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9/9/97 - 9/10/97
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From Lorena Santana [6306akk0] on September 10, 1997:

Princess William & Harry,
I have not got words to express my condolences at the lost of your mother Princess Diana. She was a great woman and my love will always be with her.
God Bless you both.

United States
From Jennifer Thornton [] on September 10, 1997:

I'm truelly saddened by what happened. The Princess touched my heart in a special way. The boys willbe proud of their mother's love and kindness to all.No one will ever forget her.
Jennifer Thornton

From Heather L. Putigna [] on September 10, 1997:

It was a great loss to lose some one as special as Princess Diana. She was a wonderful women. She will be missed deeply and I will never forget her. My condolensce goes out to her two boys. May they never forget there mother and what a great person she was.

From Michelle Yvette Richter [] on September 10, 1997:

My family offers our hearts & thoughts to all of the family and friends who so deeply feel the loss of Princess Diana. Although we never had the privilage or honour of meeting her we can not help but grieve for her. She will always be a part of our lives and a reminder of what selflessness can truely achieve. Sincerely, Michelle Y. Richter

From Anonymous on September 10, 1997:

William and Harry, we feel deeply for you at this time. As much as the world misses Princess Diana, no one can ever know the depth of pain you feel at the loss of the woman who is your mother. Remember the beautiful lessons she taught you. Remember the love she felt for you and let that carry you through this horrible time of your lives. May God watch over you.

United States of America
From Janet M. Mang [] on September 10, 1997:

People from all over share in your grief.For me the most moving moment of the funeral was Earl Spencers'eulogy.
I hope you can continue your lives in the manner in which your mother wanted.
Good luck to you both.

From Diane Williams [] on September 10, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,
Our family would like to express our deepest sadness over to lose of your lovely mom. Ou r hearts go out to you and your family. May God bless you. With love and prayers The Williams Family

From Beth Barber [] on September 10, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry, I am so sorry about the death of your lovely mother. I loved her too as many have all over the world. My heart hurts for the both of you. She was an Incredibly Extrodinary woman. Please keep all the lessons she taught you both on how to deal with people and life. My love and thoughts are with you.
With love and prayers,
Beth Barber

United States Of America
From Vernon, Iris, and Sharon Clifton [vern] on September 10, 1997:

Our family would like to express our
deepest sympathy for the loss of one
so very loved by all.
Our hearts go out to her sons and her
My God take care of you all.

From Robert L. Parke [] on September 10, 1997:

Princes William & Harry:
There no words to express our condolences at the lost of your mother Princess Diana. As a distant cousin our family was shattered by the news of her passing. Our hearts and prays go out to you and all your family. The world has lost a special friend and a heavenly person. We share the sadness and heartache you must feel. Her memory will be cherished world wide forever. Your mothers influence will be with you constantly. May God Bless you both and grant you the peace and strength to go forward with her work.
We love you both.
Bob & Geri Parke

From Ann Boudreau [] on September 10, 1997:

Iwish to say how sorry I am at the
loss of Princess Diana. I followed her
life from the begining at the wedding
and greatly admired her. I feel that
my scrap book will never be complete.

United States of America
From Elsie M.Armbright on September 10, 1997:

My deepest sorrow for your entire family
for your loss and to let you know my prayers are with you. I am the mother of two sons and I know the love a mother
feels. My wish is that you may live your lives that will always honor your mother. Keep strong all of our prayers are with you.

From your friends from san marcos [] on September 10, 1997:

from deep of our heart we want to say that the princess DIANA was very especial and good woman for all the world and we allways remember to her.
we love princess Diana.

United States of America
From Mark S. Zecca [CDRZ@AOL.COM] on September 10, 1997:

Words cannot express the sadness we, as Americans, feel at the Princess's untimely passing. She was true to herself and her family. I know she would want for you, Princes William and Harry, to be true to yourself, and, in so doing, be true to those you will lead.

united states
From rachquel harris [th14411@APPSTATE.EDU] on September 10, 1997:

Dear Royal Family,
I would like to extend my condolences to you all. Princess Di
was a lovely woman with a heart that
never feared love. She cared alot about
her humankind. I admired her courage
and strength in times of sadness.
The world does not need to fret because
as long as Princess Diana lives in you,
she will always be amongst the living.
Once again I want to extend my sympathies and God Bless You All!

