British History,Monarchs of Great Britain,King Arthur

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The Age of Empire in England
Georgian Wales
Victorian Wales

Narrative Histories
Europe in Retrospect: A Brief History of the Last 200 Years
The Age of Empire in England
Georgian Scotland
Victorian Scotland
Georgian Wales
Victorian Wales
Stuart London
Georgian London
19th Century London
Georgian & Victorian Berkshire

History of London
Stuart London
Georgian London
19th Century London
Southwark & Charles Dickens
Southwark's Literary Heritage

Dartmoor of the Baskervilles
The Newbury Coat
The Real Dick Turpin
Rule Britannia!
The Tolpuddle Martyrs

Travels through History
Stamford (Lincs)

Original Sources & Texts
Edmund Burke, Speech on Conciliation with America, March 22, 1775
Proclamation of Rebellion
Contract Between the King and the Colonies, February 25, 1783

British Monarchs
House of Orange & Stuart
William III & Mary II

British Monarchs, House of Stuart

House of Brunswick, Hanover Line
George I
George II
George III
George IV
William IV

Church History
Exton Church (Rutland)
Old Basing Church, 1843

English Country Houses
Aldermaston Court (Berks)
Beenham House (Berks)
Belvoir Castle (Leics)
Bishopthorpe Palace (Yorks)
Boothby Pagnell Hall (Lincs)
Bruern Abbey (Oxon)
Burghley-on-the-Hill (Rutland)
Calcot Park (Berks)
Cranbury Park (Hants)
Doddington Hall (Lincs)
Fulbeck Hall (Lincs)
Glassenbury Park (Kent)
Harlaxton Manor (Lincs)
Mount St. John (WR Yorks)
Peckover House (Cambs)
Purley Hall (Berks)
Pusey House (Berks)
Stapleford Park (Leics)
Stoke Rochford Hall (Lincs)
Tickencote Hall (Rutland)
Upton Hall (Notts)
Wentworth Woodhouse (WR Yorks)
Whiteknights Park (Berks)
Wyfold Court (Oxon)

Archbishops of Canterbury
Archbishops of York
Bishops of Bath & Wells
Bishops of Winchester
English Kings of Man
Kings of Scots

Joseph Addison
Prince Albert
Jane Austen
Alexander Graham Bell
Robert Burns
Thomas Carlyle
Andrew Carnegie
Charles Dickens
Thomas Gainsborough
John Howard
John Paul Jones
John Keats
David Livingstone
Princess Louise
Florence Nightingale
Duncan Phyfe
Beatrix Potter
Joseph Priestly
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Adam Smith
William Stukeley
Thomas Telford
Anthonu Trollope
Jethro Tull
J.M.W. Turner
Edward Burnett Tylor
John Tyndall
Robert Walpole
James Watt
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
William Wilberforce
George Morley
Benjamin Hoadley

Prime Ministers
1721-42     Walpole
1742-43     Compton
1743-54     Pelham
1754-56     Pelham-Holles
1756-57     Cavendish
1757-61     William Pitt    the Elder
1761-62     Pelham-Holles
1762-63     Stuart
1763-65     Grenville
1765-66     Rockingham
1766-68     William Pitt the Elder
1768-70     Grafton
1770-82     Lord North
1782          Rockingham
1782-83     Shelburne
1783          Bentinck
1783-01     William Pitt the Younger
1801-04     Addington
1804-06     William Pitt the Younger
1806-07     Grenville
1807-09     Bentinck
1809-12     Perceval
1812-27     Jenkinson
1827          Canning
1827-28     Robinson
1828-30     Wellington
1830-34     Grey
1834          Lamb
1834-35     Peel
1835-41     Lamb
1841-46     Peel
1846-52     Russell
1852          Derby
1852-55     Aberdeen
1855-58     Palmerston
1858-59     Derby
1859-65     Palmerston
1865-66     Russell
1866-68     Derby
1868          Disraeli
1868-74     Gladstone
1874-80     Disraeli
1880-85     Gladstone
1885-86     Salisbury
1886          Gladstone
1886-92     Salisbury
1892-94     Gladstone
1894-95     Rosebery
1895-01    Salisbury

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