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Historical Maps

Celtic Tribes of Roman Britain
Approximate location of Celtic Tribes living throughout Britain when Romans arrived in 55 BC.

Roman Roads in Britain
Routes of the road system built by the Romans in Britain to facilitate troop movements and travel about the island.

Roman "Saxon Shore" Forts, c.AD 370
Defensive fortifications constructed by Romans at most likely "attack points" on east coast of Britain.

British Kingdoms Emerge, c.AD 450+
The Sub-Roman Kingdoms which emerged in Britain after the departure of the Roman administration.

Saxon Landings in Britain, c.AD 450-500
Extent of Saxon enclaves shortly after arrival in Britain .

Saxon Land Holdings, c.AD 600
Saxon land holdings a century and a half after violent break-out from their original territories.

Mercian Overlordship, c.AD 640
The Kingdom of Mercia comes to dominate England under the pagan King Penda.

Saxon Land Holdings, c.AD 700
Progress of Saxon "invasion" two hundred and fifty years after "adventus saxonum" (the coming of the Saxons).

The Danelaw, c.AD 880
Area of eastern Britain ceded to Danish invaders by "Peace of Wedmore" during the reign of Alfred the Great.

Cathedrals in England & Wales
Distribution of Cathedral cities in England and Wales

London Historical Map
Sixteenth century drawing of "Thames Bend" in central London.

Saxon Britain Map
Map of Saxon Britain and the kingdoms of the Heptarchy, drawn in the eighteenth century.

Downloadable Map of Britain. Hi-resolution (13.3 x 8.3 inches, 368k jpeg file, expands to 6.9 Mb) political map of Britain, complete with county boundaries and unitary authorities, usable for any non-commercial purpose, provided courtesy of Ordinance Survey. . .Click Here!

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