From Jill Lynn [] on September 10, 1997:

Diana was an extraordinary beautiful person. The sadness in our hearts will NEVER go away. Her Legend MUST live on FOREVER. William and Harry had the GREATEST mom in the world. May they both grow up to be just like her!

From Melinda Tan [] on September 10, 1997:

No other person can ever replace you, my dear Princess. Sadly missed and with deepest condolence.

From h mankin on September 10, 1997:

to live in the hearts of those who love you is never to die

From Melvina Metzger [] on September 10, 1997:

May God comfort and console the family especially Prince William and Prince Harry. May God perpectual light shine on Diana and God grant her eternal rest.

From OOI CHIN HIN [] on September 10, 1997:

you touched our hearts !

From Kathy Evans [] on September 10, 1997:


I wish to send my deepest sympathy to you both at the loss of your Mother. You are in my prayers daily. Her memory will be cherished world wide forever. God Bless you both.


Kathy Evans

From onood [] on September 10, 1997:

i feel very sorry for the big lost of princess diana . she was the queens of people's hearts and she is for ever the queens of poeple's heart....
i wish her work go forword and help sons to have the life and futare that she would want ...
god bleas diana soul..
yours fithfully

From Karin Schuchhardt [] on September 10, 1997:

This big loss is hard to bear.We will miss you like crazy.

From Syasha Moser [] on September 10, 1997:

My Dearest Princess,
It's awakening to the world of your
sudden tragedy.You leave without
saying good bye, never had enough
to know you further and for what you
have done to help the needy around
the world. Everyone know who you are,now no one could hurt you again
and Let Peace Be With You.
Sleep Well My Dearest Princess

From sabrina chua on September 10, 1997:


From Adrian Wilkins [] on September 10, 1997:

Sleep, gentle Princess.
May your star shine in Heaven for ever.
Rest in Peace.

From Wanda, Johnny, Heather and Rodney Myers on September 10, 1997:

Rest in peace and our heart felt sympathy to the Royal family

From Vicky Wilkins [] on September 10, 1997:

To us all, you showed us life is to be lived.
You cared where others were afraid to care.
When God created you he throw away the mould,
there will never be another.
I hope you are happy where you are now and that Dodi is with you.
You are missed every day.
Our love will always be with you.

From NEIL&DEBBIE THOMAS [] on September 10, 1997:

you will always be our queen of hearts
god bless you diana

From Lawrence Yuen [] on September 10, 1997:

you're simply a great person, and that's so much

From Maricris Delgado [] on September 10, 1997:

I would like to send this message to Prince William and to Prince Harry - my family and friends feel your loss. We will be praying for you. Your Mother was special in a way we cannot even say. We hurt so much and we don't even know why. She was "special" and we were truly affected. We wish you both the best of everything and I would like you to know that you are both welcome to home however small it is. But a mother I am and if you ever need someone to talk to or just to listen to, you may call on me. And remember - don't be afraid to show your feelings!


From Stella Papadopoulou Appiou [] on September 10, 1997:

You must go on but never forget the brightness of her smile!
You must go on but always remeber the kindness of her heart!
You must go on but keep close in you mind the persons that she wanted you to be!
Time will heal your hearts but never let time to hold her back.

From Rich & Meg Kuschel [RJK@CNICORP.COM] on September 10, 1997:

Firstly please accept our condolences on the passing of an exceptional woman. She is sorely missed and was a great asset to the world. Secondly we had a thought; the British Editors pledged to give Prince William & Prince Harry privacy. To ensure that pledge around the world we were thinking the Princes' could arrange a "Peoples Newsletter" released each week or month with the proceeds going to Diana's charities. The Princes' could ask in return that the "people" boycott any newspapers that carry objectionable coverage. In this way the people could honor Diana's wishes and also feel like they were supporting the Princes'. The newsletter would also give the Princes' and the people control over the middleman-editor and publishers- to which sentiment would reign instead of greed.

