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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?
A:, LLC is a US-based company.

Q: Are you affiliated with Britannia Magazine, the Britannia Catalog, Britannia Music Club, Britannia Hotels or Britannia Airways (or any of the thousands of other businesses named Britannia _ _ _ _ )?
A: No. is owned, published and maintained by, LLC and has no connection with any of the companies named above.

Q: Why are Americans doing a British website?
A: First of all, we love Britain. And even though we all speak the same language (more or less), we believe that Americans understand Americans better than anyone else and can deliver what Americans want and need better than anyone else.

Q: Are you a history site or a travel site?
A: Yes. Both, actually. We understand that travelers need to have reliable information about the history of the places they're visiting, and that students of history may want to travel to Britain, someday. So, we provide for both needs - historical information and travel resources.

Q: Are you funded by the British government?
A: No, we have no connection with the British government. We are privately owned and operated.

Q: Where does your funding come from?
A: Ad revenues help us to defray the on-going costs of site hosting and maintenance, but are not adequate to provide for future site development. For that, we plan to implement a "Reader Donation Program" which will encourage (but not require) people who use our content and find it of value, to contribute between $1-$5 for the purpose of expanding the site's content and broadening its offerings.

Q: Are you ever going to start charging for your content?
A: It is our intention for our content to remain free of charge.

Q: What are the words to "Rule Britannia"?
A: Click Here

Q: What is the proper way to attribute Britannia in a bibliography?
A: Cite the Name of the Author (if given; if not, then site "Britannia Staff Article"), "Title of the Article," URL, date of publication (if given; if not, use copyright date on bottom of page). For example:

Britannia Staff Article, "Rule Britannia!,", 2003

Q: How frequently do you refresh your content?
A: Most of what you'll see on Britannia is known as "evergreen" content, meaning that it is not dated and doesn't need "factual" refreshment (ie. Henry VIII's birthdate never changes), except for occasional facelifts, which we all will need, sooner or later. But, with that said, there is something new, somewhere on the site, almost every day.

Q: How do I know your content is accurate?
A: Our editorial policy is that every effort is made to publish accurate, reliable information. But, as you would with any other publication, you should approach whatever you read on Britannia with a degree of skepticism and understand that humans sometimes make errors, even when they intend not to. Any errors you find on the site are NOT intentional, but inadvertent. If you find an error, please email us and let us know.

Q: Who writes your material?
A: We have lots of contributors to the Britannia site, most of whom are experts in their field. if you have a question about a particular writer, please email us, using the "Contact Us" links on every page.

Q: Can I be a contributor to your publication?
A: We have contributors from all over the world who have written articles, provided photographs and illustrations to Britannia. If you would like to contribute, please query us at

Q: Can I use the images or text from the site?
A: No, not without permission. Before using anything on the Britannia site for anything other than personal use, email us with specific details of the intended use, and we'll get back to you, quickly with an answer. Britannia has been on the internet a long time and we find our content or images on websites all over the internet, mostly without attribution. We ask that you not use anything from the site until you've asked us.

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