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Re: American Revolution
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Posted by: Shut your bung hole on January 18, 19100
In Reply to: American Revolution
Posted by Neil Rampal on October 11, 1998
Subject: Re: American Revolution
> Good Day everyone!
> I am in need of some assistance here, and I would
> appreciate any help from anyone out there, as long
> as you can document your research. I am looking
> for facts to support the English cause in the
> American Revolution. A "who's right/who's wrong"
> sort of debate, and I must support why the english were
> "right". Finding information on this point of view
> is dificult (like finding a needle in a haystack),
> but I would appreciate anyone's credible insights on this
> subject; please, no un-supported nationalistic
> statements. Thank you.
> Neil Rampal
> Buffalo, NY


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