From Dewinta Michelle Dandot [] on September 10, 1997:

Dear England's Rose 'Princess Diana',
My heartfelt and with my deepest sympathy The Royal Family especially the two Princes.May God protect her under his kingdom. May you rest in peace. I will always remember you.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands
From John Romp [] on September 10, 1997:

The Princess of Wales will be rembered as a beautiful young lady, Who didn't need a title to make the British Monarchy her own. Her significance wasn't one of international power, but the power of a young mother whose son would be king.

From Jenifer John Kidi Jentry [] on September 10, 1997:

I Love You Princess Diana,
You will always be remembered eventhough you are not with us You were so kind-hearted person and hope that you will rest in peace
May You will always happy with your
beautiful smile in God's house.
I Love You, Amen.

From ANNA ARYANI BINTI AMIR [] on September 10, 1997:


From Jenifer John Kidi Jentry [] on September 10, 1997:

I Love You Princess Diana,
You will always be remembered
eventhough you are not with us
You were so kind-hearted person
and hope that you will rest in peace
May You will always happy with your
beautiful smile in God's house.
I Love You, Amen.

United Arab of Emirates
From Princess Hessa Abdullah Al Qassimi [] on September 10, 1997:

One who walks a road with love...
will never walk the road alone...
So, I can't imagine the world can walk
without Princess Diana...
She was the meaning of the true love...

From Anna Aryani Binti Amir [] on September 10, 1997:

You are the queen of heart....We are going to miss you very much.May you rest in peace.You are always in our heart MAY GOD BLESS HER.... WILLIAM & HARRY......

From wardah [] on September 10, 1997:

god bless her....
william & harry

From Tina Lee [] on September 10, 1997:

As a young girl, I was enchanted by the fairytale like wedding between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. At the same time, shattered by the news of the divorced, asking myself is there true love in this world.
I admired you, Princess Diana for the courage you have to admit your mistake to the whole world which I believe no woman in this world can do like you.
And your selfless love you have given to the world, you have brought hope and love to this world not mentioning how little you have received.
I couldn't believe myself when I heard the news of your death, and I'm always moved to tears when I switched on the TV seeing pictures and news about you. It's a shame that I'm so far in Singapore and unable to pay my last respect to you.
No matter what happen your spirit will carry on.
Prince William and Harry I sincerely hope that you can carry on the spirit your mother have and we will always love you.


From Dr. Matthias Anthuber [] on September 10, 1997:

What a grievous loss for mankind.
Your were the shining light in the sky in the dreams of the poor, sick and oppressed.
May Your spirit survive and Your work be continued.

From MICHAEL CHIN on September 10, 1997:


From ERION CHIN [YPCHIN@TM.NET.MY] on September 10, 1997:


From Kate, Davina and Nicole [] on September 10, 1997:

Words cannot express our deepest sympathy to William and Harry. She will live on in our hearts forever.

From Michiyo Horibe [] on September 10, 1997:

We love you so much.
We miss you.

From Lizette Vaz [] on September 10, 1997:

Dear Queen of Hearts 'Diana',

You hv left us so suddenly. In your brokenness, you still gave so much of yourself to those needed the same comfort you needed. I pray for you, Princes William and Harry that you hv your mother's inner strength amidst all the sadness and loneliness she felt.
Farewell, dear Princess and may your life bring light to the royal family.

Rest in peace, sweet rose,

From Jodi Fuller [] on September 10, 1997:

It was heart wrenching hearing of the death of Diana. I hope the future is bright and wonderful for the young Princes.

From margot mercado [] on September 10, 1997:

no hablo ingles, sin embargo de alguna manera quiero expresar mis condolencias a todo el mundo por la gran perdida de la princesa Diana, persona a la cual siempre admiré y siempre recordare con profundo respeto y cariño.

