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Medieval Manors
and Other Houses of Interest
in Wiltshire
By Michael Ford

Considering the size of Wiltshire it is interesting to find all the surviving Manor Houses from Medieval times in the West of the County along its Somerset and Gloucestershire borders. Thus they are predominantly built of stone although in many cases this hides original timber framing and it is perhaps for this reason they have survived.

There are some very fine examples in their near original state externally dating from the 14c and 15c. To see them gives one a true feeling of the past and a slower way of life based on the Manor.

Those of note are listed here alphabetically in Sections, by period and all can be found with reference to the Ordnance Survey Landranger maps, numbers 172, 173,174, 183 and 184.

Medieval Manor Houses A-M

Medieval Manor Houses N-Z

Other interesting Medieval Houses and Buildings

Other Properties with Medieval Origins


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