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New Where Are They Now? - Burial places of Britain's rulers
New The Knights Templar - the mysterious ending of a strange organization.
New St. George - Life and legend of England's patron saint
New Lives of the Queens of England: - A series of articles by Heidi Murphy
          - Catherine of Valois
          - Catherine of Braganza

Major Content Sections
King Arthur - The greatest legend of all!
Monarchs of Britain - Bios, lists, more
Church History - The dark age to the Reformation.
Biographies - The lives of famous Britons

Narrative Histories
England - by Peter Williams, Ph.D.
Wales - by Peter Williams, Ph.D.
Scotland - by Peter Williams, Ph.D.
London - by David Nash Ford

Time Periods
Prehistoric Britain - Index of period resources
Roman Britain - Index of period resources
Anglo Saxon Britain - Index of period resources
Medieval Britain - Index of period resources
Reformation & Restoration - Index of period resources
Age of Empire - Index of period resources
Modern Britain - Index of period resources
Myth, Legend & Folklore - Index of period resources

Other Resources
Documents - Original sources & texts of history
Timelines - Histories in chronological order
Historical Maps - Aids to visualizing history.

Important Arthurian Sources & Texts
De Excidio Britanniae - c.540, Gildas.
Historia Brittonum - c.830, Nennius.
Annales Cambriae - c. 970, Annals of Wales.

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Magna Carta - King John's finest hour
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Magical History Tour - A joyride through history
Country Houses - Guide to England's grand estates
The Medieval Coroner - by Bernard Knight, CBE
Europe in Retrospect - by Raymond F. Betts, Ph.D.
Geoffrey Ashe - An exclusive interview
Early British Kingdoms - Britain in the 5th-7th C.
The English Castle - A survey by David Dawson
. . . and much more!

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