La Piedad, Mich. México
From Alicia Gaona Revilla de L. [mm lopez @] on September 10, 1997:

Mi mas sentido pesame a La Familia Real, pero en especial a sus hijos los príncipes. A la hermosa princesa que aun ha pesar de no pudo ser Reyna , sera por siempre la Reyna de la sonrisa.

British Columbia, Canada
From Elizabeth Nichols [] on September 10, 1997:

William and Harry,

Words cannot express the feelings so many of us have about your loss. To lose a loved one is hard enough, but to have to do it publically must be especially difficult. I commend you on the bravery you showed in greeting the public and the tribute you showed to your mother. Your mother lived her life for you, and would be so proud of the way you showed your respects for her.
Thank you for permitting us to share your grief with you, and most importantly for sharing your mother with all of us who truly admired and respected her.

May God grant you the peace and strength to go forward, knowing that you are not alone in your grief.

Florida, U.S.A.
From Mary Jane Walewyk [] on September 10, 1997:

William, Harry and the Spencer family:
Thank you for sharing Diana's life
with all of us. She will always be our
princess, and she will be missed greatly not just for her beauty and smile, but more importantly for the joy she brought to so many people.

William and Harry, you are your mother's pride and joy. Please continue the good work she started, and know how much love is sent to both of you. God bless you both......

La Piedad, Mich. Mexico
From Gerardo López Gaona [mm lopez @] on September 10, 1997:

My condolences to The Royal Family, now she rest in the heaven with God, but she will be with you , and in your hearts forever. She has a wonderfoul smile.

From Pam Blankenship [] on September 10, 1997:

You wull always be remembered in the warmest way Princess Di!

From Edward [] on September 10, 1997:

Noone ever dies as long as their memories are kept in the hearts of the people who knew and loved them most. In that sense Princess Diana will live forever.

From Lindsay A. Shipps [] on September 10, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry,
With this letter I send you my best wishes and love. I will remember your mother forever. The portrait of you with your father and mother when Harry was born will be in my mind always. Best of luck to you and may God be with you,

From Sheila East [] on September 10, 1997:

The death of Princess Diana affected me just as though I had lost a close freind. I am never impressed by people that are in the public eye, but the Princess was such as kind, gentle, sincere woman that no one could help but to love her. The example that she set for the nations should not be taken lightly, but more over the example she set for mothers everywhere should shine on forever. Although the young Princes did not have their mother with them for an extended period of time she filled their life with love and happiness while she was with them. The love she felt for her sons was evident in her eyes each time she looked at them or spoke of them...I pray the influence of their mother will never be forgotten and they may not ever forget the kinder side of their heritage. They can always be proud of a mother that fought to keep her family together, that loved her husband even when he was unloveable, and who bowed out of his life gracefully only after she had given her all. Diana was truly a Princess and will be missed by people all over the world.

From Sophia Gearaldine Wong [] on September 10, 1997:

I never knew Diana personally but it is obvious to both people who know and don't know her personally that she is a great wiman .Everybody in Malaysia was deeply touched and moved by her death . As William and Harry grow up into wonderful young men may they know that their loving mother is looking down at them from heaven . My deepest condolence to herfamily on the loss of Diana .

Yours Sincerly '


From Grace S.H.Goh [] on September 10, 1997:

I have always admired Princess Diana for being such a understanding & charitable person , she is not afraid of going near or hug a very sick person and not everyone will be able to do it especially a PRINCESS. Rest In Peace you are always remembered by the WORLD.


From Jamie Coutz [] on September 10, 1997:

I was saddened and shocked to hear about the death of Princess Diana. She will be saddly missed.
With deepest sympathy,
Jamie, Pete, and Patty

Jakarta - Indonesia
From Nina A. Pandji [] on September 10, 1997:

Dear Prince William & Harry,

I was very shock when I heard by cnn that my lovely Princess Diana was died. I will miss her so much. Even, I never knew her personally, but I am very proud with her. I hope you could got a lot of mamories and lovely from your mother's spirit. She'll always be a Queen of my heart. Please carry on your mother's legacy in your hearts. Hope she'll find a peace in Heaven. Amin.

