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Calcot Park
Tilehurst, Berkshire

The original Calcot Park was the home of the feisty "Berkshire Lady", Frances Kendrick, and her husband, Benjamin Child. An old story tells how, upon the death of his wife, Benjamin became so distressed that he sold Calcot to John Blagrave of Old Bulmersh Court. However, when Mr.Blagrave came to move in, Benjamin couldn't bear to leave and the roof had to be removed in order to "flush" him out. The building was thence uninhabitable and the Blagraves were forced to build a new house: that which we see today.

The present Calcot Park was built by John Blagrave in 1755 and the family lived there for many centuries. It is a splendid seven bay, two storey red brick house with a beautiful pilastered facade and portico. The surrounding park has now lost its herds of fallow deer, since 1929, the house has stood at the centre of Calcot Golf Course. It acts as a superb setting for a Club House.

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