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New Timeline of Arthurian History & Legend - From 63 AD - present.
New Arthur's Burial Cross - Discovered in Glastonbury in 1190.
New Geoffrey of Monmouth - A biography of King Arthur's biographer.
Updated What the Historians Say - Beliefs about the historical Arthur.

Basic King Arthur
Arthur the King - A biographical sketch.
Arthur the Myth - Was Arthur purely mythical?
Arthur the Warlord - Arthur as battlefield commander.
References to Arthur - Early mentions of Arthur in literature.
Arthur in Popular Literature - Arthur in later literature.

Arthurian Characters
Guinevere - Arthur's wayward wife
Merlin - King Arthur's magician
Ambrosius Aurelianus - Some say he's Arthur
Joseph of Arimathea - Biblical character in England?
Uther Pendragon - Arthur's legendary father
Ygerna - Arthur's legendary mother
Nimue - The Lady of the Lake
Vortigern - Sponsor of the Saxons

Aspects of the Arthurian Legend
Camelot - King Arthur's Magnificent Court.
Excalibur - Arthur's famous sword.
The Holy Grail - The most mystical of objects.
King Arthur's Knights - King Arthur's Chivalric Order.
The Round Table - World's most famous table!

Places with Arthurian Connections
Cadbury Castle - Was this Camelot?
Magical Glastonbury - by Geoffrey Ashe
Arthurian Locations - Index of places associated with King Arthur.
Glastonbury Abbey - and the legends of King Arthur & Joseph of Arimathea
Special Nature of Glastonbury - by John Michell

Important Arthurian Sources & Texts
De Excidio Britanniae - c.540, Gildas.
Historia Brittonum - c.830, Nennius.
Annales Cambriae - c. 970, Annals of Wales.

Other Items of Interest
Arthurian Reources Index - More articles, bios, texts, maps, more!
Dark Age Timeline - 5th-7th C. chronology
Legendary British Kings - by Geoffrey of Monmouth
Geoffrey Ashe - An interview
Historical Maps - Visualizing early history
Early British Kingdoms - Britain in Arthur's time
28 British Cities - Nennius' 9th C. gazetteer
. . . and much more!

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