From Nelson Lim [] on September 10, 1997:

We feel very sorry for the untimely death of the people's princess. We will miss seeing her smiling face, her glamourous style and her work of charities. With our deepest sympathy to her two precious boys, Princes William and Harry.

From: Nelson, Pacita, Daniel and Julian Lim.

From Jesús Antonio Sánchez Mtz. [] on September 10, 1997:

My deepest condolences to all her family.Pray for her soul and the future of her children.

From Leslie Taylor [] on September 9, 1997:

I feel so sad that the Princess Diana is
gone. I had always looked up to her.
I know she went to a better place, that
is what makes me feel better. I will miss her.

From donald guidry [] on September 9, 1997:

a white rose bush will be planted in
rememberance of diana. we feel she will
be greatly missed by many, but her work
will continue through the efforts of others. May GOD bless her, her family and those that depended on her love...
love the guidry family.

From chad barger [] on September 9, 1997:

She will be truly missed in the hearts of everyone. Let her spirit be guidance for us all.

From Jorge Da Silva [] on September 9, 1997:

Diana, you will always be the Queen
of our hearts.
From Amy,George,Sabrina,Alys and

From Melissa Hanson [] on September 9, 1997:

Princess Diana was a great role model for all woman. She was not afraid to be herself and make changes in her life for the better good of herself and her sons. She will be greatly missed by all.
Melissa Hanson

From stephanie cucciniello [] on September 9, 1997:

You gave the Royals a lesson in humanity with your love and kindness. As Prince William and Prince Harry grow and experiene their lives, may they always know that you are with them and smiling.

From Leland M. Royce [] on September 9, 1997:

With our deepest condolences.

From Ariane Cameron [] on September 9, 1997:

Dear Prince William,

I am writing a letter of condonlence reagrding the recent incident invloving your mother, Princess Diana. This must be a very hard time for you and your brother. I would like you to know that me and all of my friends are thinking of you. I am also fifteen and I do not know what I would do if I lost my mother. There are no words to express my sorrow for your situation and I hope that you can try and sort out your feelings. So, here I am, writing to you from such a distant place, trying to connect with your feelings. I am sorry to not have the opportunity to say this message in person. Thank you to whomever reads this.

You are in my thoughts William,

Ariane Cameron

From Kimberly Karnatz [] on September 9, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry,

I'm sure you have heard many people tell you how sad the death of your mother is, but you, more than anyone, know that best. I would just like to say how wonderful her life was and tell you she touched mine, a teenager as you are, in so many ways. Do not let the question of "why" or the sadness of this tragedy stand in the way of your memories and remain happy as she would have wanted you to.

With Love and Admiration,

From cora & ron hillman [] on September 9, 1997:

We want to express our deepest sympathy to Princes William & Harry on the loss of your mother. Her goodness will stay in the hearts of everyone for ever. We are thinking of you and our prayers are with you all at this most difficult time.

From Lynsey Mclean [] on September 9, 1997:

Princess Diana,
You were a truly great woman. A woman admired respected and loved worldwide.
You were special to everyone, you were
special to me! I pray that your sons will grow up to continue your good work.
I love and miss you!

From Jonnell and Shyana Pangelinan on September 9, 1997:

Our condolences out to Prince William and Prince Harry. May God bless you and keep you both under his care, always.

From Hanan Hamza [s961939@mail.macarthur.uws.EDU.AU] on September 9, 1997:

To Prince William, Prince Harry and the Spencer Family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you all on the lost of Princess Diana. She was a wonderful human being and will live in our memories and hearts forever.
She worked hard to make people aware of what was happening in the world and she used her popularity to raise awareness of certain issues. She was a wonderful example to all and I hope that we can all learn from her examples and do good for all.

Goodbye Queen of Hearts
Lots of Love
Hanan Hamza and Family.

