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Britain's vast body of national mythology and local legend is one of the world's richest veins of written and verbally-transmitted literature and has served for centuries as a primary source of artistic inspiration and general enjoyment.

The Arthurian Legend

The Arthur Cross Rediscovered?
Dartmoor of the Baskervilles
The Newbury Coat
The Real Dick Turpin
St. George

Fascinating British Legends
Dando's Dogs
Dozmary Pool
Mermaid of Zennor
St. Michael's Mount
Well of St. Keyne
White Hare
Childe's Tomb
Parson & the Clerk
White Dove of Oxenham
Bladud & the Swine
Dancers of Stanton Drew
Glastonbury Thorn
Witch of Wookey
Knight of the Horn
Wulfhere the Kind-Hearted
Head of Bran the Blessed
Herne the Hunter
King Edward & the Woodcutter
Wayland Smith
Pedlar of Swaffham
Treasure of Callow Pit
Shepherd of Wansford Bridge
Wizard of Lincoln
Fairies' Changling
Edric & the Elf Maiden
Red Rider
Sir Tarquin
Death of Robin Hood
Devil's Arrows
Devil's Bridge
Holy Head of Halifax
King Oswald's Arm
Richmond Castle
Cau'd Lad of Hylton
Lambton Worm
Giant of Yewdale
Cardigan Bay
Modred the Wise
Sleeping Dragons of Snowdon
Wyvern of Coed-y-Moch
Lost Secret
Good Neighbour
Bowmen of Findhaven Castle
Dumb Twin Brothers
St. Patrick & the Snakes
Flying Dutchman

Legendary Characters
King Arthur
St. Birinus
St. Dunstan
Lady of the Lake (Nimue)
Morgan Le Fay

  Travels Through Mythology
Magical History Tour
Robin Hood's Nottinghamshire
Robin Hood's Yorkshire

Barrel Rolling (Ottery St. Mary)
Berkshire Customs

Royal Legends
The Holy Grail
Queen Emma's Ordeal by Fire

Most Haunted House in England

Ghosts of York
The Orphans' Screams
The Grey Lady, Buried Alive!
Murder & Betrayal
The Headless Earl
Romans on their Knees
An Uninvited Funeral Guest
The Queen of Roses

Berkshire Folklore & Fact
Ghost of Bisham Abbey
Jack O'Newbury
Royal St. George (Uffington)
St. Frideswide (Frilsham)

Cornish Saints & Sinners
Brother John of Tavistock
St. Michael & the Conger
Dolly Pentreath of Paul
Lyonesse & the Trevelyans
Two Ancient Mariners
King Tewdrig & the Saints
St. Ia & the Customs Men
Battle of St. Breage
Story of an Artful Maid
St. Tue & the Giants
Smiler's Pious Cat
St. Ives Women
Tale of Jan Tregeagle

Magical Glastonbury
Glastonbury Abbey Legends
King Arthur's Burial Cross
Magical Glastonbury
Special Nature of Glastonbury
Glastonbury Reading List

The Murder of Thomas Becket
Life of Becket
Death of Becket
Henry II and Becket
Martyrdom of Becket

Sources & Texts
Historia Brittonum
The Dream of Rhonabwy
Early Welsh Verse

Legendary Kings of Britain
Legendary Kings of Glamorgan
Legendary Kings of the Picts

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