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Re: Th English are a cruel race
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Posted by: Archie on October 19, 1998
In Reply to: Th English are a cruel race
Posted by Micheon on October 13, 1998
Subject: Re: Th English are a cruel race
> The English are probably one of the Cruelest races in this planet.
> A simple fact would back this thought.
> They loved colonizing places that belonged to others. But this is allright as the French and the Spanish wre like this too.
> But what makes the English harsher than the other colonisers?
> Wherever they placed foot, the natives were exterminated as a race.
> Look at America, look at Australia. Do not forget the Indians and the Aboriginals who are shrinked as a race by now.
> The English, took without asking and the world must never forget this.

I just say Rule Britannia.


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