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David Nash Ford
Britannia's History Editor

Britannia is pleased to introduce Mr. David Nash Ford, editor of the History Department. David assumed his duties in November 1998 and is responsible for the broadening of content in all time periods of history and development of partnering relationships with other content providers.

David is an historian of exceptional insight and enthusiasm. He first developed an interest in British History through his own genealogical studies which were introduced to him by his father at the age of nine. He has traced his own and related ancestries back many centuries and now lectures and writes on the subject. This interest broadened to include local history, especially of Berkshire and North Hampshire, the area in which he was born and brought up. These studies brought to light a wealth of local legends, many of them historically based, which he has endeavoured to trace to their origins.

As a youth, David went on holiday to Cornwall and discovered the delights and mysteries of Tintagel Castle, which sparked a fascination with the controversies surrounding the historicity of King Arthur. This passion led to an in-depth investigation of all aspects of Dark Age Britain, culminating in his World-renowned "Early British Kingdoms" Website, which is now mostly incorporated into Britannia's "King Arthur and the Early British Kingdoms" section of the History Department.

David holds an honours degree in History and Archaeology from The University of Reading (Berkshire) and has a comprehensive knowledge of significant sites across Britain, some of it gained from his time spent on archaeological digs. He travels extensively both to experience and to document the full wealth of Britain's heritage. He has completed major studies on 'Roman Mosaics in Britain' and 'The Family in the Early Modern Period', although his main field of interest remains Medieval History.

David currently resides in England and can be reached directly by EMAIL.

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