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Posted by: Ray on December 28, 1999
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Posted by HAZEL on December 29, 1998
Subject: Re: Eleanor Crosses
> > I am writing an article about Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward 1st. If anyone out there has information regarding this topic, or lives in the towns ofHardingstone, Geddington, Waltham, Lincoln, Woburn, Dunstable or St Albans, I would be very happy to hear from from you.
> Sorry dont live in one of these towns
> There is not a great deal of information
> about Queen Elleanor of Castile.
> about 50 when she died in 1290.
> Poor soul had nothing but pregnancies.
> Had about 16 children.
> She died at Harby in Lincolnshire.
> her entrails were buried at Lincoln Cathedral
> her heart at Blackfriars in London.
> the rest or whats left of her at West-Abbey
> There are 12 monumental stones crosses
> 12 stages of her dead body from Lincoln
> to Westminster.There is only three which
> survive.Waltham,Northhampton,and Geddington.like so many women of her day
> not much is known about.the crosses were
> based on the similar Montjoies which
> commemorated the place where st Louis's
> body rested on its way from Aigues-Mortes.
> Hope this helps a bit.
> byeeeeee

For what it may be worth; Thanks for the information about Montjoies. To take the copy a little further, there is a copy of an Eleanor cross on the corner of North Charlotte Street and St. Colme Steeet, in Edinburgh. I think it was a gogs' fountain!

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