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Re: Britain 1930's
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Posted by: K.Raphael on April 10, 1999
In Reply to: Britain 1930's
Posted by Raymond Claxton on October 18, 1998
Subject: Re: Britain 1930's
> I am doing a thesis on the National Government. If there is any assistance you need in that regard please let me know.

I am researching for a novel in which some of
> the events take place in Britain during the
> 1930's. I need to make contacts to research
> this specific time period, ie: clothes,
> lifetyle, and particular the entertainment of
> the time: music halls, radio, theatre and if
> possible early cinema. If anyone knows of any
> web sites, books, multimedia, etc that would
> shed a light, it would be greatly appreciated.
> I have tried using Brittanica, but can rarely
> get past the court of King Arthur. Help!


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