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Re: Looking for neals yard remedy online
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Posted by: Seth Fox on December 1, 1999
In Reply to: Looking for neals yard remedy online
Posted by Cindi on December 1, 1999
Subject: Re: Looking for neals yard remedy online
I found an address for them on a site in Brighton, a center for homeopathic remedies aparently.

2a Kensington Gardens 601464

Plants in bottles and jars to eat, rub on, scrub
on and spend your money on. Most things come in lovely blue bottles and although they're not cheap, a little tends to go a long way. Free advice and consultations are available from the knowledgeable staff. If you want a phone number for them you can find it online. The UK phonebook is accessible from http://www.britannia.com/travel/resource_centre.html, however it takes quite a while to load. Also Boots Pharmacies are going online and coming to the US sometime soon I was told...but you probably can't wait that long

Link: Resource Centre


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