From suriani [] on September 9, 1997:

maybe it is quite late for me to send this message. however, it is better late than never. Her lost was a great grief to the world. we shall never forget her for all her kindness, we shall forgive her for all her mistake and we shall never let the same tragedy happen in future to others...

may god bless her..

Sydney, Australia
From Loren Iemma [] on September 9, 1997:

Dear Diana,

You will continue to inspire us for many many years to come.

You will truly be treasured.

From Christine Lee [] on September 9, 1997:

I would like to send my condolences
to Prince William. I have been thinking
about how hard it would be to lose your
mother. I have decided not to take a
moment for granted wit my mother from now
on. She could be here one day and not the
next. I would miss her terribly. If
Prince William needs to talk I am here.
My e-mail address is:
I am sorry for the world's loss!
Christine Lee

From JOAQUIN A. FERNANDEZ on September 9, 1997:

La muerte de la Princesa Diana me ha
impresionado altamente. Su amor al prójimo fue verdadero y ejemplar. Debemos continuarlo pues en el mundo existen muchas personas que necesitan mucho amor, comprensión y solidaridad. Joaquin Alberto Fernandez, Infanzón de Illescas, Knight Jure Sanguinis of The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. P.O.Box 137 San Jose 1000 Costa Rica, Centro America.

united states
From MR.& MRS.FRANK PROCACCINI [] on September 9, 1997:

we are sadden by the loss of such a
giving person. our thoughts are with
her two children.

From Chatree Campiranon [] on September 9, 1997:

I don't know where you go to
but something ,I know
every blessing will follow you
everywhere you go .

Costa Rica
From Joaquin A. Fernandez on September 9, 1997:

La muerte de la Princesa Diana, quien llevó alegría a millares de personas que en el mundo sufren, me ha conmovido altamente. Debemos seguir su ejemplar amor al prójimo pues muchas personas en el mundo necesitan amor y solidaridad.

United States Of America
From Thomas f & Donna J Cortese [] on September 9, 1997:

Our sincere and heartfelt sympathy for the loss of one of the most respected and loved ladies. She truly was a person of and for the people. She will be sadly missed and long remembered by all. Such a tragic loss ! ! ! May she rest in peace---AMEN

From Vesna and Chris Pew, Gloria, Norm and Stefan Pew, and Thonja, Ken, Braydon Pew. [] on September 9, 1997:

Princess Diana,
May your spirit soar freely; may it live through your sons to guide and protect them. Thank you for showing the world love and compassion. You will be deeply missed.

Prince William and Prince Harry,
We extend our deepest sympathies for your great loss.

From Amanda Gregan [] on September 9, 1997:

I am truly saddened by the tragic death of Princess Diana. The world has lost an angel - she will forever be in my prayers.

From Lynne McMurchy [] on September 9, 1997:

I regret the loss of a great woman of our time, she inspired many people to re-evaluate their lives by considering the less fortunate. She'll be sadly missed. Please carry on your mother's legacy in your own hearts by the way you treat others.

United States
From Marla Macaluso [] on September 9, 1997:

I was so shocked when I found out that Princess Diana had died. It seemed so unrealistic. I will miss her. Although I never knew her personally, she will forever stay in my heart.

From Jacklyn D. Geyer [] on September 9, 1997:

To The Family of Princess Diana:

I take it as a sign that Princess Diana and Sister Teresa leave us
at almost the same time and pass on their great kindness and work
for the unfortunate for the rest of the world to pick up and continue
where they left off. My sincere best wishes to William and Harry.

From Kathleen Raynor [] on September 9, 1997:

Dear Prince William & Harry:

It's now been 9 days since your mother died and I still can't believe it. I still keep thinking it's some awful nightmare, as I'm sure you wish it was.
I was trying to explain to my 10 year old daughter how wonderful your mother was, and how I use her as an example for raising her and her brother. There will never be another person like her, for there will never be another with the heart and kindness and compassion that she had. You have your duties as Princes, but always remember what your mother taught you and showed you about what the outside world is like. She would want you to remember the lessons she taught you and use them wisely as you grow older.

