British History,Monarchs of Great Britain,King Arthur

Timelines of British History
This section presents the sweep of British history in chronological form, broken down into discrete time periods. Select the time period below that interests you most

Prehistoric Britain (5000 BC - c. 100 BC)
Britain before the Romans came: stone, bronze, iron ages, construction of stonehenge, earthworks, Druids, the Celts.

Roman Britain (55 BC - 410 AD)
From Julius Caesar's first attempt at conquest to the final days of Roman administration in Britain: rebellion, subjugation, advent of Christianity, barbarian invasions, withdrawal.

Early British Kingdoms (410 - 598)
After the Roman influence ceased, the activities of the British people: westward movement, intrigues & alliances, power struggles, explosion of missionary activities, plague, Saxon invasions.

Early British Kingdoms (599 - 937)
Continuing activities of the British people: further westward movement, more intrigues & alliances, more power struggles, more Saxon invasions, religious strife with Roman Catholicism.

Anglo Saxon England (597 - 687)
The coming of St. Augustine, triumph of Rome-oriented Christianity, Saxon control of island, rise of Mercia, Offa's Dyke.

Anglo Saxon England (688 - 801)
Rise of Wessex, King Ine establishes his law, Venerable Bede, Viking invasions.

Anglo Saxon England (802 - 898)
Triumph of Egbert, development of Wessex dynasty, Viking wars, Alfred the Great, St. Swithun, Peace of Wedmore, the Danelaw.

Anglo Saxon England (899 - 977)
Athelstan, St. Dunstan, growth of monasteries, more Viking wars, Battle of Brunanburh

Anglo Saxon England (978 - 1066)
Aethelred the Unready, Danegeld, Danes gain English crown, Edward the Confessor, rise of the Godwins, Westminster Abbey, Harold and William at Hastings.

Medieval Britain (1066 - 1487)
Conquest, consolidation, feudal system, Magna Carta, codification of laws, individual rights, Welsh & Scottish wars, murder of a king, Black Plague, Hundred Years War, Peasant's Revolt, religious unrest, Princes in the Tower, Wars of the Roses.

Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603)
The life and dramatic reign of a woman who must be considered to be in the top rank of English monarchs.

The Reformation & Restoration Period (1486 - 1689)
Emergence of Britain into modern era: rise of Tudors, Dissolution of Monasteries, religious struggles, discovery, Elizabeth 1, unification of Scottish & English crown, overthrow and restoration of monarchy.

The Age of Empire (1689 - 1901)
Bill of Rights, limits on monarchy, political awakening, war with colonies, expansion of empire, Gothic revival, industrial revolution, scientific development, literary & artistic golden age.

Arthurian History & Legend (63 AD - 1090)
History of Arthurian (5 & 6th century) Britain and beginning of development of the legend: Saxon wars, Ambrosius, Vortigern, Mt. Badon, Mordred, Camlann, heroic poems, British chronicles, adoption of Arthur by Saxons.

Arthurian History & Legend (1125 - 1485)
Expansion of legend, more fuel for the fire: French romancers, burial cross, William of Malmesbury, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Holy Grail, growth of Joseph of Arimathea legend, Malory.

Arthurian History & Legend (1533 - 1998)
Explosion of legend in more modern times: skepticism over Geoffrey of Monmouth's history, Leland, Spenser, pre-Raphaelite painters, Victorian poets, films, books, TV, scholarship, new age figure.

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