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Posted by: Craig Lockley on October 19, 1998
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Posted by Cerridwen on October 17, 1998
Subject: Re: Arthurian literature
> I'm a 13-year-old girl, and I've recently become very interested in Arthurian lore....and I'm having some problems finding good novels about King Arthur. If anyone knows of a good Arthurian novel (yes, I know I'm 13, but I'd prefer no children's literature.....400 pages and up preferably) I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know. Thanks.
A very interesting subject indeed, and one worth reading about. There are many decent stories relating to Arthur and his period. The first of Le Morte D'arthur written by Thomas Mallory. This is a classic, though may be a little heavy going.
Mike Ashley has edited a number of books containing short stories, namely The Pendragon Chronicles, The Camelot Chronicles, the Merlin Chronicles and the Grail Chronicles (the latter contains a story by my brother, Steve Lockley!) The are published by Robinson.
Legends of King Arthur and his Knights by Sir James Knowles, and The Household of the Grail by John Matthews are also worth a look.
If you'd like to chat about this subject, contact me at CraigLockley@cableinet.co.uk


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