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Re: British Views on the Royals
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Posted by: Daren Swanick on May 13, 1999
In Reply to: Re: British Views on the Royals
Posted by Allan-John Marsh on January 24, 1999
Subject: Re: British Views on the Royals
Sorry friend but I must once again disagree. Britain will still have it's "historic links", whether or not we have a monarch on the throne. If tourists come here for a lesson in history, then I say lets give them history and relegate the royals into the dim and distant past where they belong.

As for having had the monarchy for 3000 years, albeit with some form of disruption in between, it goes to show how behind the times we are. The celts disbanded their monarchy 2000 years ago, (see Di Bello Gallico - Caesar), good for them!

If you want to have a system of privilege where people look down on you owing to their birth "status", then I feel sorry for you.

Oh, before I go for now, let me remind you that basically speaking the only reasons why the current royals came to be in the long losts mists of time that is our history, is that their ancestors hit our ancestors harder with their clubs to assume the lofy ranks of the royals and aristocracy. They are made of the same biological material as you and I, and do not deserve any more repect or consideration than the ordinary man in the street.

I reassert my original declaration. The monarchy and the aristocracy are a dying breed, their days ARE numbered and they WILL disappear whether your simpering GREAT BRITAIN mentality likes it or not.


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