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Re: criminal records 1700's
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Posted by: david boyd on June 4, 1999
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Posted by Hector m.polo cuebas on January 23, 1999
Subject: Re: criminal records 1700's
> > Location of information of criminal record of child sent to U.S. because of stealing. Name:> Patrick Boyd? Early 1700's. Important hello, my name is david boyd. i was wondering if you could e-mail some tips and sources on geneology. i would like to try to find out more about the boyds. my 99 year old grandma says we've been in this country since the early 1700's. i believe they came in to north or south carolina, then migrated to tennese and finally to murrey or murray ky. (just outside of paris tenn). any help would be appreciated. david boyd davidjb45@hotmail.com


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