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Posted by: Daryl Le Cornu on January 2, 19100
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Posted by linda bertho on August 15, 1999
Subject: Re: about sir NORMaN Angell
> Hello everyone, and thank you in advance if you can help a poor little French who is trying to write a book to remember Norman Angell, the famous British Nobel peace prize in 1933. Unfortunately I am not yet satisfied by what I found about Him, Help me if you can. That way you could rehabilitate this flagbearer of internattional peace!!!!!!!!

Dear Linda,

Have you read the book by J.D.B. Miller called Norman Angell and the Futility of War: Peace and the Public Mind? (Macmillan 1986) I too am very interested in Angell. I just finished reading his autobiography and am impressed. I am doing research on the whole group of publicists in WW1, which included Angell, who wanted a just peace. I will be doing this mainly through their numerous articles in the British press in WW1. I suppose you have probably read Miller but if you wish to discuss Angell with me I would be happy to do so.
I am an Australian history teacher currently doing a part-time Ph.D on Angell.

Daryl Le Cornu


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