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Posted by: Brad Griffith on October 29, 1999
In Reply to: devolution
Posted by raffaella on October 6, 1998
Subject: Re: devolution
> Hello i'm an italian girl and i have to write my final year thesis on devolution.....i need some help because here i can't find enough material to work....
> news of referendums (1979,1997), parties,bills and so on...
> please help me ......
> thanks in advance
> Raffaella.

hey i'm an american guy(dont laugh) and need
help with the development of Welsh and Scottish
Nationalism in the 1970's with refrence to Oil
and devolution. the paper is due in a few weeks
and i do not know where to begin. Please help
with a general overview and web cites or good
books on the subject.


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