British History,Monarchs of Great Britain,King Arthur

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Wales in the Twentieth Century

Narrative Histories
Europe in Retrospect: A Brief History of the Last 200 Years
England in the Twentieth Century
Scotland in the Twentieth Century
Wales in the Twentieth Century
Twentieth Century London

History of London
Twentieth Century London

British Monarchs
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
Edward VII

House of Windsor
George V
Edward VIII
George VI

Original Sources & Texts
The Munich Pact, September 29, 1938
Neville Chamberlain's "Peace for Our Time," September 30, 1938
The Atlantic Charter, August 14, 1941
The Yalta Conference Agreement, February 11, 1945
The Sinews of Peace, Winston Churchill

Wartime Britain
Ministry of Home Security War Books
Wartime Sussex: Recollections of a Housewife and Mother

Archbishops of Canterbury
Archbishops of York
Bishops of Bath & Wells
Bishops of Winchester

H.R.L.G. Alexander
Geoffrey Ashe
Alexander Graham Bell
Alan Brooke, Viscount Alanbrooke
Andrew Carnegie
Diana, Princess of Wales
Cedric Charles Dickens
Alexander Fleming
Alfred Hitchcock
Prince John
C.S. Lewis
Princess Margaret
Prince Philip
Beatrix Potter
Dylan Thomas
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Edward Burnett Tylor

Prime Ministers
1902-05     Balfour
1905-08     Campbell-Bannerman
1908-16     Asquith
1916-22     George
1922-23     Law
1923-24     Baldwin
1924       MacDonald
1924-29     Baldwin
1929-35     MacDonald
1935-37     Baldwin
1937-40     Chamberlain
1940-45     Churchill
1945-51     Atlee
1951-55     Churchill
1955-57     Eden
1957-63     Macmillan
1963-64     Douglas-Home
1964-70     Wilson
1970-74     Heath
1974-76     Wilson
1976-79     Callaghan
1979-90     Thatcher
1990-97     Major
1997-        Blair

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