two children, I felt almost helpless when I heard the news. Our hearts go out to Prince William and Prince Harry who have lost much more than any of us can imagine. We pray that they will feel her love and spirit always, and that they will feel the love the world has for their mother in a positive way. God bless them, and God bless her.

Virginia USA
From Lyn D. Black [] on September 7, 1997:

Since hearing of the accident and her death, I've felt like one of my own family has passed away. How can one so young, touch so many people? Yet this woman did touch millions around the world in the most positive of tones. People who now mourn the loss to her sons, her family, and yes... a loss to ourselves. And all I can think of, is this tune running through my head... it's from a song called American Pie and was popular back when I was in JHS written about the death of another famous person but it's the part of the tune going... "...something touched me deep inside, the day, the music, died."

They have come to call her, The Queen of Hearts. I think instead, she was the Music. A gentle, sweet melodie that lingers in the air long after it has stopped playing. Goodbye, dear Lady... you will be missed! Lyn

USA, North Carolina
From Tammy W. Byrd [] on September 7, 1997:

Please accept my sincere sympathy on the loss of Diana. She was a wonderful person who did wonderful things. I was 10 years old when she and Prince Charles were married. I remember how beautiful she was and hoping that I too would one day have a day like hers. I never met her, but I feel that I, and world around, has lost a great friend. May God bless you and your family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From mazwita md jamel nazran on September 7, 1997:

Princess Diana,

No one will ever forget you because you are special. Rest in peace. Princes William and Harry, take care!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From norlina mokhtar on September 7, 1997:

Pricess Diana,

Rest in peace.

California, U.S.A.
From Frederick John Delgado [] on September 7, 1997:

It is with the deepest of sorrow, and heaviest of heart that my entire family sends our sincerest condolences, and although we realize that there really can not be a true comparison in regards to the pain and confusion you must be feeling now, the entire world, and not just a nation suffers along with you, and our only solace is the dear memory of your mothers work, which although temporarily set back, cannot be abandoned, and it is US who must continue it in her name, in her honor,

With the utmost respect.

The Delgado's of San Diego, CA

From Becki Berry [] on September 7, 1997:

To Prince William & Prince Harry:
My prayers are with you as you go through this greatest loss. No words can express my sympathy. I cannot begin to know how you feel. I can only pray that you will pull through this, although, you will never forget this time in your life. I hope the media will leave you alone, too.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From mazwita alwi on September 7, 1997:

Princess Diana,

I feel the empty of my soul without you even though we never met before. You know why I feel the emptiness? Because you are so special!! You are so close to my heart. No one can replace you and to William and Harry, take care!

From Melanie Sjurseth [] on September 7, 1997:

William and Harry,

No one needs to tell you what an amazing lady your mother was. You know that already. She is in death as she was in life, and I only hope that each thought of her goodness will make us all look closer at ourselves to make this a better world for all. I think maybe God needed her help more than we did and felt it necessary to take her away from those she loved, but I'm sure she will continue to help those in need only now from above. May she always look over you, and as long as she is in your hearts, she will always be with you. I only hope my own daughters will never know the pain you are forced to face at this time. Remember, you are never alone. The world loves you as we did your mother. Be strong and God bless.

Our love to you both,
Melanie, Samantha and Shelby

United States
From Amy Schuch [] on September 7, 1997:

Dearest Princes William and Harry,
I too lost my Mother at a very young age. My heart goes out to you in your loss. I am aware that no one can take away your pain, but please know that the whole world is suffering with you. No one will ever be able to give so many people the joy your Mother gave. I adored her without ever knowing her. Remember all the things she taught you and the wonderful plans she had for you both. You have a strong family. Your Father loves you very much and will be there to protect you. Best of luck in the future. We will all pray and hope for the very best for you both. All our love. The Schuch Family

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