Diana would have never left you willingly! Remember your mother for the wonderful person that she was. I never met her, but my heart still aches for the both of you and for her. She is at peace where no human being can ever hurt her again. Be brave and strong and always remember she will be your spirit and strength when you feel it is to hard to go on!

K. Raynor
997 NW Cleveland Ave.
Corvallis OR 97330

United States
From David Kiviaho and Susan Levingston [] on September 9, 1997:

On behalf of the New Orleans AIDS Monument Committee, and Susan and myself personally, we extend our heartfelt sympathy at the loss of Princess Diana.
For many years we have observed her gracious acts of kindness to those in need. Her warm heart and beautiful nature was, and will continue to be, an inspiration.
Please know we will keep Princess Diana, and Princes' William and Harry, close to our hearts forever.

From Marianna Bencomo-Jasso [] on September 9, 1997:

William and Harry:
Your mother was a roll model for many women. She had such warmth, style and grace. It was so wonderful to see how she interacted with you two. She was truly a down home mummy while still retaining her royal image. You boys were her first loves and agenda in life. I can see that she did a fabulous job with you two, please continue with all the splended things she taught you. Remember, integrity and honesty was something your mother new much of, aspire to be more like her. I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love her. Many people are now looking upon you both with love. Please continue her work with charities. Best wishes and much love to both of you.
Marianna Bencomo-Jasso

South Korea
From Taesup Choi [] on September 9, 1997:

Princess Diana was warmest woman in the world I ever seen. I'm very sorry about her sudden death. I remember her smiles from the TV, magazines, etc. Her smiles made my life so comfortable. Also, She dedicated a lot to the world in many parts. She helped prro and hungry people around the world. But now, she is gone. The world has lost one of the most important person in the world. Even though she is gone, I will pray for her to let her peaceful rest, and I will miss her forever. God bless you, Diana.

From steve huygens [] on September 9, 1997:

even thistles die
I heard her say
as she turned away

I felt a tear
fall from my eye
crying as I wondered why

a small purple flower
clutched in her hand
bore all the power
in a powerless land

I felt a shudder
a sudden sigh
as I realized
my tears had dried

a golden sea did bloom forth hence
as she sailed away across that fence
into the light of God’s world thence
and I understood just what she meant

And I waved goodbye
throughout the night
my head held high
for a Princess' silent flight

steve huygens

for Diana, Princess of Wales, upon hearing of her untimely death

From Tiffany Weisenburger [] on September 9, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
I was very upset when I heard of your mothers death, even thought I have never met her or you two. It was still very sad and she was a great lady. I know how it feels to lose a mom even though mine is still here I never see her since she left. I hope that you will try to move on and good luck with school. And never forget what your mom taught you she was a great lady. If you ever get a chnce to write It would be greatfull.

Tiffany Weisenburger
717 E. Riddle Ave.
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Or e_mail me at TIFFY311@WEBTV.NET

Florida, USA
From Andrea Mitchell [] on September 9, 1997:

She was so beautiful,
She was full of magic.
The way she died-,
It was so tragic.
All the sparkle
and flame.
We all ask ourselves,
who is to blame?
She set a standard
to what people should be.
A wonderful humanitarium.
It's such a tragedy,
we cannot bring her back.
Her walk, her smilel, her elegance.
Others like her we lack.
Now we bow our heads down.
A Princess she was-
In a diamond crown.
She is gone,
A life of 36 years,
It is not that long.
where she is now,
She cannot be hurt, hounded, or stalked.
That is not allowed.
In her years,
She had many tears,
But also conquered all.
And in that
It is our call,
She lives eternally.

From ANN AND RALPH GREIDER on September 9, 1997:


From ROSE JONES on September 9, 1997:


United States
From Joni Germaine [] on September 9, 1997:

Condolences to all the family, especially Diana's sons.

From Marcos Salgueiro Faro [] on September 9, 1997:

Lamento profundamente la triate pérdida de este ser tan querido como lo fue la princesa Diana.
Aquí la quisimos siempre y la querremos.
Un saludo hacia el cielo.
(Quiero una esquela)

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