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Clement Atlee
Earl Atlee

Atlee was a barrister (1906-09), a legal reformer, a socialist (joining the Independent Labour Party 1908) and a lecturer at the London School of Economics before beginning his political career as mayor of Stepney, East London after World War I (1919-20). He was elected a member of Parliament in 1922 standing for Limehouse until 1950 and from 195-55) for West Walthamstow.

Atlee served in the first two Labour governments under Baldwin in 1924 as undersecretary for war and as postmaster general (1929-31) under MacDonald. He became leader of the opposition in 1935. During the World War II coalition government, Atlee served under Churchill as Lord Privy Seal (1940-42), dominions secretary (1942-43), Lord President of the Council (1943-45) and deputy prime minister in 1942. He became prime minister succeeding Churchill at the conclusion of World War II in a landslide for Labour at the polls. Support for Labour waned in the elections of 1950 and was defeated in 1951. Atlee retired as opposition leader in 1955 when he accepted an earldom.


1945 - Harry S. Truman< becomes president as a result of the dat of President Franklin Roosevelt. The first atomic bomb is test detonated in New Mexico at Los Alamos. A B-25 bomber, flying in the fog, crashes into the 78th floor of the Empire State Building killing ll people and plane's crew of three. The Potsdam Conference is held between Truman, Churchill and Stalin to plan the peace after World War II.
1947 - Europe accepts a aid package (Marshall Aid) to help the recovery after World War II. India is divided into India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim).
1948 - Truman is elected as president.
1949 - BBC radio's first weather report is broadcast.
1950 - The first self-service store in Britain opens in Croydon.

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