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Britannia brings you the rich, historical landscape of Britain, the monarchs, the legends, and the inspiration to travel virtually and in three dimensions too! All this in an evolving new format to make it easier to find what you are looking for and to find more of what interests you.

British History
The internet's most comprehensive treatment of the Times, Places, Events and People of British History. Narrative histories of England, Wales, Scotland and London, timelines, and much more. Click Here
Sometimes they led the march of history and at other times they followed in its swath. Either way, the men and women who wore the crown are colorful figures whose lives and reigns are in the spotlight in this section.
William I, the Conqueror
Richard I the Lionheart
Henry V
Henry VIII
Lady Jane Grey
Elizabeth I
Elizabeth II
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Brief biographies of the people, characters and personalities in government, diplomacy, religion, war, architecture, exploration, science, literature, medicine, education, athletics, the media and the arts. Click Here
You know Guinevere, Merlin, his knights, Excalibur and Camelot... yet we still aren't sure that he ever actually lived
Timeline of Arthurian History & Legend
Arthur's Burial Cross
Arthur the King
Arthur the Myth
Arthur the Warlord
The Holy Grail
The Round Table
Cadbury Castle
Arthurian Locations
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Britannia brings you the rich documentary history of England and Wales, so that you can appreciate the written foundation on which the present nation stands. Click Here
The study of ancient sites and landscapes, including Glastonbury and Stonehenge, that tends to fall largely outside the accepted range of mainstream research. Endlessly fascinating.
Who Were The Druids?
The Original Britons
Sacred Science and the Megaliths
On the Special Nature of Glastonbury
Stonehenge & The Druids
Stonehenge Reconstructions
Silbury Hill
The Sanctuary
Uffington White Horse
Dragon Hill, Uffington
Healing Stones
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The History of Science and Lab experiments.

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British Travel
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Hotel reservations, travel directories, guides,helpful resources, and much more to assist you in planning for your next trip to the UK. Click Here!
A Traveller's Guide to London, Hotels in Central London, Theatre tickets, Hotel/Theatre Packages, Event Tickets, Attraction Tickets, Airport Transfers

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UK & London Tours
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Luxury Guided Tours in and around London
London & "Days Out" Tours
Multi-day Tour Packages from London.
Grab your mouse and hit the "road." Britannia's Virtual Tours will take you to some of the most interesting places in England and Wales and in the process help you to gain a better understanding of an area, its famous people, its landmarks and its history.
Magical History Tour
Explore Winchester
Tour the West Country
Tour Ancient York
Travel to Coquetdale
Tour Gloucester
Tour Hadrian's Wall
Northumberland Battlefields
In Search of Sir Francis Drake
Robin Hood's Yorkshire
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London: the logical base for exploring Britain
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